The insulation offered by TSSC’s sandwich panels in Qatar

Sandwich panels are two metal sheets on both the sides of an insulated core material that remains in the middle. The panels are resistant to heat, moisture and sound. The sandwich panels have properties that do not allow bacteria to survive on the surface.

Insulation is important

Sandwich panels offer the right kind of thermal and sound insulation. Insulation is important to maintain the comfort of the interior and it helps to save energy costs. Sandwich panels are durable and robust. The panels have certain properties that make them suitable for commercial interiors. The panels vary in terms of quality depending on the core. We suggest a kind depending on your requirement. Styrofoam core is lightweight in nature and has a honeycomb pattern. Sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar use it to design higher quality sandwich panels.

Simple and inexpensive installation process

Sandwich panels can be installed quickly without much hassle.  The panels are installed within 7 to 8 hours. We arrange the insulated panels depending on your needs. TSSC manufactures durable sandwich panels including accessories like fasteners, sub-frames and screws. We have a team of experienced contractors who handle the installation process. These lightweight panels allow easy transportation without hefty costs.

TSSC Group – emerging the leaders in the building industry in Qatar

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. This is an ISO 9001 organization that specializes in manufacturing sandwich panels for the commercial sector. We have been designing modern and functional panels for more than 50 years. There are different clients who rely on our solutions. TSSC’s sandwich panels are an affordable option but the total cost factor depends on the thickness of the insulated panels. You can choose the core material depending on the requirement of your project. The most commonly used core is the EPS but the PIR core offers unparalleled performance. TSSC Group manufactures insulated sandwich panels under the EASY WALL brand name.

Customized panels in Qatar

 TSSC Group produces sandwich panels in bulk and offers unique customization options. You can use the same panel system for most of our panel projects. Mass production of flexible sandwich panels results in cost saving. The panel can be configured in a variety of layouts based on customer needs. Customized panels fit seamlessly and there is no scope of additional task while assembling. The panels have Class A and Grade 1 fire proception but that depends a lot on the environment where it will be installed. Sandwich panels are made of a certain chemical composition and the panels are combustible in nature.

Final words – Discuss your project with us

TSSC Group is among the top companies in the Middle East region that manufactures premium insulated panels. We are among the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group designs solutions by implementing innovation and by combining brilliance. We are offering roofing, cladding and construction solutions in Qatar. We have a dedicated team to handle your project from the scratch. You can choose to have a free discussion about your project and we offer you a customized solution. The TSSC team is also great at offering after-sales support. The company has a team of certified engineers who manufacture the right kind of insulation solutions. Please get in touch with us regarding your project and we have a perfect solution. Please request a no-obligation quote.

Robust and durable sandwich panels in Qatar – The need for insulation inside commercial interiors

Saving energy by lowering its consumption is one of the main aims of engineering. New developments in the field of building and construction offer scopes for manufacturing lighter structures with lesser energy consumption.

Sandwich panels are made of two metal sheets on both sides and there is an insulated core in the middle. The panels are made of water-resistant foam that does not absorb moisture and humidity. The insulated panels can arrest the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The insulated panels are suitable for roofing, walling and cladding solutions. Sandwich roof panels are robust and durable that do not depend on the humidity factor. These panels offer excellent insulation and have certain mechanical properties that makes them suitable for commercial use. Premium panels use the Styrofoam core that is lightweight and remains in a honeycomb manner.

Simple installation process

Sandwich panels are easier and simpler to install and the entire process could take about 7-8 hours. The arrangement of the panels depends on how the clients want it to be. We have a team of experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar and expert contractors to handle the installation process. TSSC manufactures durable sandwich panels including accessories like fasteners, sub-frames and screws. The lightweight panels can be easily transported to your site without much effort or paying high transportation costs.    

TSSC Group – reliable industrial solutions

TSSC Group is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. We are an ISO 9001 company specializing in manufacturing insulated panels for commercial buildings, walling and roofing solutions. We have been in the business for more than four decades or more than 50 years and have a rich client base from industries of all sizes in East Africa. Our sandwich insulated panels are affordable, the cost factor also depends on the thickness of the panels. The choice of core is responsible for offering the thickness to the panels. The EPS core is considered suitable but the PIR core offers greater performance. TSSC Group manufactures and designs pre-engineered panels under the brand name EASY WALL.

