Store perishable items efficiently inside cold storage equipped with insulated panels

A cold room or a refrigeration chamber is a warehouse in which perishable items are stored where a low temperature is artificially generated. For example, a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia is designed to store items in an indoor environment below the temperature outside. Some of the products that require refrigeration include vegetables, fruits—seafood, flowers and meat. The internal temperature depends on the product or material that will be stored. For instance, frozen food is stored below zero-degree temperature whereas vegetables and fruits are stored at zero degrees. Also, the subtropical and tropical fruits are usually stored at 5-15 degrees centigrade. 

The importance of commercial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration can slow down the biological and chemical processes in food which controls the loss of quality and degradation. Through proper storage, the life of perishable items can be extended by several days only by the cooling process. Life can be increased by weeks and months via freezing.

Commercial refrigeration is extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. This process involves the use of advanced technology and machines. A cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia is used to store edible items and medicines, flowers, cosmetics, certain beverages, and more. 

Install cold store panels and save energy

The chilling process involves the transfer of heat to maintain a desirable low temperature. However, cold storage can take up a lot of energy to function smoothly. So, to make the cooling process more efficient, it is very important to keep the insulation requirement in mind. Insulation prevents the entry of warm air and the escape of cold air, which delays the cooling and energy consumed. Therefore, it is necessary to install cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. TSSC cold store panels are efficient in helping you to save energy while delivering faster cooling. You can decide on the size of your unit, which depends on your storage requirements. 

Cold store panels are used for rooftops, walls, and flooring. The insulated panels are designed by injecting polyurethane foam in between metal cladding at a very high density. These panels have monolithic construction and can maintain temperature and humidity inside the structure. 

Invest in refrigerated trucks for transportation

Static refrigeration is not sufficient. What would happen to the goods when they are transported from one location to another? These goods should be transported in big trucks equipped with cooling facilities. Invest in an affordable refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. A refrigerated truck is a vehicle facilitated with chilling facilities to remain fresh while being transported for long hours. TSSC designs efficient and insulated solutions for businesses in the country. 

Plan your project with TSSC Group  

Are you planning to install cold store panels in Saudi Arabia inside your facility? TSSC Group operates in Saudi Arabia where we design insulated and construction solutions. We have a team of expert engineers to look into your requirements. We use pro project management software to track all the projects and to ensure timely delivery. We are experienced for more than 50 years in delivering cold store solutions. Discuss your project requirement with us, and we would solve your queries. Book a free consultation with the TSSC team and request a quote.