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Narrow Aisle Racking offers unique optimization of storage space. The pallet racks are placed closer together compared to other pallet racking solutions. The pallets are loaded and unloaded using specialized side loading and high forklift trucks and rotating material handling devices operating in the narrow aisles. The benefit of this is saving up to 50% in aisle width when compared to counterbalance forklift, by achieving up to double the stack height.

VNA Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle Shelving is a solution manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, resulting in high, consistent quality.

Advantages of Narrow Aisle Racking Include:

  • Fast assembly and rebuild - Based on the principle of a minimum number of components.
  • 100% pallets accessibility
  • Maximize storage by reducing aisle space
  • Reduces wasted space by using the vertical height of a building
  • 5. Good stock rotation

We can provide you with the best designed Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking in UAE and GCC, ideal for commercial as well as industrial warehouse storage and material handling. With years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing racking systems, we have a variety of warehouse shelving solutions that perfectly meets your requirements at competitive price.

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