How much importance have you given to insulation? Install sandwich panels

Thermal and sound insulation are two important factors that decide the comfort level inside your room. During the summer months, the coolers constantly keep running trying to keep the temperature inside low. Again, during the winters, the heater should constantly perform to keep the room heated. This results in increasing monthly energy bills that you can keep under control by insulating the interior. Walls and ceilings that have higher levels of insulation lead to lesser operational costs. Insulation is an age-old concept but there has been tremendous advancement in techniques. We recommend installing insulated panels on the walls and ceiling. So, sandwich panels are manufactured and installed to add thermal and sound insulation. There are many renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Do good research and shortlist a few while choosing. The quality of the panel plays a major role.

What are sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels can be used as floors, walls and roofs. These panels are made of two layers so the structure looks similar to a sandwich. There are two metal sheets on both the sides that cover the insulated core in the middle. The metal sheets are durable and the core material is responsible for offering the insulation to the interior. The lifespan of the panel is not affected by dampness and humidity. Sandwich panels are widely used in dry construction. The panels are used in internal partitions and in making the envelope of the building. Sandwich panels can be installed very quickly.

The various applications of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are screwed to the internal structure, the screws can be visible or concealed. The total construction time taken is the shortest compared to any other system. These panels are available in different finishes and shapes, it could be modern, wood-like, rustic or like tiles. Sandwich panels have insulating properties so they are used on roofs and facades of commercial spaces. They are lightweight so used mainly for renovating enclosed spaces. Sandwich insulated panels are mainly used in warehouses, cold rooms, shopping centers, sports complexes, etc. The common length of the panels varies between 3 and 6 meters but sometimes the maximum length could be 16 meters. The thickness of the panels depends on the final application.

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group is among the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 company manufacturing building and construction solutions. We have been offering roofing and cladding solutions, manufacturing insulation solutions for more than 50 years. We manufacture sandwich insulated panels in the EASY WALL brand name. We customize the core based on your requirements and that decides the expense of your project.

Final words

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Book a consultation for free to discuss with the TSSC team for a customized solution. You can visit our website to learn about the TSSC Group and our products. We give individual attention to your project by assigning a separate project manager. We do the planning, start working on the project, keep you informed about it and offer on-time delivery. We create an effective solution for your commercial project. We have clients from various industries in Saudi Arabia. Request a quote.

EASY WALL sandwich insulated panels – A TSSC Group brand

Thermal insulation and soundproofing are the two biggest benefits of insulation. Adequate insulation offers protection to the building interior and offers energy efficiency. The coolers do not need to struggle while performing, reducing the monthly energy bills. A well-built industrial setup using insulated panels has a tight building envelope. The walls have higher insulating properties which lead to decreasing operational costs. The panels can be used as walls, floors and roofs. Sandwich panels have two layers. There are two metal sheets on both sides and an insulated core in the middle. Sandwich panels are durable and extremely long-lasting. The longevity of the panels is not marred by humidity or dampness. Recently dry construction has been gaining prominence. Using this dry building technique, the panels are suitable for completing a building’s envelope and internal partitions. 

The EASY WALL brand – insulated panels from TSSC Group

TSSC Group designs pre-engineered insulated sandwich panels under the brand name EASY WALL. We manufacture easy-to-install, affordable solar panels for commercial use and take 7-8 hours to install. The pre-engineered steel structures are used for large-scale construction. Customization is also easy. TSSC Group is one of the experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Our experts decide the expense of your project based on the core material you select and the thickness of the panels. The core is vital because it offers insulation inside. The EPS core is suitable for everyday use but we recommend the PIR core to those who desire a greater performance. 

TSSC Group – delivering solutions in the Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group is one of the top and renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. It is an ISO 9001 company that specializes in offering insulated solutions for construction and building solutions. TSSC Group combines excellence and innovation to manufacture long-lasting building and construction solutions. The Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. The company offers insulated panels for roofing and cladding projects. We have been in the business for more than four decades or more than 50 years. We have completed so many projects and we render unique ideas. 

Final words – Request a quote 

Book a free consultation to discuss your project with the TSSC team and get a customized solution. Please visit our website for information on insulated panels and how TSSC is expanding. We cater to clients from all industries. TSSC has an experienced team to handle your project. Every project is assigned a manager and we assist you from the planning and initiation phase to the timely delivery of your project. We are transparent with clients; we notify you of every milestone of your project and offer on-time after-sales support. Our certified engineers have been researching and implementing the latest technology to design insulated solutions. We have a team of representatives who visit your site if required. We leave no stones unturned to offer you a completely bespoke solution. Reach us for a solution for your next project, and request a quote.