Why are TSSC’s sandwich panels installed inside warehouses?

Warehousing is not a new concept that has been around for years. It has helped many businesses have bulk storage needs. A warehouse is not simple storage, it creates time utility because the goods are released as required. Having a warehouse space helps monitor and track raw materials or finished goods. 

Refrigerated warehouses help to stock perishable goods and commodities. Excessive heat can be a restrictive factor if the warehouse interior gets affected. Install warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa. Sandwich panels are two metal sheets that protect an insulated core in the middle. The core is made of insulating material and you can select the core. Sandwich panels are lightweight with a higher load resistance. Sandwich panels are ideal for installing inside warehouses as they offer several benefits. 

Why is warehousing important?

Warehousing plays a major role in the supply chain requirements. Businesses are growing in West Africa and so is the growth of cold storage and warehouses. Cold storages and warehouses help to store bulk items under desired conditions. Thermal insulation plays a role in ensuring the quality and safety of logistics. Warehouses aid to meet the urgent demand. This helps the commodity producers to meet the consumer demands and creates customer loyalty. Warehousing helps safeguard your goods from weather elements like sun, rain, snow and other factors. Most of the warehouses are facilitated with 24-hour surveillance cameras. 

TSSC Group – one of the leaders

TSSC Group is one of the largest sandwich panel manufacturers in the GCC. We specialize in designing FM-approved PIR and Rockwool sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking profiles, GRP, polycarbonate skylights, FM-approved standing seam panels and steel structures. We aid in promoting value engineering and offer a complete construction envelope system supported by complete service that includes planning, 3D designs, manufacturing, installation and final handover of the project. 

Get a yearly maintenance

TSSC warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa are lightweight and involve a simple installation process. The panels make the assembling easier. These panels are durable, impact-resistant and functional. They do not require rigorous cleaning or maintenance. Post-installation, we suggest getting maintenance from our company experts once a year for good performance.

Are you building a warehouse?

You can run your own warehouse facility only when you require high volume output. Operating a warehouse requires building one, investing in equipment and hiring experienced labor to handle warehouse activities. It involves a lot of expense so outsourcing is pretty common. Protect the interior with warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa if you own a warehouse. 

Final words

TSSC Group is among the top companies that design sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. We have been offering warehouse solutions for more than 50 years. We have a team of certified engineers who customize panels for cold storage and warehouses. We are offering customized solutions based on your budget and requirements. TSSC Group handles bulk freezer requirements. You can discuss your solutions according to the size of your warehouse. Book your free consultation today and discuss your project for a solution. Request a quote.