Renovate your cold store room in Saudi Arabia with high-quality cold store panels

Cold storage units are a century-old system to store temperature-sensitive items for preventing putrefaction and decay due to heat, moisture and humidity. The cold store room in Saudi Arabia is not a new concept, but many businesses are now renovating their cold storage units. TSSC provides premium quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to strengthen thermal insulation and increase its energy efficiency.

TSSC cold chain logistic manufacturers customize cold storage for the pharmaceutical, food, distribution and logistics industries. Even the restaurant businesses get tailor-made options for display chillers in Saudi Arabia.

The cold store panels used in the manufacturing process ensure controlling humidity, temperature, and hygiene for optimal performance. TSSC manufactures insulated panels for walls, ceilings, floors with pre-insulated duct systems for residential and commercial applications.

Cold Chain Units

Cold Store-Room

Optimal insulation and energy efficiency

The Warehouse Cold Store Units have a strong reinforced insulated flooring that provides an ideal temperature for controlled storage and also distribution of temperature-sensitive items.

The Walk-in Cold Room has a temperature range of -18C to -22C and helps store consumables for months. TSSC is the sole supplier of walk-in freezer units at brands like McDonald’s.

The Skid Mounted Cold Rooms are portable, mobile, lightweight and extremely durable. Built on a strong steel base, the mobile refrigeration system is extremely sturdy and robust.

TSSC is the leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial refrigeration products. We customize project requirements for impeccable refrigeration that’s reliable and easy to maintain.

A new addition to the family is the Pre-Insulated DuctWork. It is an innovative technology designed for residential, industrial and commercial HVAC duct systems to meet the fire, thermal and acoustic requirements.

TSSC specializes in Polyurea Flooring to improve the efficiency of the cold storage units. The permanent sprayed-on coatings protect the surfaces from abrasion and corrosion. The durable and waterproof and weather-proof flooring solution is ideal.

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