Prefabricated construction is gaining immense popularity – The use of lightweight concrete panels

Prefabricated construction is becoming extremely popular due to its advantages. Prefab construction takes lesser time and involves the least hassle when compared to the traditional construction method. A few materials are used to make the construction process faster and longer-lasting. So, lightweight concrete panels are one of the ingredients used in prefab construction. Most builders like this material due to its lightweight nature and low-density. 

Do you know when lightweight panels were first used? It dates way back in 1917 where the American Emergency Fleet Corporation built few ships using these lightweight blocks. Then the ships were popular for strength and durability. Now with years passing by, the panels are becoming more and more popular in the construction sector.  


Concrete panels are preferred in the construction industry:

If you plan to invest in prefab construction, make sure you look for a renowned company that manufactures panels and building supplies. TSSC is one of the most reputed suppliers of lightweight panels in the Middle East. TSSC manufactures these panels under the brand name Easywall. We manufacture and supply various insulated wall panels, ideal for installing in your setup in the UAE. These lightweight panels cannot endure any load, but it’s a perfect alternative to AAC, block works, drywall, and hollow blocks. TSSC has come up with an innovative insulated wall system that offers immense value to the building sector.

The entire building industry, including the builders and consultants, have accepted this as a solution. These panels make the building process simpler, suitable for modern-day construction. The panels are ideal for installing homes, apartments, schools, hotels, clinics, commercial facilities, retail facilities, etc. Lightweight panels are innovative and efficient wall systems that offer fantastic value to the building sector.


The advantages of using lightweight concrete panels:

  • Incredible thermal insulation
  • Simple installation and needs easy tools for installation
  • Affordable and eco-friendly solutions
  • Flexible surface
  • The cutting and shaping can be done very fast
  • The surface has a lot of flexibility
  • Our panels are MEP friendly 
  • Concrete panels are lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting panels
  • Direct as well as indirect cost savings
  • Easy and faster assembling
  • Panels have superior finish and uncompromising quality
  • Reassembling happens faster
  • Lightweight concrete is resistant to fire, sound, and other weather conditions. 


Mineral wool being used in manufacturing concrete panels: 

Mineral wool is known for excellent thermal insulation, restricting the heat transfer via the building envelopes. This reduces the demand for heating and cooling energy, providing a year-long comfort inside. This mineral wool in-between the concrete panels improves the floors, walls, and roofs’ acoustic insulation. This material is non-combustible, so it offers in-built fire protection and contributes to fire safety. Mineral wool was here for decades, but now it’s making a comeback in improved versions. 

More ROI with concrete panels: 

TSSC lightweight panels are manufactured by reinforcing the steel grid, which makes the panels more durable and provides safety. The panels are fit for installing on floors, walls, ceiling, homes, offices, warehouses, medical facilities, and more. 

Earn more ROI by investing in concrete panels; you can finish the project before time and keep the costs low. Request us for a quote.