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Economic growth across Eastern Africa has maintained a robust 5.9 percent on average, making it a promising investment and manufacturing destination. Within the region, Ethiopia is in the lead as the fastest growing economy with a predicted 8.2% growth, while Rwanda (7.8%); Tanzania (6.6%); Kenya (6%), Djibouti (5.9%) and Uganda (5.3%) follow behind (AFDB 2019).

The achieved and potential economic growth in East Africa needs reliable partners to bolster and sustain the positive trends and that is where TSSC comes in. Backed by over 48 years of manufacturing excellence, an apt and professional team and the relevant technology and resources; TSSC delivers turnkey solutions including Building Systems, Modular Housing, and Cold Chain Solutions.

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Housing Solutions

Prefab Homes

Rapid urbanization is a source of opportunities and problems for Eastern Africa real estate market. The precipitous increase in slum dwellings are a clear indication of the housing crisis that fortunately all governments have acknowledged. There cannot be another solution to have thousands of housing units on yearly basis other than relying on prefabricated technology. Our range of Africa Prefab Homes are a perfect solution to the housing crisis as they provide an affordable, durable, and quick solution due to its specialized prefabricated building technology and steel frame construction.

Our Prefab buildings are used for various applications such as executive accommodations, general office stations, dining & kitchen units, and workers accommodations facilities.

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Built on Site Homes

With our expertise, technology, and resources, TSSC efficiently delivers modular homes that meet the client’s requirements and comply with relevant local building codes. Our BOSS Homes have a unique panelised wall, roof and structure system that allows contractors and builders to build quality custom homes in a fraction of the time to build the home compared to conventional construction. Our International patent pending Built on site Homes are certified to international standards for safety and high performance.

TSSC housing systems do not only address the residential housing niche but also cater to the education, health care, industrial buildings.

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Modular Apartment Buildings

TSSC works with residential developers and construction companies to construct apartment building projects, retail stores, and commercial offices.

Our unique modular steel building technology offers developers and architects much greater benefits than conventional modular construction.

Our accommodation buildings are constructed from Cold formed Members In Accordance with North American Specification for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural members and the American Iron Steel Society (AISI).

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Building Materials and Systems

Insulated Roof & Wall Panels

TSSC insulated panels provide Thermal Insulation which protects against extreme hot or cold conditions. This is particularly important with the climatic changes that have led to heat waves across Eastern African countries. TSSC panels ensure quality and more efficient building. They are lightweight, which means that there is a significant reduction on the weight applied on the structure and is easier to transport and install on-site. The low weight of the sandwich panel is significantly important in the efficient and fast installation of the system – irrespective of the final application, internal and external walls and roofs– which saves substantial project time and labour costs. This is a key point to consider bearing in mind the Developing Eastern Africa economies have many other needs to address and delivering cost effective solutions plays a role in ensuring more funds go on to address other socio-economic issues to keep the growth on track.

TSSC’s insulated roof & wall panels are fitting for the Eastern African construction market, which is evolving towards efficiency and sustainability, and are available in various colours, sizes, and design profiles. Our sandwich panel systems are tested to UAE Civil Defence regulations and hold the highest level of certification such as SASO, Intertek, and Factory Mutual (FM).

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Architectural Roofing System

Inherent to traditional roofing systems, TSSC BASECO® standing seam is a weather-tight continuous roof system that allows unlimited design flexibility of roof envelopes.

Convex, Concave, and Angular architectural roof shapes can easily be achieved with our panels produced either on-site or in the factory.

Our system is approved by FM Global and is most ideal for Airports, Stadiums, Warehouses, and other Large-Scale Projects. The panels are also available in a wide array of coatings to express the character and ambiance of your building.

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EASYWALL - Lightweight Concrete Panel

Designed to help developers, consultants, builders, and architects meet the needs of today’s fast paced construction EASYWALL™ replaces block works / AAC / Drywall / hollow blocks both internally and externally.

Tested and approved by UAE Civil Defence and international testing bodies such as Thomas Bell Wright, BM Trada and Acoustic Logic, EASYWALL™ is a strong yet lightweight, non-load bearing partition wall system which is quick to build with and reduces finishing expenses.

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Glass & Aluminium Facades, Doors & Windows

Being the largest fabricator and installer of ACP cladding in the Middle East, TSSC provides high performance building façade solutions for new and refurbished buildings. We also fabricate and supply a wide range of robust, thermally efficient high-performance PVC and aluminium windows, and doors. TSSC has sold thousands of windows across the GCC and Africa region and boasts a record of strong customer satisfaction.

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Cold Store

Eastern Africa countries are adapting to more sustainable and efficient farming methods which have seen improvement in food production. However, they are also dealing with the adverse effects of global warming where some parts of the region still face extreme food shortage. Development of the cold storage facilities is a widely practiced method for bulk handling of the perishables between production and delivery improving food production and food security. TSSC manufactures large cold stores, walk-in chillers & freezers as one of the methods to preserve perishable commodities for a longer period

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Refrigerated Trucks & Truck Boxes

Changes in East African temperatures mean that food production companies must invest in proper storage and transportation facilities to maintain the export business and keep a steady supply of food and other produce within the continent. As the leading refrigeration truck unit manufacturer in the MENA region, TSSC supplies refrigerated bodies and diesel powered, direct driven or integrated electric standby type refrigeration units for the transport of perishable goods and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

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Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Systems

With efficient cold chain solutions, the East Africa region stands a better chance in developing not just the agribusiness, but also pharmaceuticals and food processing. TSSC is a leading provider of climate control solutions for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration markets and provides optimized and sustainable solutions.

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