TSSC manufactures insulated panels for cold storages that have excellent thermal insulation

Cold stores are a very popular solution in the UAE for storing highly perishable items in more significant amounts. But how will you set up a storeroom without proper insulation? How essential do you think insulation is? The UAE has extreme weather conditions, and this is why insulation is a priority. If you are looking for cold storage panels from the top manufacturer, choose TSSC Global. We offer a solution to issues that happen with lightweight prefabrication. 

Insulated panels are heavily used in cold storerooms and in assembling refrigerated transportation. Sandwich panels for cold storage offer excessive thermal insulation, thus ideal for installing in a cold storeroom. It’s almost more than 48 years since we are offering insulation and building solutions. By now, we have satisfied uncountable customers and have built an excellent customer base. 

Know about the two types of cold rooms: 

The cold storage panels from TSSC have a monolithic pattern of construction. The panels are formed by injecting polyurethane foam at an extremely high density between the metal cladding. But the cladding material can change according to your application. Cold rooms are of two types, walk-in cold rooms and cold storage; you can choose the size based on the uses. Our cold rooms maintain a temperature of 15°C to –40°C. Warehouse cold storages are bigger, but walk-in rooms are smaller in comparison. Warehouse cold rooms are huge, mainly used to store a lot of items for a longer time. Walk-in rooms are used in the retail segment to store items having a faster shelf life. The rooms’ size is smaller, so we build the insulated floors built powerfully. Some of the uses are in hotels, super-market, and restaurants…etc. 


Our cold store panel are used across various industries:

TSSC offers cold store rooms of any capacity, and we can customize it for you according to your requirements and the desirable conditions. The TSSC production spreads across Sharjah and Dubai; we have a team of experts who manufacture, design, and install the wall, ceiling, and floor panels. We are experts in installing pre-insulated air duct systems and insulated doors for residential and commercial purposes. If you are planning to install a flooring system, we have a solution for you. TSSC designs custom cold storage for commercial hubs, which include industries, logistics, pharmaceuticals, etc. All Industries need to maintain certain humidity levels and specific temperatures. 


The super-powerful Rack Power system:

TSSC in the Middle East makes use of the Rack Power system; this is an improved and advanced system used by TSSC. The cooling units are connected in a rack style arrangement. TSSC systems offer a higher level of energy than the split units. We are the only organization in the Middle East that provides the installation of modern techniques. We are the leaders in manufacturing, designing, supplying, and installing the modules responsible for the rapid freezing. 


Contact us for cold store solutions: 

TSSC has huge experience managing and handling projects of all sizes in the Middle East and Gulf areas. We offer cold storage solutions for commercial clients and industrial refrigeration systems like cold storage solutions for the food processing industry and warehouses. We have experts to provide you with the right kind of solutions. 

Are you planning for a cold storeroom? Please discuss your project with us; request a quote.