The shifting of the construction industry towards prefab buildings in East Africa

The real estate industry in Africa is now immensely developed, but there is always a shortage of skilled labor. The result is higher development costs, excessive time consumption, various cost factors and miscalculations. This makes traditional construction very difficult because the site work goes on for a prolonged period with many workforces. 

Offsite construction and onsite assembling

Prefab buildings in East Africa are a solution to such a crisis. These structures are manufactured in segments built inside the factory that is usually located kilometers away from the construction site and transported to your location. Statistics say that about 60% to 90% of the building process is finished inside the factory and the assembling is managed onsite. TSSC engineers implement lean manufacturing techniques for offsite construction. The modules are stacked up for designing various innovative configurations. The construction process is completed onsite by using inter-module networks to arrange the units.

The benefits of prefab buildings explained 

Prefab buildings in East Africa have certain benefits: cost-effective construction, cost-saving because no extra material is required, and quick process. The parts can be transported effortlessly, and the installation process is simple. Prefabricated construction can be disassembled from a location and assembled in another location without much effort. In addition, TSSC modular buildings are sustainable and energy-efficient. The TSSC engineers help in adequate planning and designing. 

The cost varies based on the project

The cost of prefabricated construction depends on the project scale and the building material. Other factors include internal/external fitting and fixtures. The environmental factors, including the weather, do not interrupt construction project schedules. Usually, prefab buildings in East Africa are affordable compared to the traditional mode of construction. 

Premium quality prefab homes

TSSC assures the quality of prefab homes built to the highest standards or even higher than the traditional construction. Modular construction requires different building materials like steel, concrete, wood, and provisions like doors and windows, water, sewage systems, air conditioning, telecommunications, and power supplies…etc. Explore planning and designing possibilities with the TSSC engineers. The TSSC team engineers install additional features inside the factory premises to save time and costs. We suggest erecting permanent modular structures that are built in a single location. Remember to follow the building regulations of Africa. 

TSSC – a reputed company in East Africa

TSSC modular structures are popular in East Africa. We have clients who are contented by our prefabricated structures. TSSC is an ISO 9001 organization and we have been manufacturing construction and building solutions for more than forty years. Please discuss your project with our experts for a feasible and customizable solution. 

A major shift towards prefabrication

The builders and developers have already found a way to get rid of onsite complications. These structures have made the construction process faster and easier. Urbanization accords with a global redirection in the building industry. The construction industry of East Africa has shifted to eco-friendly development and construction methods. 

The cost of real estate is escalating in East Africa as the developers are implementing newer technology. Request for a quote.