Sandwich panels in UAE – bringing about a revolutionary change in the construction industry

Sandwich panels are changing the construction industry by implementing modern techniques. The traditional techniques did not give much importance to insulation and few other factors. The weather in the Middle East where insulation is of utmost importance. The construction and real estate business is booming in the country. The builders are switching to modern building methods where sandwich panels in the UAE play a major role. Sandwich panels have offered the confluence of availability and durability. These are the two factors important for completing a current project. Sandwich panels are structural materials. They comprise a stiff core and two metal face sheets. It has excellent structural ability, cost-effectiveness, and durability. 

The three-layered sandwich panel and advantages

Sandwich panels are three arranged layers – a core in the middle surrounded by two durable thin metal sheets. Sandwich panels have a solid structure and the core offers adequate insulation. They are lightweight, non-porous, have resistivity and are easy to maintain. These are heavily used to insulate warehouses and cold storage. Take a note of the advantages of sandwich panels –

  • Faster construction
  • Easy assembling
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • The dry process is executed 
  • Affordable solution


TSSC sandwich panels can capture the internal and external weather conditions. Our high-performing TSSC panels have adequate insulation capabilities. TSSC Group does not believe in the one-size-fits-all concept. Our team of expert engineers customizes the panels based on your requirements. It is important to choose the right insulating material for better performance. 

Better strength–to–weight ratio

Sandwich panels have a higher strength-to-weight ratio to support loads during transportation. The lighter weight helps in cutting down transportation costs. Sandwich panels in UAE offer thermal insulation helping to lower energy costs. These panels also have outstanding fire resistivity. The panels can withstand higher temperatures as high as 1000 degrees centigrade. Most engineers and builders prefer sandwich panels for ensuring safety. 

Sandwich panel structures are affordable as the core materials are not very expensive compared to composite materials. The durability of the panels helps to cut down the maintenance costs.

Final words – request for a quote

The building industry has undergone a sea change in the last few years. TSSC Group has been one of the companies that brought about the change. Sandwich panels in the UAE make the building process faster and long-lasting. Get in touch with TSSC Group, we are one of the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East. Our sandwich panels are high-performance building materials that cater to the market’s requirements. Our dedicated team is constantly working on expanding and improving material capabilities. We have been dedicated to designing insulated panels, roofing, cladding systems and building solutions for more than 50 years. Please visit our website to know more about TSSC Group. Discuss your project for an effective solution. Request for a no-obligation quote.