Sandwich panels in Oman provide great thermal insulation – and much more!

Oman is a hot place where the need for insulated buildings is on the rise. The hot climatic conditions of Oman have made the need for thermal insulation a necessity rather than a luxury. Sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman are doing good business by providing customized panels to contractors and builders. TSSC Group is one of the leaders in the building and manufacturing business. TSSC has a good reputation for providing premium quality sandwich panels in Oman that are extremely durable and custom-made to suit the project criteria.

Although sandwich panels in Oman are popular for thermal insulation, but there are many more added benefits.

Energy efficiency 

One of the benefits of insulated panels is that they are energy efficient as well. Sandwich panels have insulated cores made from PIR, PUR, EPS and mineral wool. Thermal insulation restricts heat flow from one place to another, ensuring the cold temperatures inside don’t get disbursed. High-quality sandwich panels in Oman can ensure 10 to 12 hours of insulation. In addition, due to good insulation, the pressure on the air conditioners inside the room gets minimized, reducing energy consumption. Low energy consumption directly reflects on the utility bills, and you save money in the long run.

Lightweight panels – Easy and quick installation

The lightweight sandwich panels get easily transported from one place to another. The panels are finely attached, with only a few joints on wide surfaces offering a seamless appearance. Due to advanced technologies and mechanical lifting equipment, the carrying and cladding of the panels are hassle-free. The lightness of the panels gives you the advantage of minimizing the transporting and building expenditure. In addition, the panels are low-maintenance and highly durable, which again is an added asset.

TSSC Group provides a fast and aesthetic paneling solution that is budget-friendly for its durability.

High fire-resistance

It’s a wise decision to choose sandwich panels for your building as they are highly resistant to fire and would be able to slow down the spread of fire to a great extent. The fire-resistant panels get recommended by the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman for the safety of life and property. However, before choosing the precise sandwich panel for fire-resistivity, one should take into consideration the height and size of the building, the longevity of the panels and prefer high-quality sandwich panels with FM-approved PIR and Mineral wool insulated cores.

Noise-free buildings 

Sound insulation is necessary to minimize noise’s harmful effects and leave out unwanted sounds from noisy areas. The mineral wool insulated core with a perforated metal sheet surface helps get you the perfect acoustic insulation. These insulated panels used on the walls and the roof create comfortable noise-free spaces and prevent unwanted chatter and noise from spreading.

Want custom-made sandwich panels? Come to TSSC Group

The needs and functions of every building are different. Sandwich panel’s functionality varies according to acoustic, thermal and hydro insulation. Fire-resistivity is another quality that makes these panels ideal for building and construction purposes. TSSC has over 48 years of experience to get you premium quality sandwich panels in Oman. Request a quote today!