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ECO Panels offer building designers, owners and contractors considerable reduction in infrastructure and energy costs and flexibility for a variety of roof and wall constructions. The panels are an excellent choice for RetroFitting applications too. The ECO Retro range are compact, lightweight and optimally designed for easy installation over existing panels. ECO Retro panels are also an excellent choice for poultry houses where changes in hot or cold temperatures significantly reduce chicken productivity in laying eggs.



Retrofitting with TSSC ECOPANEL offers building owners and contractors a cost-effective way to substantially improve the energy performance, aesthetics and asset value of existing buildings and thus avoiding the expense and disruption associated with demolition and rebuild.

ECOPanel- Economical and Durable Roofing Panels

Features of TSSC ECOPANEL include:

  • Light Weight
  • Reduced Environmental Impact - Low ODP & GWP
  • Quality Certified Manufacturing
  • High Strength
  • No Delamination
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Adaptable to any Roof Profile

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