Final words – Discuss your project with us

TSSC Group is one of the leading companies in the Middle East that manufactures building and construction supplies. Our solutions are designed combining excellence and innovation. The Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. You can book a free consultation to discuss your project with the TSSC team for a customized solution. Refer to the website for complete information, seasonal offers and discounts from the TSSC store. We have an efficient team to manage your project from the discussion, planning phase to timely delivery of your project. TSSC Group offers on-time after-sales support. Our certified engineers have constantly been researching to implement the latest technology while manufacturing insulated panels. We have a team of representatives who even visit your site if needed. Reach us for a solution for your next project, and request a quote.

TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar say “prefab units are good value for money”

Many business organizations demand that they need the team to do fieldwork every now and then. Working at the building site far away from the office is strenuous and time-consuming. Traveling takes away valuable time and energy. Having a permanent office site is pricey and short-lived if the team needs to relocate as soon as the work gets done. After thinking about such variables, questions have been raised about the existence of the traditional office framework.

On the contrary, prefab offices are economical, durable, portable, convenient, and sustainable. Cost-cutting is vital and having a site office swiftly developed for the staff makes prefab a huge favorite in contemporary times. TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar can customize the perfect prefab office to ensure jobs are running and investments are undisturbed. The professionals use high-end sandwich panels in Qatar to build long-lasting prefab units that give you the added advantage in the long run.

Quick installation 

Time is money, and prefab buildings are quick to install and dismantle. The building of prefab structures with sandwich panels in Qatar requires 40% less time than the traditional brick and mortar construction. The building parts manufactured off-site get transported to the location without hassles. Prefabrication doesn’t get delayed due to climatic conditions or typical excuses related to traditional construction. The modular building and construction are durable. The lightweight panels make the dismantling easier and ensure hassle-free portability. You can assemble the prefab office, dismantle and again reassemble the workstation at another location without difficulty. This feature reduces the financial burden of traditional offices, enabling the entrepreneur to invest on the go!

Recyclable prefab units 

TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar develop prefab offices with recyclable materials. The steel beams and columns are recyclable and eco-sustainable. This additional variable offers greater savings as the recyclable products have exceptional durability. Prefab structures have entire planning and layout phases pre-engineered and drawn out. The environment-friendly construction with precision and minimal product wastage makes prefabrication economical and reduces landfills.

Porta Cabins 

TSSC’s Porta Cabins are a favorite for office units, labor accommodations, security cabins, storage rooms, clinics, kitchen and dining facilities, and other utility requirements. All the units get assembled in the factory and dispatched to the site incorporating sanitary, plumbing, electrical, pantry, and office furniture. The prefab office units are ‘ready to use’ and connect the outlet with the main source. You can relocate the prefab unit multiple times with a heavy-duty forklift or using a crane. The prefabricated offices work ideally in rugged and remote locations where they get exposed to harsh weather conditions. The tailor-made Porta Cabins come in various profiles depending on individual requirements and specifications.

Why Choose TSSC?

The prefab buildings are energy-efficient, durable, termite-resistant, contemporary, and offer good thermal insulation. The low maintenance costs and aesthetic appeal make prefabrication a popular choice in Qatar. With around 50 years of experience in the building and manufacturing industry, the TSSC professionals can offer exemplary prefab structures along with on-site and after-sales support. The ISO 9001 company offers budget-friendly solutions for every dream project. Request a quote now. Book a no-cost consultation for an effective solution.

TSSC Group – One of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar

The building and construction industry has moved towards modernization. Modern technology means solutions within the budget and less building time. Customized sandwich panels are popular in the Gulf countries. 

Architectural insulated panels 

TSSC Group manufactures architectural insulated sandwich panels with hidden fix joint systems. They can be laid horizontally or vertically offering an aesthetic appearance to the construction. You can choose from a wide range of economical sandwich panels with fasteners exposed. The panels can be installed on agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings. TSSC sandwich panels have an improved strength-to-weight ratio. The panels support loads that come with lower structural material. TSSC supplies a high range of insulated panels with concealed joining system, flat surface or micro-ribbed surface that offers a renovated look to the building envelope. 

Isowall sandwich panels 

Isowall sandwich insulated panels from TSSC Group is used for walls of commercial and industrial buildings. These panels are used in building projects where hygiene and thermal insulation are important. IsoWall panels are equipped with PIR/Rockwool insulation that offers strong fire resistivity. 

