The use of Insulated panels – TSSC Group is the largest insulation panel manufacturer in UAE

Modern insulation technique has set apart present-day construction. The right kind of insulation allows contractors to regulate the interior temperature of a room with accuracy, resulting in energy efficiency if you have plans to add insulation to your construction or industry, its time to look for insulated panel manufacturers.





What are insulated panels?

Insulated panels are also called structural insulated panels or SIPs that are composite material mainly used for construction. Every panel has multiple layers that are bonded with each other to create a sturdier material efficiently resisting heat transfer. These layers have an insulating material like polystyrene foam placed in-between the two pieces of structural equipment like plywood. Based on the application, these panels may consist of various materials. 

Insulated panel materials:

Some of the common insulating materials used by insulation manufacturers include:

  • Composite honeycomb
  • Polystyrene foam expanded 
  • Extruded Polystyrene foam
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Polyisocyanurate foam


 Some of the structural materials that are used are:     

  • Cement
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • Wool, plywood and also engineered woods
  • Magnesium Oxide board (MgO)
  • Metals having strong sheets 

These panels are either used independently or as an alternative to old school building materials, also sometimes used with conventional materials for insulating smaller spaces. 

For instance, contractors working with residential spaces might use insulated panels on the top of the framing. But in commercial and industrial settings, Insulated panels are layered over the drywall to build cold storages inside existing construction.

Applications of insulated panels:

Insulated panels can be used across any sector, so here is taking a look at the industries where insulated panels are mostly used:

Commercial buildings – These include various manufacturing facilities that have changing climatic requirements. For instance, inside a facility, the continuous use of machines and equipment can raise the temperature to higher levels. The insulation used in these facilities allows for efficient control of indoor temperature. 

Pharmaceuticals – When it’s about storing medicines and other medical items, the pharmacies must follow a rigid guideline to prevent medicines from spoiling. This should be taken care of most when the medications are in transit or stored. Insulated panels can offer the necessary temperature for storage. These panels used in refrigerated trucks are used for transporting medicines and other temperature-sensitive medical items. 

Refrigeration – Insulated panels are used on a large scale for cooling. Refrigerators and walk-in freezers are coated with insulated panels to maintain the needful temperature. These units are used in restaurants, schools, camps, hospitals, and other locations. 

Warehouses – A lot of warehouses need to maintain cold inside temperature. Insulation is a must for these larger spaces; otherwise, it would be difficult for a lot of cooling units to maintain a steady temperature. Insulated panels are essential in cold storage holding food items, products like electronics, and other temperature-sensitive stuff. 

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