Roofing is exposed to environmental impacts than any other part of a building – safeguard with standing seam roof UAE

It is very important to insulate the roof of a commercial or residential property. The roof endures extreme heat, cold, snowfall, and rains all-round the years. Installing a roof covering system like a standing seam roof in UAE helps to a great extent. Keeping the roofs bare is not a good idea. Insulated roofs are designed to allow the expansion and contraction as the temperature rises. Roof insulation reduces the total energy requirement needed to run a building. Using lesser energy means you are saving more money and you are protecting the environment by leaving a lesser carbon footprint.

Energy-efficiency and weather-resistivity

Insulated roof panels offer a higher level of energy-efficiency. This helps you to save a part of your monthly energy bills. The standing seam roof panels in UAE can keep the cold air locked inside in airtight compartments. The air coolers constantly perform to keep the room interior chilled. The right amount of insulation lessens the burden on the air coolers. Standing seam panels are called ‘cool metal roofs’. TSSC uses a technologically paint system that has cool pigments that increase the solar reflectance. This lowers the surface temperature of the metal roofs. TSSC’s panels have a greater R-value. Our insulated roof panels in UAE are airtight and weather resistant.

Standing seam roofs can prevent roof leaks

Insulated roof panels in UAE do not require heavy maintenance or daily cleaning. We recommend booking a yearly maintenance routine with TSSC Group. You can have standing seam panels or install accessories like snow guards and solar panels to the standing seam metal roofs. There are no fasteners that penetrate the metal roof panels and create extra leak points. Roof leaks can be caused by leaking screws. When you install standing seam roof panels, you do not have to worry about roof leaks.  

 Long-lasting standing seam roof panels

Seam roof has a three-layered design with a metal system fixed along vertical ribs. There is a flat or tapered space in the middle. Standing seam roofs in UAE are long-lasting insulated panels. They have a shelf life of almost 60 years which is a very long time. TSSC uses an advanced paint system that matches the performance of roof panels. The paint does not fade out anytime soon and we use vibrant shades as our customers love those. 

Insulated solutions from TSSC Group

TSSC group is one of the leading companies in the UAE that designs insulated roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company operating for more than 50 years. We offer building and construction solutions in the UAE for the commercial and residential sector. Insulate your commercial roofs with TSSC’s standing seam roof panels in the UAE. Discuss your projects with our experts for a customized solution within the budget. If you are interested in our insulated roof panels, look at the product specifications, colors, sizes and other criteria. 

TSSC Group has a special team to manage our project from the planning phase and you can be sure of on-time delivery. Book your consultation with us today for an effective solution. Request a quote now.