Why are sandwich panels for cold storage considered a perfect insulation solution?

Commercial refrigeration keeps edible ingredients, medicines, and other perishable items cold for convenience. Commercial refrigeration systems use modern methods and technologies to remove heat. The main science that works is insulation. The better the insulation, the colder it is. These cooling units are very important in areas that experience tropical climates where days are extremely hot and nights are comparatively cooler. Most businesses in the Middle East depend on commercial refrigerator units. Usually, such cooling units are larger. 

Insulated cold store panels

Also, there could be a walk-in unit where you could pile perishable food items. If you have cold storage, you are required to ensure that it is well-insulated. This is where sandwich panels come into play. These panels are used to construct insulated walls and roofs. These panels are incorporated while installing cold storage, offices, shopping malls, distribution centers, sports complexes, and more. If you have a business that deals with cold storage in the UAE, TSSC insulated sandwich panels could be the answer.

TSSC successfully cold stores and cold rooms of any capacity and we also customize to cater to your cold storage requirements. TSSC designs and installs insulated panels for walls, floors, and ceiling. Some of our solutions include installing insulated doors, insulated air ducts for residential and commercial applications, and hygienic flooring…etc. 

The panels have excellent thermal conductivity

TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage possess thermal conductivity. The panels function based on board insulation and cell structure. This makes the panels render an efficient and functional cooling system. The sandwich panels do not have a thermal drift, which makes the product energy efficient. The panels require very low maintenance and follow a simple single-installation installation process. A commercial refrigerator consumes a lot of electrical energy. A lot of input goes into rendering ample chill output air. The TSSC engineers try to implement ways to lower the energy expenditure for big cooling units. 

Too many choices for you

Our sandwich panels for cold storage are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We decide the solution according to your budget. The core plays a big role in deciding your budget. The EPS core is for those who do not have any budget constraints. The PIR has a solid core, and mineral fleece offers ample resistivity to sound, heat and fire. 

Customized cooling solutions

Our trained engineers cater to customized cold storage solutions for commercial purpose, which includes food processing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and distribution. These industries require particular temperature and moisture levels to keep the products fresh and in optimal conditions. 

We are the industry leaders in the Middle East, so we are aware of sandwich panels’ rising popularity. If you have a project, then book a consultation with the TSSC experts. 

Talk to the experts

We offer turnkey customized solutions for cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses to maintain the extremely low temperature. It’s been more than forty years since we are offering construction and building solutions. Get in touch with us for more details.