The role of refrigerated trucks and display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a hot climate, and the food, edibles, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals need an optimal temperature for storage. Usually, cold storerooms are the places where temperature-sensitive items get stored. However, companies need to transport the items from one place to another, and that’s when the requirement for a customized refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia comes into the picture. After the transport, many restaurants, clubs, malls, and takeaways desire to display their foods and beverages in chiller units. Unfortunately, not all chillers look great and function properly. Therefore, get TSSC’s custom-made display chillers in Saudi Arabia to attract potential customers yet keeping the edibles at an optimal temperature, ensuring they remain fresh and don’t stale. You need to consider a few things before investing in refrigerated units and display chillers. 

It keeps edibles fresh for the longest time

Whether you get a display chiller or a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia, both perform the function of thermal insulation. A display chiller is static that’s ideally used for restaurants, pubs, malls, hotels, and kitchens to offer excellent thermal insulation. With contemporary features, the chillers ensure enhanced cooling with minimal energy consumption. The chillers have airtight panels that ensure moisture, bacteria, and mold resistance. In addition, the premium-quality chillers have a glass door and LED lights to advertise the products strategically yet maintain their freshness and efficiency.

On the other hand, the refrigerated trucks are mobile and can cater to temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the trucks are lightweight yet strong enough to protect the temperature-sensitive items from harsh weather conditions. The trucks manufactured by TSSC experts have only six insulated panels and rigid, heavy-duty GRP flooring for optimal thermal insulation. However, you can customize the trucks as per specifications for the transportation of temperature-sensitive items. Usually, pharmaceutical industries rely on refrigerated trucks because they have an insulated body and some of the truck boxes use solar-powered energy making them energy-efficient as well.

Regulate the temperature 

Pharmaceutical medicines and chemicals need a specific ideal temperature for storage. However, food, edibles, and beverages do not require freezing temperatures to keep things fresh. That’s why getting display chillers in Saudi Arabia and refrigerated trucks that are customized and allow you to control and regulate the temperature are an excellent choice. The refrigerated trucks and display chillers are manufactured by experienced engineers for durable, robust and weatherproof cooling systems.

Why choose us?

TSSC Group is a cut above the rest. With innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, experienced engineers and manufacturers develop customized chillers and industry-level refrigerated trucks that are stylish, high-functioning, and energy-efficient. TSSC is one of the pioneers in manufacturing cold store applications providing excellent insulating properties. With almost 50 years of experience in the building and manufacturing industry, the premium-quality chillers, truck boxes, and cooling systems are highly cost-effective.

If you have a restaurant business or entrepreneur of a transport facility and need chillers or insulated truck boxes, get in touch with TSSC Group. The professionals offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements and offer a customized solution. Request a quote now. The experts revert back within a day with a no-obligation quotation.