Want to install a rack power system for your cold store in the UAE? TSSC specializes in offering industrial refrigeration solutions

Are you looking for an effective cooling system for your commercial unit? All you need is an industrial refrigeration system so that you can store perishable items safely. If you install a proper refrigeration system, freshness for the perishable would be retained for an extended period. Various industries in the UAE widely use high-quality commercial cooling systems by TSSC. The size of the unit depends on the amount of material you need to store. 


TSSC cooling system is a remote condensing unit functioning with the help of a vapor-compression cooling system. Usually, industries investing in industrial refrigeration require storing items in huge quantities. TSSC has a team of expert engineers; you can expect flawless design; the sections are exclusively designed for loading different items at freezing temperatures. We are very careful about the refrigerant; we try to contribute directly or indirectly to the environment. Keeping health in mind, we use an advanced-quality green refrigerant that can render the best cooling. 


Why should you choose to install insulated panels?

Insulation is a huge problem in the commercial sector, and these problems are caused due to light-weight prefabrication. TSSC panels are commonly used in cold storages, cold rooms, and refrigerated truck bodies. Our panels can offer maximum thermal insulation, and this is our specialty. The TSSC engineers, the entire team works hard in gathering experience in completing major projects. You can rely on our products; we have offered commercial refrigeration solutions to cold storages, warehouses, and food processing hubs in the UAE. 


TSSC refrigeration systems – monolithic sandwich construction:

TSSC has been ruling the UAE building and construction domain by manufacturing supplies for more than 48 years. Our cooling systems have received immense recognition from the clients, and they are delighted with the quality and the kind of cooling. Insulation, cooling, and temperature control are becoming necessities in the UAE due to the extreme temperature. The Middle East is known for maintaining a high temperature.

Our panels offer the right kind of insulation; the monolithic sandwich construction renders to its cooling effect. Rigid polyurethane foam is injected at a very high density in between robust metal cladding. TSSC gives you the privilege of choosing your favorite cladding material; it provides you with plenty of choices. 

TSSC offers custom cooling systems; our service includes supply, design, commissioning, and installation of an entire refrigeration plant. You can invest in the very efficient rack power system, ideal for large cold storage space. We are the only experts in the UAE that can install a rack power system flawlessly. 

The leaders in the UAE – Trust TSSC solutions:

TSSC in the Middle East are the market leaders; we design, manufacture, and supply various modern industrial refrigeration units, including portable and non-portable units. Are you looking for a feasible and the most efficient portable cooling system? TSSC brings to you refrigerated trucks that are used to store on the go. These are used to store medicines, food items, medicines, beverages, and other food items. TSSC systems offer portability and the right kind of refrigeration. TSSC offers solutions for more than four decades; we are the leaders in providing insulated solutions in the Middle East. Choose to discuss your project requirements with us; request a quote.