What’s so unique about the standing seam roof in East Africa?

Metal roofs get regarded as one of the most coveted choices in hot countries like East Africa. Commercial buildings, residential homes, industrial places and agricultural units prefer investing in the standing seam roof in East Africa above all others. However, you need to have a good manufacturer to get your customized roofing solutions for the buildings. TSSC Group is one of the top-notch industry leaders in the building and construction sector. With the use of advanced technologies, the insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa get you high-quality materials that last long and offer several advantages on the go. Here are a few reasons why the standing-seam roofs are worth every penny.

No exposed nails or screws 

The standing seam roof in East Africa does not have any external hardware like screws or nails. Instead, the roof panels have interlocking pieces and parts that make them durable and strong. In addition, the interlocking system allows thermal movement without creating leaks.

Customization is necessary 

Due to temperature fluctuations, the standing seam metal roof expands and contracts. TSSC manufacturers design and customize the roof panels exclusively to ensure the seams, metal trims, and transitions don’t break the water-tight sealing, leading to leakages. However, the roof panels are water-tight and do not allow moisture, ice, or snow to enter through the metal joints. The height of the seam depends on the application and needs customization for optimal performance.

Metal thickness and paint of the roof panels 

The thickness or gauge of the steel is as important as the paint. The seam roof panels need to have a good thickness to ensure greater durability. The manufacturers use silicone polyester paint that does not fade and enhances the aesthetics of the building. Did you know the roof panel can last for more than 60 years with minimal upkeep? The insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa refer to the roof panel as the ‘lifetime roof’ because of its high durability and resilience. The roof panels do not require regular cleaning. Just professional maintenance once a year is enough for its upkeep.

Weather resistance – The Cool Metal Roof 

The standing seam roof has excellent weather resistance properties. The cool metal roof has cooling pigments that reflect heat and ensure a cool environment indoors. East Africa is a hot and humid place. The buildings need an insulated roof overhead to counteract external heat and keep the inner chambers at a cooler temperature. The roof surface doesn’t allow snow, hail, rain, or dust particles to enter the interiors. The external elements glide away easily. The seamless panels look visually pleasing and also don’t allow dust, dirt, and wastes to accumulate at the corners.

Lightweight and easy to install 

Although the seam roof is lightweight, making the installation easier, it’s also the sturdiest amongst all. The roof panels are resistant to wind uplifts and act as a barrier against high impacts and wind pressure.

Wrapping Up 

Get your seam roof manufactured at TSSC. With almost five decades of experience, the top-notch manufacturers get you customized roof panels at affordable prices. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation session. Get in touch with our proficient engineers.

Consider installing standing seam roofs – Knowing the advantages

Standing seam metal roofs are named after their building process. They are made from metal panels that run from the ridge to the edge of the roof. The edge of every panel is a tall seam connecting the next panel measuring anywhere from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch from above the roof. This is why the roof appears to be standing. The metal used could be steel or aluminum; usually, it is preferred because it won’t rust. Metal roofs are not new, but their popularity is newly increasing among commercial building owners. People have started noticing modernity and durability. 

The hot East African climate demands roofing solutions

East Africa is a tropical country where days are extremely hot. A commercial facility dealing with cooling and refrigeration requires a lot of energy to keep the coolers running to maintain a constant low temperature inside the facilities. How about insulating the roofs from where cold air tends to escape? A cooling system that continuously operates for long hours tends to result in a huge energy bill. Cover the roof with a coating of standing seam roof in East Africa. The insulated panels placed over the roofs help build a shield over the original roof adding solid protection. 

Colorful panels add an interesting touch

A standing seam roof adds a vibrant touch to your property as they are available in various colors. You can make a selection of color that matches with your property or choose shades that add a rustic touch to your property. It is worth mentioning that even homeowners are interested in installing seam roofs. A light color could be beneficial as it would help the roofs to reflect sunlight and prevent the attic from getting excessively heated. 

