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Saudi Arabia has well-insulated residential and industrial buildings due to its hot weather conditions. Investing in sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia for roofing and cladding can prove to be a great choice. The panels have three layers, just like its name – ‘sandwich’. The inner core has insulated material like PIR and mineral wool. Pre-painted galvanized steel or aluminum sheets protect the insulated core ensuring greater rigidity and sturdiness to the sandwich panels.

The sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia customize the panels to suit your preferences and project requirements. The high-quality panels provide exceptional heat and sound insulation.

TSSC is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia to offer low-maintenance panels that are competitively priced for industrial sectors, warehouses, distribution and logistics centres, commercial buildings and similar. Our panels are quality-tested and FM-approved , making them an ideal solution for energy-efficient and insulated building structures. With FM approval, the premium-quality panels have a high fire-rating and are less likely to catch fire or emit smoke.

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Sandwich Panels

Applications that utilize these high-quality panels

The lightweight panels are durable and strong for large-scale residential development projects, commercial constructions, retail facilities, hotels, schools, clinics, offices, apartment buildings and homes.

The sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia gain much preference as they are MEP friendly, fire-resistant, easy to install, compatible with other cladding materials and offer excellent thermal insulation, as low as 0.23 W/m2k.

The panels are a value-engineered solution as concrete boundary walls for private gardens, residential complexes, commercial facilities, farms, industrial structures and so on. TSSC, one of the top-notch insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, has engineers to guide you with technical specifications and other essential information. Request a quote to get connected.

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