Eco panel and Tuff panel

TSSC Group manufactures durable, cost-effective, and lightweight, eco-friendly panels with higher performance for energy-efficient roofs, weather-tight and retrofit roofing for commercial buildings. Our range of eco series panels is a part of our building systems solution and energy-efficient panels. Tuff panel is a metallic textured technology panel with durability and robustness which improves the aesthetics of the building envelope. 

TSSC Group – operating for more than four decades

TSSC Group is among the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures an array of building and construction facilities. We have been catering to different clients for more than 50 years. We are successfully operating in and around the Middle East and the Gulf countries. TSSC Group is among the leaders in designing roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC sandwich panels are simple to install and require low yearly maintenance. Sandwich panels have versatile functionality and are used in various projects.

What TSSC Group offers

TSSC Group in Qatar offers value engineering, designing a building envelope system supported by 3D designing, engineering, manufacturing, and project handover. The company is one of the top insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. We specialize in manufacturing insulated panels, mineral wool manufacturing, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. We manufacture a comprehensive range of structural roof decking and structural liners for a wide range of applications like ceiling, flooring and cladding. 

Final words

Insulated sandwich panels offer premium thermal insulation, sound resistance and fire resistivity. The panels offer an aesthetic appearance and higher performance. The panels are available in various finishes profiles and take shorter construction. Refer to the TSSC Group website for information on sandwich panels. Our panels are designed by experts and tested before being shipped to your site. Please discuss your project with our team for a solution. Request a no-obligation quote.

Sandwich insulated panels in Qatar have versatile usage – These panels are used across different sectors

Qatar’s building and construction and building industries are growing leaps and bounds. Traditional construction methods are gradually becoming obsolete. Builders are shifting towards modern construction methods. This includes the use of insulated sandwich panels in various sectors. Customized sandwich panels are now widely used in the Gulf countries. The use of modern techniques means less construction time and a budget-friendly solution. These panels look akin to a sandwich as there is a core in the middle surrounded by two metal sheets on two sides. The panels offer durability and stability to a new or an existing building. A lot of companies design sandwich panels in the Gulf region. Shortlist among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar

Sandwich panels have improved strength-to-weight ratio

The insulated sandwich panels have hidden fixed joints that can be laid vertically or horizontally. These panels have exposed fasteners installed on commercial, agricultural and residential buildings. The life of sandwich panels depends on different product components used to design the panels. TSSC sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. They can support loads that come with lower structural material. 

Sandwich panels consume lower energy

TSSC’s sandwich panels are installed in areas requiring ample mechanical strength. These lightweight panels offer heat and sound insulation. Sandwich panels have versatile functionality and are used across different projects. These panels are waterproof and do not allow humidity and mold formation inside a construction. Sandwich panels for construction can reduce the monthly energy consumption. A smaller number of lights are required to light up the total space. Sandwich panels can lower the noise level that can penetrate through a building. These panels can separate the noise source resulting in a quieter interior. Sandwich panels can offer soundproofing if your building is located in a noisy zone. These panels also resist fire hazards but it all depends on the intensity of the fire. 

TSSC Group – an ISO 9001 certified company

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures a range of building and construction facilities. We have been operating globally for more than 50 years and have a strong client base. TSSC Group is the leader in designing roofing and cladding solutions. Our corporate office is located in Dubai. Refer to our website for information on sandwich panels. We are successfully operating in and around the Gulf countries. Our sandwich panels are simple to install and require low maintenance on a yearly basis. 

Final words

TSSC Group promotes value engineering and offers a building envelope system backed by concept provision via 3D designing, manufacturing, engineering, and project handover. TSSC Group specializes in mineral wool production, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. 

We are rated among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution. Request a no-obligation quote.

Credibility has only one name – TSSC Group sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar with the extra edge

Sandwich panels are the three-layered lightweight panels that offer excellent thermal insulation and are energy efficient as well. The innermost layer of the panel is the insulated core made of PIR, PUR, EPS, or mineral wool. The two outmost layers are the face sheets made from galvanized steel that protects the tender and highly functional insulated core. TSSC Group is one of the most prominent sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar as they offer high-quality roofing and cladding panels at a competitive price. The team of engineers is extremely experienced, intelligent, innovative and credible enough to offer you a customized solution for your project requirements.