Insulated roof panels – the most essential requirement

Insulation is the biggest advantage that standing seam roofs deliver. These roof styles are durable; they are built to last for years, do not fade under sunlight and do not rust. The seams run only in a vertical manner and this is why the seams are raised. These roofs can be pierced, dented and are more long-lasting compared to an asphalt roof. For instance, seamed roofs can last for 50 years while the asphalt ones for about 20 years. Four types of roofing panels offer thermal insulation:

  • A mechanically seamed panel
  • The one-piece snap-lock panel
  • The symmetrical mechanically seamed panel
  • The two-piece snap-lock panel
Seam roofs customized and designed by experts

TSSC panels are designed by experts and can be customized according to your preference. A standing seam roof is lightweight and is simple to install. In addition, TSSC panels can endure the pressure of wind and have fire-resistivity. The seam roof is engineered to have a long shelf life. The panels require minimum maintenance, and the roof would never collapse during heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and snowfall. 

Trust TSSC solutions 

TSSC group is one of the most eminent insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. We have been designing insulation solutions for almost 50 years. Come to us for a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and have a consultation with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote. 

The importance of installing standing seam roof panels in East Africa

The climatic conditions in East Africa demand adequate insulation. The days are extremely hot, so cooling systems run all day to maintain a low temperature inside the residence or commercial property. The roof and the foundation of a building play an essential role. When you keep cooling and heating systems running for long hours, the energy bill tends to rise. Adding a roofing solution can help immensely, which is why many homeowners and commercial property owners are choosing to install a standing seam roof in East Africa. These are insulated panels installed over roofs that help in adding insulation to your property.

Insulation is the most important factor

A standing seam roof in East Africa is known to have thermal insulation properties. There are different types of roofing systems available in the market, but standing seams are ideal for offering a solid structure with adequate insulation properties. The standing seam roof has a fixed concealed system with vertical ribs and flat space. 

There are four basic types of roofing panels offering great insulation:

  • A mechanically seamed panel
  • The one-piece snap-lock panel
  • The symmetrical mechanically seamed panel
  • The two-piece snap-lock panel

TSSC customizes panels according to your requirements. 

Lightweight standing seam roof panels 

A standing seam roof is extremely lightweight and is simple to install. In addition, TSSC panels can withstand the pressure of wind and are fire-resistant. 

The sturdy roofs are impact-resistant and engineered to perfection to serve a long life of up to almost 60 years or more. As a result, the roofing system lasts twice the operational life of other roofing shingles. In addition, the panels require minimum maintenance, and the roof would not collapse due to heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and snowfall. 

TSSC’s standing seam roof panels are extremely long-lasting compared to any traditional roofing system. This roofing system is equipped with flexible design, versatility, and weather seal. The higher strength-to-weight value of the standing seam panels adds to the increased load-supporting capability and increased durability.

TSSC standing seam roofs can last for a lifetime

Standing seam roofs have utilitarian and architectural profiles making the roof aesthetically pleasing and structurally complete for being a perfect fit. TSSC is among the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. The company has been operating in East Africa for over 40 years and catering to client requirements. We are renowned for offering building solutions and have clients that belong to different commercial sectors. TSSC standing seam roof panels can last for a lifetime. In addition, TSSC offers a yearly maintenance plan for your newly installed roofing solution.

Our panels help to lower your energy bills

TSSC’s standing seam roof in East Africa is air-tight and weather-tight. Our engineers make the roofs with cooling pigments that reflect the heat waves and cool the outer surface. The ‘cool roof’ coatings help reduce heat absorption and keep the interiors cool. The extreme hot climate of East Africa demands an energy-efficient roofing system to lower your energy bills. 

Want to make an informed decision? 

Look no further than TSSC when choosing a company from many insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Come to us for a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and have a consultation with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote.

Sandwich panels used in cladding and roofing solutions – TSSC panels have a higher load-carrying

Sandwich’ sounds interesting? These panels look exactly like a sandwich having a thermo-insulating core covered with two metal sheets on both sides. These panels are products used for cladding roofs and walls of buildings. Every panel is designed based on thermal insulating, sound insulating, weight, fire-resistivity and performance. Sandwich panels are certain materials but non-structural. The structural forces are supported by a steel framework or any other carrier frame to which the panels are attached.

Reducing energy consumption is a challenge

East Africa is a hot and humid county and businesses are not thriving here. The days are very hot, and nights are cold. This difference in the natural weather requires insulation for storing perishable goods. One of the biggest challenges of future construction is reducing energy consumption in all stages, from the building to demolition. The sustainability concept in construction design encouraged thermal and acoustic insulating materials using recycled and natural materials. Sandwich panels are capable of protecting construction from external factors. It is a modern and lightweight construction element used by the building sector in East Africa.

