TSSC is the pioneer in designing sustainable industrial refrigeration

A commercial refrigerator is an effective cooling system that is widely used in the industrial sector. An industrial cooling process ensures proper storage of perishable items so that the freshness is retained and there is no waste. Commercial cooling systems are mainly used by industries that depend on storing raw materials in huge quantities. It is a remote condensing unit that functions with a vapor-compression cooling system. Some of the sections are differently designed for loading various items at a freezing temperature. An environment-friendly and superior-quality refrigerant is used to store different stuff in these units. 

The importance of insulated panels:

Insulated panels can solve a lot of insulation issues that are mostly caused by light-weight prefabrication. One of the most common applications of these panels is building refrigerated truck bodies and cold rooms. The panels are capable of providing maximum thermal insulation. TSSC has extensive experience in working on major projects in the GCC. We also offer a full-line commercial and industrial refrigeration products for the cold storage warehouses and food processing units all over the Middle East. 

Efficient and customized cooling systems:

TSSC services include cold room construction and the supply, design, commissioning, and installation of an entire refrigeration plant. Our cooling systems are customized according to the client’s requirements. These are also dependent on long-lasting, sturdy open type compressors that have easy maintenance and hassle-free servicing. The compressors also possess efficient cooling capacities, therefore suitable for huge loads where reliability is the most significant matter.

Installing a Rack Power System:

If you own a large size cold storage, we can install Rack Power System. The rack power system used by TSSC is advanced, where the units are connected in a racking manner. The course offers the highest energy efficiency when compared to ordinary split units. TSSC is the only company in the entire UAE that can install a rack power system. If you require systems for quick chilling and freezing, invest in blast freezers as well. 


We care for the environment:

TSSC offers high-end commercial refrigeration and insulation systems in the Middle East. We have a strong client base; we also provide customized solutions. Our refrigeration units are available in different shapes and sizes. You could opt for a large size walk-in freezer or even small units. We use environment-friendly coolant; thus, we have discarded the use of Freon and other non-environment friendly gases. 


Choose from a wide range of cladding materials:

It has been more than 48 years that TSSC is at the forefront of insulated panel manufacturing trade. The demand for these panels is growing in the Middle East due to the harsh weather conditions. The panels have a monolithic sandwich construction. The formation exists due to injecting rigid polyurethane foam at a very high density between strong metal claddings. At our store, you can also choose from various cladding materials. 

TSSC – request for a quote:

TSSC in UAE specializes in designing and supplying portable and non-portable industrial refrigeration units. We manufacture efficient refrigerated trucks that mainly store food items, medicines, beverages, and other perishable items. Our systems offer constant refrigeration and great portability. It has been more than four decades that we are manufacturing insulation solutions in the Middle East. Choose to discuss your project requirements with us; request a quote.