TSSC Group is dedicated to manufacturing sustainable insulated panels for the construction industry

The global market of insulated panels is led by massive demand from the building sector. Structural insulated panels are used in walls, floors, and roofs of residential and commercial construction. Modern insulated panels have extremely high performance. 

The market of insulated panels is expected to witness heavy growth in the future. The insulated panels market experienced little loss during the Covid-19 pandemic. The panels are popular for being sustainable and durable solutions. 

Insulated panels work best in the harsh African climate

Insulated panels are exterior wall and roof panels having metal skin and the core is made of insulating foam. Insulated sandwich panels have high thermal properties, faster installation time and flexibility in design. These panels are widely used in external cladding for single and multi-story construction. These panels offer excellent weather resistivity, which includes restricting wind loading, self-weight and access loads. 

Africa is a hot country with harsh climatic conditions. Insulation is very important to maintain the desired temperature inside for residential as well as commercial requirements. There are ample cold storage and warehouses in East Africa. Installing sandwich panels inside is an insulation technique. 

Energy-efficient and airtight construction

Insulated panels are preferred for reducing power consumption. Insulated panels allow energy-efficient and airtight construction compared to traditional building methods. 

This market is segregated based on the application and type of product. It is divided into building walls, cold storage, and building roof on an application basis. Now the product type segregation includes expanded polystyrene panel (EPS), polyisocyanurate panel (PIR), polyurethane (PUR), glass wool panel and others. 

The thermo-insulating core 

A sandwich panel has a core (insulating) material sandwiched between two layers of metal brought together under pressure. These panels are non-porous, lightweight and possess excellent durability. The core is made of a thermo-insulating material that soaks heat, cold, and moisture. The outer layers shield the core and offer a decorative covering. The external layers cover the core from climatic conditions, impact and forces. 

Panels have strong thermal properties

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. The panels have sandwich-like-layers with a core in the middle. Our sandwich panels are easy to assemble implementing the dry process. They have excellent sound and thermal properties. The panels are resistant to corrosion and allow quicker construction time. 

Rely on TSSC efficient sandwich panels

TSSC sandwich panels have higher redundancy and are easy to mount. Faster mounting happened with pre-manufactured and self-supported large sandwich panels. This is an affordable solution when covering homogenous and large surfaces. Insulated sandwich panels are the most extensive wall and roof cladding solution of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. 

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. Our panels make the construction process faster and efficient. TSSC panels are transported safely to the construction site. All our products are quality-checked and then delivered to your doorstep. TSSC insulated sandwich panels mean speedy construction. This again means better ROI. 

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