Sandwich panels are based on the core

Sandwich panels are classified based on the core that is used for insulation. Sandwich panels with cores of EPS (expanded polystyrene), mineral wool, polyurethane (PIR, or polyisocyanurate) are available. These panels are used to clad external walls of construction and offer insulation to the internal walls of cold storage. The panels are designed by filling a low-density and thick insulation material between two high-density and thin metal surfaces. These are ready-to-assemble elements having a higher load-carrying capability.

How long would the sandwich panels last?

The longevity of the panels depends on the design and the accurate technical specification of the panel component according to the building required, the climatic condition and the environment. TSSC is one of the most experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. The external sheet of the insulated sandwich panels is resistant to temperature alterations, external factors, and UV rays. The inner sheet is resistant to condensation, physical effects and chemicals.

Simple installation process

The installation process is very simple as well as follows a single-installation procedure. Upon installing our panels, you can cut down on your operational costs. The insulated panels do not allow thermal drift, which gives more energy efficiency.

Yearly cleaning and maintenance

TSSC has a team of expert and certified engineers who calculate the load-bearing capabilities to match it with the needs of the building. We suggest checking (cleaning and maintaining) the panels once a year. If any damages are seen arising due to external conditions must be fixed without any delay.

Request for a quote

Now there is an increasing demand for sandwich panels in East Africa. The construction industry and businesses are thriving. Businesses that deal with perishable goods, medicines and depend on temperature cannot do without proper insulation.

Please discuss your project with us for a solution and customization. TSSC is renowned for being one of the top-rated insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa for about forty years. Request for a quote. You can also add your valuable feedback about our products and services.

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 

TSSC Group is dedicated to manufacturing sustainable insulated panels for the construction industry

The global market of insulated panels is led by massive demand from the building sector. Structural insulated panels are used in walls, floors, and roofs of residential and commercial construction. Modern insulated panels have extremely high performance. 

The market of insulated panels is expected to witness heavy growth in the future. The insulated panels market experienced little loss during the Covid-19 pandemic. The panels are popular for being sustainable and durable solutions. 

Insulated panels work best in the harsh African climate

Insulated panels are exterior wall and roof panels having metal skin and the core is made of insulating foam. Insulated sandwich panels have high thermal properties, faster installation time and flexibility in design. These panels are widely used in external cladding for single and multi-story construction. These panels offer excellent weather resistivity, which includes restricting wind loading, self-weight and access loads. 

Africa is a hot country with harsh climatic conditions. Insulation is very important to maintain the desired temperature inside for residential as well as commercial requirements. There are ample cold storage and warehouses in East Africa. Installing sandwich panels inside is an insulation technique. 

Energy-efficient and airtight construction

Insulated panels are preferred for reducing power consumption. Insulated panels allow energy-efficient and airtight construction compared to traditional building methods. 

This market is segregated based on the application and type of product. It is divided into building walls, cold storage, and building roof on an application basis. Now the product type segregation includes expanded polystyrene panel (EPS), polyisocyanurate panel (PIR), polyurethane (PUR), glass wool panel and others. 

The thermo-insulating core 

A sandwich panel has a core (insulating) material sandwiched between two layers of metal brought together under pressure. These panels are non-porous, lightweight and possess excellent durability. The core is made of a thermo-insulating material that soaks heat, cold, and moisture. The outer layers shield the core and offer a decorative covering. The external layers cover the core from climatic conditions, impact and forces. 

Panels have strong thermal properties

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. The panels have sandwich-like-layers with a core in the middle. Our sandwich panels are easy to assemble implementing the dry process. They have excellent sound and thermal properties. The panels are resistant to corrosion and allow quicker construction time. 

Rely on TSSC efficient sandwich panels

TSSC sandwich panels have higher redundancy and are easy to mount. Faster mounting happened with pre-manufactured and self-supported large sandwich panels. This is an affordable solution when covering homogenous and large surfaces. Insulated sandwich panels are the most extensive wall and roof cladding solution of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. 

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. Our panels make the construction process faster and efficient. TSSC panels are transported safely to the construction site. All our products are quality-checked and then delivered to your doorstep. TSSC insulated sandwich panels mean speedy construction. This again means better ROI. 

Do you have a project to discuss?

Book a free consultation with our team. TSSC is the leader in designing insulation solutions for more than 48 years. Talk to our experts about your requirement and we would suggest you the kind of panel. Request for a quote and our representative would get in touch with you.