Most industries dealing with perishable goods rely on commercial refrigeration

The food processing industry relies a lot on commercial refrigeration. Storing a huge amount of food, medicine, flowers, raw vegetables and meat requires a cold temperature. Industrial refrigeration offers a cooling force of process coolers. Refrigeration is an essential factor for storing perishable items for an extended period. Optimum refrigeration offers maximum freshness to the items. The process of refrigeration gradually slows down the procedure of bacterial formation. The total time taken for the food to get spoilt gets delayed. 

Insulation for cold storages

A cold room is a big-size facility for storing items in large amounts. There are various types of cold rooms depending on the size. Most of it depends on the storage requirements. We have experts who can suggest what kind of cold rooms are best suited for you. You can customize and modify the cold storage according to your requirements. You can modify your cold storage by adding cold storage panels in Saudi Arabia for ultimate insulation. Insulating materials have very low thermal conductivity. It is very important to insulate the cold storages to prevent heat entry through the ceilings, floor and walls. This happens when the ambient air temperature is higher than the temperature of the cold storage. 

Thermal insulation and industrial refrigeration

Thermal insulation is an efficient way to maintain a freezing temperature. It contains decreasing the transmission of the heat energy in-between the adjacent spaces. Most warehouses in Saudi Arabia install cold store panels for thermal insulation. It is very important to insulate the cold rooms to maintain the optimal temperature and lowering energy bills. 

What is the industrial refrigeration process? Some machines utilize the cooling process to let out heat from items. Commercial refrigeration is used in sectors including food processing, brewing, and construction. This market has experienced steady growth worldwide. 

We use eco-friendly gases

TSSC sticks to green technology. We use non-toxic gases to keep the environment safe and the air pure. Some of the popular refrigerants are ammonia, R134, R134a, which do not contain halogen. Ammonia absorbs heat very well, so it is very popular. Some other refrigerants are used, which could include hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and fluorocarbons. 

Portable industrial refrigeration from TSSC

Cold storages have a lot of demand in Saudi Arabia. Companies in the Middle East are trying their best to supply the cooling capacity efficiently. TSSC is renowned for designing efficient panels. We are the leaders in offering solid commercial refrigeration systems. Our engineers are aware of the most updated technology. We have a team of engineers, agents, consultants, sales representatives and many others. TSSC offers modern and advanced industrial refrigeration systems that have great cooling capacity. Are you looking for a portable industrial refrigeration system? TSSC designs efficient refrigerated truck boxes. We can customize a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia according to your requirements. 

Consult with the TSSC experts

Are you planning to set up a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia? TSSC Group is an expert in designing solutions. We are experienced in our domain for over 40 years. We have a huge number of clients in Saudi Arabia and wherever we operate. Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project.