The importance of installing TSSC sandwich panels in Dubai

Sandwich construction is popularly used in commercial and aerospace industries mainly thanks to its lightweight nature, a structure that showcases great stiffness, and a higher strength-to-weight ratio. Sandwich structure composites have two metal face sheets stuffed with a core inside. The structures are extremely lightweight, durable and have greater stability. Moreover, the lightweight core keeps the face sheets in an apt position aiding to resist shear forces, providing insulation, weather and impact resistivity. Therefore, the use of sandwich panels in the construction sector has become very common and many companies are manufacturing sandwich panels in Dubai. A sandwich panel is a structure that contains a combination of simple, different, alternative, or composite materials that are assembled and fixed to bind the structural advantages of each. 

The pro features of sandwich panels 

In this blog, we will be discussing the advantages of sandwich panels in Dubai

Thermal, sound and fire insulation

Sandwich panels in Dubai possess excellent thermal insulation properties. It is good to know that the thermal insulation versus thermal conductivity varies depending on the thickness and materials used. Insulated sandwich panels can help lower the amount of energy needed for cooling/heating operations which automatically lowers the energy costs. 

When the sandwich panels are properly integrated, it decreases the risk of mold and mildew formation. The total thickness of insulation material in the sandwich panels depends on the load-bearing and thermal capacity requirements, building purpose, and environmental factors. The panels help to isolate the noise source from other areas inside the facility. Sandwich panels have excellent sound insulation properties. Sandwich panels are resistant to fire which is a very big advantage.  

Higher-strength to weight ratio and cost-effectiveness

Compared to solid laminates, sandwich panels have a higher strength-to-weight ratio. Therefore, they can support the greater load with less structural material. This can lead to purchasing lesser quantity material and low transportation costs. Sandwich structures are cost-effective because the core materials are less expensive compared to other composite reinforcement materials. In addition, the higher durability of this material lowers the maintenance costs. 

Install TSSC sandwich panels to experience the benefits

Some of the other advantages of sandwich panels include:

  • Comfortable in its initial state
  • Once cured, the panels are not easy to crush
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Does not compact under vacuum
  • Not prone to delamination
  • Easy to use, install and maintain. 

Have you already decided to install sandwich panels in Dubai in your upcoming construction project? We suggest installing TSSC’s insulated roof panel in UAE for an insulated roofing solution. Sandwich panels are capable of safeguarding construction structures from external weather conditions. In addition, the panels are economical, hence have greater convenience. 

Final words

If you want to prevent damages, ensure to check the sandwich panels and their complementary products every year. TSSC has been operating in the UAE for more than 50 years. We are the leaders in manufacturing high-quality insulated panels and construction supplies. In addition, we are the global leaders in researching, developing, and manufacturing high-performance materials. The TSSC team is continuously looking to improve and expand material capabilities by working on new innovative solutions.

The use of insulated sandwich panels in the construction industry in the UAE

Sandwich panels are effective in safeguarding a construction externally from extreme weather conditions. The temperature is extreme in the UAE region so insulation is of utmost importance. These are lightweight panels that look like a sandwich with two metal sheets covering an insulated core in the middle. Sandwich panels in Dubai are ideal for roofing and cladding solutions most installed on commercial buildings like warehouses and cold storage. 

Sandwich panels are architectural roofing and walling solutions. TSSC is one of the largest manufacturers of sandwich panels in the UAE. Our insulated sandwich panels in Dubai have a hidden fix-joint system that can be installed horizontally or vertically. This provides an aesthetic appearance to the entire building. In addition, these high-performance metal wall panels offer excellent thermal insulation and fire resistivity. 

TSSC designs economical ribbed and flat roof panels in the UAE. These engage shorter construction duration for buildings having intense insulation requirements. 

Knowing about corrugated insulated sandwich panels 

These feature a sandwich form of construction with Polyisocyanurate or rockwool as the core between the two metal sheets. These sheets are designed for pitched roofs both horizontal and vertical. The sandwich panels have extremely lightweight thermal resistance and fire resistivity. 

The ISOwall sandwich panel from TSSC 

TSSC’s Isowall is insulated sandwich panels used for commercial walls and industrial buildings with hidden fixing joint systems. These ISO panels are used in building projects where insulation and hygiene are important factors. These ISO panels are available with RockWool or PIR insulation which offers improved fire resistance. Sandwich panels are used in commercial buildings, cold storages, power plants, residential buildings and more. 

