The roofing of a building is as important as the foundation – Insulate with standing seam roof panels in UAE

Insulating your roof is as important as laying a strong foundation. The roof is known for enduring unlimited heat, cold, wind and rain over the years. Adding an additional layer of covering over the roof is very important. Insulated standing seam roof in UAE can expand and contract with the fluctuations in the temperature. Insulating the roof helps in reducing the higher energy requirement inside a property. This means you are saving more money and contributing to the environment. Layering the roof increases the life of the structure. We do not suggest keeping the roof uncovered because the weather is usually harsh and extreme. The roof should be protected from wear and tear. 

Insulation plays an important role

All buildings should have an adequate amount of insulation. This is an old concept that has existed for many years. Recently, there has been much technological advancement in the construction industry. This has brought newer scope to interior insulation. There are improved materials and the level of insulation is higher. Companies are manufacturing insulated panels within the budget and customized. The right amount of insulation helps save a considerable amount of energy, equivalent to saving money and reducing carbon footprint. These standing seams insulated roof panels in UAE are also ‘cool roofs. TSSC Group uses a special paint system that contains cool pigments. This boosts the reflecting capability of the sunlight that falls on the roof. The temperature of the surface of the roof is immediately reduced. 

Correct roof installation

It is time that you add proper insulation to your roof. If the roofs are in bad condition, invest in mending first so that the insulation is powerful. You can also opt for roof replacement and install a new structure. We suggest doing all roof work in autumn so that the insulation layer is prepared before the harsh winter arrives. Do not stress your heaters too much this winter. Hire a qualified, experienced roofing contractor for installing a standing seam roof in UAE. We have a team of engineers and project managers who take over your project and ensure timely delivery. Correct roof installation is vital because an incorrect one can lead to extra expenses and it could even cause fire hazards. 

TSSC Group is a leading company in the UAE that manufactures and designs roofing, cladding, and insulated panels. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 organization in the UAE. We have been doing business for more than 50 years. We manufacture supplies related to building and construction. You can discuss your project with our team for a customized solution. We are always mindful of your requirements and the cost factor. We design panels that come in different sizes, colors and specifications. These insulated panels have a higher R-value. They are air-tight and resistant to weather conditions. 

Final words

Do you want to install insulated roof panels in the UAE? Please book a consultation for free for a discussion related to your project—request a quote.