TSSC sandwich panels in Dubai offer fantastic insulation – The core plays an important role

A sandwich panel is used to clad the roofs and walls of buildings. Each panel comprises of a core made of thermo-insulating material. The two sides are shielded with metal which protects the core. The panels are attached to a metal frame. The structural forces are endured by the carrier frame or steel framework. 

The importance of the core in sandwich panels 

The core material differentiates the types of panels. Some of the readily available core materials are EPS, PIR, PUR, and mineral wool. The materials have different thermal insulating and sound insulating performance, which also varies in weight and fire resistivity. 

There has been a lot of advancement in construction technologies. This is why more building companies in the Middle East rely on sandwich panels for better insulation. All manufacturing teams in the Middle East do not possess similar skills. TSSC Group has operated for more than forty years to have an excellent reputation for offering advanced and timely solutions.  Sandwich panels in Dubai are extremely popular as they have several benefits.

Total construction time

A construction that is being set up following the traditional building process could take longer to complete. But the same construction that uses stud partitions could take a month or a little more than that to complete. Stud partition construction is assembled and not built. The workload gets lighter. The pre-built structural parts and cladding components are brought to the site. The assembling process is smooth and completed by experts. The biggest advantage is that there is no waiting for the building shell to shed off excessive humidity. 

The time is very important when the cost factor is considered; the ROI is affected. The sooner a commercial construction is completed, the sooner you can think of achieving ROI. 

The process involved in the construction

In most sectors, the building requirements play a critical role in the whole project. Stud partitioning is a dry process. It requires no water for the building materials. So, it involves only assembling and fixing the cladding with the screws. The cladding is the sandwich panels. In comparison, traditional methods use wet processes. Water is necessary for concrete mixing, bricklaying, and plastering. The modern method is extremely beneficial for industries that require controlled moisture levels like wood processing, pharmaceuticals, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, etc. 

The cost factor discussed

The cost of sandwich panels in Dubai depends on the entire product thickness and the insulating core. The EPS core is an ideal budget option. But sandwich panels having the PIR core gives a long-term performance with improved thermal conductivity. TSSC is a large manufacturer; we have many clients as we can offer affordable solutions. 

The uses of TSSC sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels are used in warehouses, logistic hubs, cold storage, sports facilities, shopping malls, office and manufacturing buildings. We are talking about sandwich panels for cold storage in this blog because of their popularity in the UAE. Cold storages follow a complex construction process. TSSC sandwich panels offer the highest degree of thermal insulation, which is higher than façade panels.

TSSC can also customize an insulated lightweight partition wall panel for you. Do you wish to discuss your project requirement with our experts? Reach the TSSC team online, and we shall offer consultation.