An insulated roof panel in UAE offers thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, the waterproof panels offer load and fire resistance to the construction. The panels come in three layers, the inner sheet, the outer sheet and an insulated core. You can choose the core material among PUR, PIR, EPS and mineral wool according to your requirements. TSSC’s insulated solution is suitable for thermal insulation, sound insulation, humidity control and fire resistance. 

Sandwich panels in Dubai are available in ready-to-to-to to assemble packs. 

TSSC’s sandwich panels are quality assured

TSSC’s sandwich panels that go through a quality check before the panels are shipped to your site. Sandwich panels are affordable and can be assembled or disassembled during building projects. The lightweight panels are durable and easy to transport, the maintenance of sandwich panels is minimal. TSSC engineers offer budget-friendly solutions to contractors and developers. The panels are easy mounting, ideal for contemporary construction work. 

Get customized solution from TSSC

So, now you have pretty much an idea about the various types of sandwich panels from the TSSC Group. TSSC Group in the UAE is an ISO 9001 company offering high-quality insulated panels and construction supplies. We have a huge team looking into your requirements and customizing accordingly. Are you planning to initiate a project soon and clueless about how to go about it? Then, please discuss your requirements with our experts for a customized insulated roof panel in the UAE.

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All you wanted to know about sandwich panels in Dubai

Sandwich panels are an economical and convenient solution to protect your building externally. The lightweight and durable panels make excellent clad roofs and external walls of the buildings. The panels have also been of good use as insulated internal walls for the cold storage units. TSSC is one of the leading manufacturers providing premium quality insulated roof panel in UAE. With over 40 years of expertise in the building and construction industry, the manufacturers are the most trusted brand of every contractor and developer. Sandwich panels in Dubai generally come to use in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storage units, power plants, residential areas and so on.

The lifespan of a sandwich panel

The most asked question is about the longevity of the sandwich panels. The panel’s life depends upon a lot of factors like the design of the panel, technical specifications of the product components needed as per the requirements of the building, climatic conditions and so on. To provide high-quality sandwich panels in Dubai, TSSC engineers consult with the contractors to manufacture panels that have the load-bearing capacity and design to match the needs of the building. The panels get manufactured in a calculative manner to ensure that the quality panels last for years. Each project is different and sandwich panels need to get customized as per the requirements.

Sandwich panels and complementary products need yearly maintenance. For maintenance and cleaning, hire professionals and fix even the most minor eternal damages without delays.

Sandwich panel – The three-layered panel

Sandwich panels provide thermal and acoustic insulation. These waterproof panels offer fire and load resistance to the buildings. True to its name, the panel has three layers – the inner sheet, the insulated core and the outer sheet. The two galvanized steel sheets protect the insulated core. The insulating material gets selected as per the needs of the building. PUR, PIR, EPS and Mineral wool are the insulating materials used in sandwich panels. The insulated panels manufactured are suitable for projects that need thermal insulation, humidity control, sound insulation and fire resistance.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Easy and fast installation: Custom-made sandwich panels with high-tech engineering go through quality control processes to ensure that the panels are fully compatible and come in ready to assemble pieces.

Good thermal insulation: The panels offer high thermal insulation and prevent problems related to molds and humidity. The robust and durable panels are energy efficient and help you reduce your utility bills. The thickness of the panels varies as per the load-bearing capabilities.

Economical: Sandwich panels are economical as they can be easily disassembled and reuse in future building projects. The lightweight panels are durable and easy to transport, the maintenance of sandwich panels is minimal. TSSC engineers offer budget-friendly solutions to contractors and developers. By selecting custom-made panels, the contractors can save time on building and installation work. The easy mounting panels are a practical solution for contemporary building and construction work.

Aesthetics: The sandwich panels and the insulated roof panel in UAE come in different colors and the structures get positioned horizontally, vertically, or in an angular manner. The different designs of the panels can enliven the outer walls of the buildings and give the structure an aesthetic appearance.

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The construction industry in the UAE that depends on adequate insulation

Are you into the construction industry? Have you ever worked with sandwich panels? If not, then it is high time you start working with sandwich panels soon. Want to know why? The answer’s here! Before you look for some reliable sandwich panels manufacturers in the UAE, here is a brief introduction of sandwich panels to those unaware of these structures. 

What are sandwich panels? 

Also known as sandwich structures or sandwich structure composites, the sandwich panels in Dubai face sheets stuffed with stiff cores. These structures are light in weight and offer supreme durability and stability. Besides, if you want to save your pockets, sandwich panels are apt for you. 