TSSC is a cut above the rest

Although there are several other insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar, its only TSSC Group stands tall and stays ahead of all others. The reputed manufacturers customize each and every project according to the specifications of builders, architects and contractors. The engineers are aware that ‘one size does not fit all’ and offer to customize the panels to suit the cladding and roofing of every particular project.

TSSC sandwich panels are the finest in quality 

TSSC Group has made a name for themselves as we offer only the finest quality sandwich panels that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The sandwich panels get customized as per size, design, color, shape, and cut to ensure aesthetics. However, the quality of the panels is essentially important. TSSC made sandwich panels are highly durable and last for around 40 years or more with very little maintenance. The panels provide good insulation and are ideal for cold storage units, freezer trucks and insulated buildings. High-quality panels offer energy efficiency and help you reduce utility bills to a large extent. Being lightweight, the panels are great for prefab buildings and also get used for roofing systems.

TSSC Group is the market leader in manufacturing prefab buildings and standing seam roofs

If you think that TSSC manufacturers only manufacture panels, then we do much more than that. We are the market leaders in the construction business and responsible for getting you highly durable standing seam roofs and prefab buildings. We customize the requirements after discussing them with the contractors and architects. Our prefabricated structures and roofing systems ensure high durability, increased efficiency to maintain good insulation and are extremely affordable as well. Our team of engineers research in detail and bring innovative ideas to the table that get discussed and debated upon before reaching a decisive decision. As a result, our standing seam roof lasts minimally for 60 years, while the prefab buildings are stronger than the traditional ones. TSSC products are lightweight but offer great resilience. The products get made with the purest materials and advanced technologies used by the manufacturers to ensure the finest materials in quality and efficiency.

Our focus is on YOU 

If you are a potential customer, then TSSC Group manufactures the products and renders services solely for customer satisfaction. Our representatives offer a free consultation to all the potential customers to enable you to make an informed decision. If you wish to get connected with the professionals, request a quote now! Our engineers have a solution for every project.

TSSC manufactures advanced insulated panels for the construction industry in Qatar

Insulation is primary in a country like Qatar, where the climatic condition is so harsh. Maintaining an optimal temperature is key if you store perishable goods. There are plenty of warehouses in Qatar where insulation is necessary. The building industry in this country is also growing. Modern builders are trying to apply advanced techniques. Using sandwich panels is one such insulation technique that is used in modern construction. 

These panels are made of sandwich-like layers that have a core inside. The core lies in the middle, and both sides are covered with thin insulated metal sheets. The core is made of a thermo-insulating material that soaks heat, cold, and moisture. The outer layers shield the core and offer a decorative covering. The core is lightweight and durable. The outer layers cover the core from climatic conditions, impact and forces. 

The benefits of TSSC panels 

TSSC is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. Our panels have a lot of advantages which includes:

  • Easy to assemble using dry process
  • Quicker construction time
  • Resistant to corrosion and biological effects
  • Good thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Affordable for materials, shipping and labor

Affordable building supplies

TSSC offers affordable construction supplies in Qatar but the cost of sandwich panels depends on the core. The panel’s core offers insulation and has the heat protecting material to ward off dampness, fire, heat, cold and withstand climatic fluctuations. If you are a budget buyer, the EPS core is most suitable, the PIR core is ideal for those looking for reliability. Mineral fleece offers fire resistance and soundproofing. 

Low maintenance panels made using advanced technology 

Sandwich panels are popularly used for cladding and roofing. Our panels are mainly used in setting up logistic buildings, warehouses, shopping arcades, offices, cold storage, sports complexes, etc. TSSC sandwich panels are strong and attached to a strong steel framework. The sandwich panels are non-porous and impermeable. The panels require low maintenance as daily cleaning is not needed. 

Sandwich panels are used in cold storages to let out the heat and maintain the chill inside. We are one of the most reputed insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. We implement advanced technology to design the panels. 

A dedicated quality control team

TSSC sandwich panels make the building process faster. We have a dedicated quality control team. The panels are easily transportable to ensure that it reaches your doorstep safely. Our insulated sandwich panels contribute to a faster building process, which means better ROI.  

The TSSC team of experts is always there for consultation. We have been offering building and construction solutions for more than 40 years. We are the leaders in offering insulation solutions in Qatar.

Get in touch with the TSSC experts

Get in touch with the TSSC experts to analyze the kind and type of core that would be suitable for your sandwich panels. Request for a quote or shoot an email. Our tech experts will soon get in touch with you.