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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs) allow large scale and design specific constructions in a short time and are ideal for constructing steel frame sheds, warehouses, commercial buildings, prefabricated hospitals, prefab offices, schools. The PEB buildings system is lighter compared to conventional steel buildings and offers multiple advantages to the end-user; such as reduced construction time, lower costs, and flexibility of expansion, large clear spans, and building aesthetics.

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB)

Pre-engineered building is a building shell using distinct product categories:

Primary Members:

  • Built-up “I” shaped primary structural framing members (columns and rafters). These are made up of 3 hot rolled plates of equal or varying thicknesses welded together to form an I-Section.
  • Hot Rolled profiled sections available in the steel market conforming to various international standards for use as end wall columns, fascia posts, brackets, canopy framing.
  • For pre-engineered steel buildings, the primary frame is made up of rigid steel columns and rafters that are attached together using fittings such as flanges. The tapered components are used to support the poured concrete and the associated loads.

Secondary Members:

  • Secondary structural frame is an essential component in PEB structure as it transfers the loads to the primary framing effectively Hot Dip galvanized Cold-formed profiles “Z” and “C” shaped secondary structural members are used for roof purlins, eave struts and wall girts, base angles.

Building Cladding and Insulation:

  • Roll formed metal sheet panels or PIR sandwich panels galvanized and color coated for roof and wall sheeting. These sandwich panels and single skin metal sheets provide the pre-engineered building achieve an aesthetic look, fire resistance and acoustic performance.

Mezzanine System:

  • Mezzanine systems are a great option for pre-engineered steel building projects that want to maximize space for production areas. It is usually for PEB structures that have a maximum of two intermediate floors and a roof. Mezzanines are made with steel decks supported by joists framed onto the main beams and the Loads of the mezzanine system are affected by column spacing.

PEB Building Accessories :

  • The building accessories of pre-engineered steel buildings may not be structurally important , but are important to the functionality and aesthetics of the structure. These PEB structure accessories include crane runway beams, fascia, parapets, canopies, and roof extensions, sliding doors, skylights, roll up doors, aluminum windows, louvers, ridges, ventilators to name a few of these accessories.

With decades of experience in steel structures, TSSC Building Systems (TBS) , based in UAE, specializes in providing pre-engineered and structural steel building solutions for warehouses, industrial spaces, offices, and more. As the leading PEB manufacturer we have the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective, energy efficient and high-quality steel structures for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The components of the Pre-engineered building (PEB) are manufactured at our plant according to carefully engineered designs, as per client’s project requirements.

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