Generally, sandwich panels in Dubai performs two main functions: 

  • Protect the buildings from external environmental factors 
  • Provide convenience to the users in an economical manner

The specific industries in the UAE that use sandwich panels are commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storages, power plants, residential buildings, and the like. 

The longevity of a sandwich panel depends on the product components with which it is manufactured. For example, if you are looking for a cold store sandwich panels, make sure that the structures are sturdy enough to bear the thermalresistance of the cold storage. 

Advantages of sandwich panels 

Now comes the time to answer the much-awaited questions. Check out the list of advantages of the sandwich panels:              

Resistance to fire 

If you expose sandwich panels to fire, they produce outstanding results. If you are in the construction industry, you can easily use sandwich panels to ensure your workers’ safety and equipment. However, while using sandwich panels, make sure you take a look into the size and height of the building and the intensity of the fire. 

Thermal insulation 

When you use sandwich panels for construction work, it reduces the amount of energy used, reducing the overall cost of energy consumption. In addition, sandwich panels decrease the formation of molds and humidity. 

Sound insulation 

If you use any application that produces excessive noise, you should use a sandwich panel for sound insulation. When sandwich panels are inserted into the application, the noise sources are separated, making the environment comfortable and quiet. 

High strength-to-weight ratio 

Unlike solid laminates, the sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. This is why supporting loads with less structural material is not a big deal for sandwich panels. Eventually, it results in less purchasing of materials as well as the cost of transportation. 


Since the core material of the sandwich panels is cheap, buying sandwich panels is a cost-effective option.Besides, the durability of these sandwich structures reduces the maintenance cost. 

Final words 

Have you already decided to use them in your upcoming construction project? You can install an insulated roof panel in UAE for an insulated roofing solution. Make sure you install them correctly. Further, if you want to prevent damages, ensure to check the sandwich panels and their complementary products for at least a year.

TSSC sandwich panels in Dubai offer fantastic insulation – The core plays an important role

A sandwich panel is used to clad the roofs and walls of buildings. Each panel comprises of a core made of thermo-insulating material. The two sides are shielded with metal which protects the core. The panels are attached to a metal frame. The structural forces are endured by the carrier frame or steel framework. 

The importance of the core in sandwich panels 

The core material differentiates the types of panels. Some of the readily available core materials are EPS, PIR, PUR, and mineral wool. The materials have different thermal insulating and sound insulating performance, which also varies in weight and fire resistivity. 

There has been a lot of advancement in construction technologies. This is why more building companies in the Middle East rely on sandwich panels for better insulation. All manufacturing teams in the Middle East do not possess similar skills. TSSC Group has operated for more than forty years to have an excellent reputation for offering advanced and timely solutions.  Sandwich panels in Dubai are extremely popular as they have several benefits.

Total construction time

A construction that is being set up following the traditional building process could take longer to complete. But the same construction that uses stud partitions could take a month or a little more than that to complete. Stud partition construction is assembled and not built. The workload gets lighter. The pre-built structural parts and cladding components are brought to the site. The assembling process is smooth and completed by experts. The biggest advantage is that there is no waiting for the building shell to shed off excessive humidity. 

The time is very important when the cost factor is considered; the ROI is affected. The sooner a commercial construction is completed, the sooner you can think of achieving ROI. 

The process involved in the construction

In most sectors, the building requirements play a critical role in the whole project. Stud partitioning is a dry process. It requires no water for the building materials. So, it involves only assembling and fixing the cladding with the screws. The cladding is the sandwich panels. In comparison, traditional methods use wet processes. Water is necessary for concrete mixing, bricklaying, and plastering. The modern method is extremely beneficial for industries that require controlled moisture levels like wood processing, pharmaceuticals, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, etc. 

The cost factor discussed

The cost of sandwich panels in Dubai depends on the entire product thickness and the insulating core. The EPS core is an ideal budget option. But sandwich panels having the PIR core gives a long-term performance with improved thermal conductivity. TSSC is a large manufacturer; we have many clients as we can offer affordable solutions. 

The uses of TSSC sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels are used in warehouses, logistic hubs, cold storage, sports facilities, shopping malls, office and manufacturing buildings. We are talking about sandwich panels for cold storage in this blog because of their popularity in the UAE. Cold storages follow a complex construction process. TSSC sandwich panels offer the highest degree of thermal insulation, which is higher than façade panels.

TSSC can also customize an insulated lightweight partition wall panel for you. Do you wish to discuss your project requirement with our experts? Reach the TSSC team online, and we shall offer consultation.