Are you running an industry related to perishable items? Order a commercial refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator is an efficient cooling system that is being widely used in food processing and catering. An industrial refrigerator makes sure the safe storage of various food items, both cooked and uncooked; this retains the freshness, adds to the quality, and reduces waste. Food businesses, including the top hotels and restaurants, find it difficult to maintain food’s freshness. These businesses need to acquire raw materials and a huge amount of cooked food as well. 



The solution is to invest in industrial refrigeration; it’s a remote-condensing solution that is made to work with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. Some sections are designed differently for storing items like food, beverages, raw vegetables, fruits, and flowers at a freezing temperature. A high-quality and environment-friendly refrigerant is used to store items in these refrigeration units. 

If you want to understand a bit more about cooling systems, you must know that these systems work based on the second law of Thermodynamics. The law says gases get cooler when expanded and heated upon compression. When two different temperature items are kept close to one another, the heat starts traveling from the hotter to the colder object. The refrigerant inside is passed through various changes in pressure, which give more efficiency and speed. Thus, heat is removed from there, and items remain fresher. TSSC does not use Freon gas because we care for the environment; we contribute to a greener world. Instead, we use gases like tetrafluroethane for promoting environment-friendly refrigeration. 

At TSSC, we are known for offering the most efficient insulation and refrigeration systems in the UAE. We have so far catered to plenty of clients and their requirements from different businesses. We have clients who consult us before initiating their cold storage units, new hotels, flower businesses, etc. There is an increased demand for big-sized and extensive refrigerated units for storing food and liquor in huge amounts. 

Our refrigeration units come in different shapes and sizes; the systems are compact, helping to save a lot of space. You can choose units according to your requirements; it could be bigger walk-in refrigerators to small units. These are custom cold storage solutions for various industries. Our industrial refrigerators have high-quality insulation, energy-efficient, and have other benefits. 

TSSC specializes in manufacturing and supplying portable and non-portable commercial refrigeration. We have a specialized team in manufacturing refrigerated trucks useful for storing perishable items, including medicines and other medical items. Our vehicles are well-known for offering consistent refrigeration, a useful portable solution.          

We can also share stories of clients who wanted to convert their yard or garages into refrigerated units. They probably wanted to start their restaurant or a mini-bar, they needed to invest in beverage coolers. We also get calls from renowned catering agencies for advanced refrigeration systems. 

 TSSC is a renowned name in the UAE; we offer specialized solutions. It’s been over four decades that we are providing insulation solutions all over the Middle East. We are here for you, discuss your requirements with us—request for a quote