A standing seam roof offers adequate insulation to your building

The roof offers adequate protection to the entire building structure. The roof should be durable, sturdy and must have an insulated covering over it. The summers in the gulf region receive scorching sunlight during the day and the nights are pleasant. Here, insulation plays a key role. Why not choose a metal roof? Standing seam roof in Oman have become more popular compared to asphalt roofs and other alternatives. 

These roofs are available in copper and aluminum-zinc alloy coating. The standing roofs have a rich look due to this alloy coating and are resistant to heat, snowfall, wind, hail and flame. In addition, the roofs can shed snow when the ambient temperature escalates a few degrees. This is an advantage for homeowners in mountainous regions. Homeowners are turning to metal due to the incredible benefits. 

What is a standing seam roof?

A standing seam roof in Oman has raised seams that rise above the roof’s flat-panel section. These structures are installed vertically running from the roof to the ridge and have concealed fasteners. These fasteners remain behind some lock or seam system. Seam roofs have vertical legs and a wide flat area between the legs that form an entire roof structure. Some of the standing seam roof types include mechanically-seamed, snap-locked, nail hemmed and fastener exposed roofs. 

A standing seam roof offer insulation

A standing seam roof in Oman offers adequate insulation. TSSC seam roofs have lighter shades that increase solar reflectance and reduce heat waves by eliminating heat to make the surfaces hot. These metal roofs prevent the absorption of heat by emitting it back into the atmosphere which helps in keeping the indoors cool. In addition, installing a standing seam roof helps keep your energy bills low due to its energy efficiency. This helps to lessen a load of air coolers and air conditioners to promote monthly savings on your energy bills. 

Get professional yearly maintenance 

DIY maintenance can be tricky sometimes as the metal roofs can be a little slippery and risky to clean completely on your own. A garden hose is good to do the cleaning. It is most suitable to have a professional do the cleaning most efficiently. We have all the tools required to do the cleaning. There will not be any damage to the roof and you do not have to suffer injury. 

TSSC standing seam roof panels 

TSSC Group in the Middle East is one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. TSSC Group has already covered more than four decades in the construction industry. Our standing seam roof in Oman is functional and has all the advantages. They are available in different colors, types and textures. Made of high-quality material, the roofs are long-lasting and require little yearly maintenance. These roofs can last for a lifetime. 

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