Get to know the reasons behind choosing the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a hot climate, which makes the need for insulated and energy-efficient buildings imperative. Commercial spaces hire contractors to build well-insulated structures. Insulation starts from the roof and investing in metal roofing is a great choice. Choosing a standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is highly recommended.

The building roof is the most integral part of the construction. If you are looking for an energy-efficient roofing system, then the metal seam roof is ideal. A good metal roof can bring down the cooling expenses to a large extent, but again the energy efficiency depends on the quality of the material. The weather-tight roofing system offers design flexibility with a wide range of customized choices like convex, concave and other angular architectural shapes. Our roof panels are ASTM-certified, quality-checked and meet the regulatory guidelines to ensure optimal excellence.

The custom-made standing seam roof can last for many years and have remote chances for callbacks. After installation, the seam roofs hardly require any repairing, refinishing, or replacements. Moreover, the highly durable seam roof is coveted for its fire resistance, lightweight structure and strength. Our standing seam roofs can be produced either in our factory or at the construction site – as deemed suitable.

Cool Metal Roof

Standing Seam Roof

Thermal insulation and more

Did you know that the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia gets popularly called ‘the cool metal roof’? The seam roof gets its name for its thermal insulation properties. The seam roof manufactured by TSSC has unique cooking pigments that don’t allow the roof to get heated up.

The weather-resistant seam roof provides an airtight compartment to ensure that the cold air remains inside for a long time. In addition, the impact-resistant roof requires minimal upkeep and is resistant to wind uplifts.

Installing the energy-efficient standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is a long-term investment. TSSC manufacturers build the roof panels with advanced and innovative technologies. Request a quote to get reverted within a day.

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