Get to know the reasons to invest in the Celsius refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia

The transport of temperature-sensitive items like food, beverages, vaccines, medicines, pharmaceuticals and chemicals has paved the way for the rise of the refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. The lightweight freezer trucks are well-insulated, energy-efficient and can store items within a temperature range of+15°C to -40°C.

We build the truck boxes with only six cold store panels. We use more than one panel for the door, while the other four panels go for the flooring, base, walls and at the front end. Using only 6 cold store panels reduces the number of joints and therefore there’s less chance of air leakage. To ensure optimal hygiene inside the truck, we use PPGI material and food-safe flooring like GRP. The panels offer a mold-resistant, anti-bacterial and airtight environment. Under the brand name of Celsius, TSSC uses innovative technologies to manufacture these chiller trucks. All the corners and edges of the truck are well-protected with aluminum extruded profiles to offer greater rigidity. The rounded configuration increases the aerodynamics, much unlike the square structures that our competitors offer.

The lightweight trucks have heavy-duty GRP flooring that ensures less load on the vehicle chassis, lower energy consumption and is food safe, hygienic and non-toxic. The trucks have a low ‘k’ value with a wide range of accessories. TSSC can customize the trucks as per the requirement.

The new and improved variations of the refrigerated truck box

Refrigerated Truck Box

Solar Powered Trucks harness the power of the Sun to power the refrigeration units. The green technology trucks can operate at temperatures ranging from 0°F to 38°F.

Providing superior heat transfer protection, the Insulated Dry Box Body is ideal for transporting non-perishable items and protecting the cargo from extreme temperatures.

Get the reefer trailers or Refrigerated Semi-Trailer for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Ideal for shipping companies, you get maximum insulation, fuel efficiency with after-sales service support.

Eutectic Refrigeration Ice Cream Boxes come with a 220V single phase or 380V 3 phase condensing unit. Externally the truck box looks normal, but the eutectic plates are mounted internally and fixed to the front side of the wall of the truck body.

The energy-efficient Refrigerated Vans and Pick-ups have a refrigeration box fitted inside. Order the standard size 3.5m x 1.6m or customize.

Mobile Clinics with the latest medical technologies are durable, fuel-efficient and a customized specialty vehicle ensures optimal safety. Great for disaster response, national emergencies, lab testing and so on.

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