Why should you insulate your roof slope? Installing standing seam roof in Oman

The roof is the integral part of any building structure and without a proper roof, the foundation and walls are defenseless. A well-maintained roof shields the building from harsh elements. Insulating a roof refers to shielding the roof slope, above and below the rafters. 

Roof insulation – very important

Insulating a roof is important to increase the lifespan of the structure. Insulation has undergone major changes over the years but the purpose of it remains the same. It is all about keeping the heat inside or outside as required. Do you know that insulating your roof will help you save money each year? The right kind of insulation will lower your energy costs. Using lesser energy also means that you care for the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. The roofing is exposed to a number of environmental pressures than other building parts. Various elements of the weather like rain, cold, heat and snow cause damage by interfering with the insulation. 

TSSC Group manufactures lightweight roof panels

TSSC Group designs snap-lock and mechanically seamed panels. The snap-lock panels are attached to the deck with clips for thermal movement of the insulated roof panels. The mechanical seam panels are similar to snap-lock panels. The clips attached in place should be crimped with a machine. There are four types of standing seam metal roof panel available – double-lock seam, one-piece snap-lock interlock, symmetrical seam and two-piece snap-lock interlock. TSSC’s standing seam metal roofing panels are lightweight, durable and can last for more than 50 years. Our engineers design structurally aesthetic and advanced standing seam roof in Oman. Once installed, the seam roofs require no further maintenance. Standing seam panels are available in varying width ranges from 12’’ to 18’’. The wide panels offer greater value with 18’’ panels which are cost-effective. 

TSSC – the leaders in designing insulated panels

TSSC Group is a renowned brand in the Middle East and Gulf region that designs insulated building and roofing structures. We top among the companies in offering roofing and cladding solutions. We have been operating in the country for more than 50 years and we have a huge number of esteemed clients. The total cost of insulating the roof depends on your choice of material. Insulating a flat roof can take up one-quarter of the total roof installation cost. TSSC Group has been the leader in designing modern standing seam roof in Oman for more than four decades. 

We suggest exterior roof insulation

Insulating the exterior part of your roof has advantages. It avoids emptying your rooms in the attic and the living space does not decrease. This also limits the risk of thermal bridges so it is preferred if you are planning a roof renovation. You can insulate from inside incase of newer construction. Please discuss your project with our experts for a solution. We recommend you to choose the color of your roof and we can customize the rest for you. 

Final words

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A standing seam roof is capable of offering adequate insulation

The heating and cooling can utilize ample energy, resulting in more energy consumption. It is very important to insulate the roof adequately. A standing seam roof Oman can be customized to ensure a seamless fit for your strong buildings.

Harwal BASECO by TSSC Group

Harwal BASECO is our brand that designs a modern standing seam roof in Oman. These panels are mechanically fielded for greater weather durability and more wind resistance. These roofing sheets are available in curved and tapered forms to cater to different design needs. Some of the salient features are:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Available in curved sheets
  • There is a thermal bridge in-built
  • Available in a range of cover widths
  • Get length according to project requirements
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Different roof designs
  • A whole number of accessories

Low maintenance seam roof panels 

The standing seam roof in Oman is durable as it can endure all weather conditions. These are also called lifetime roofs and they require minimal maintenance. The seam roof has a three-layered design with a hidden metal fixed system. The panels are functional and offer excellent weather resistance by safeguarding from harsh winds, the scorching sun, and other climatic conditions. TSSC standing seam panels are lightweight but do not break, crack or fall apart. The seam roofs are a low-maintenance solution. You do not need to clean them regularly but get a once-a-year professional cleaning. The panels do not need repairs or replacement for a long time.

Metal roof panels customized for you

Metal roofs are screwed down with fasteners that are concealed. This eliminates the chances of leakage. These roofs can be installed over the existing roofs. TSSC engineers design customized roof panels in different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and breadth. A standing seam roof in Oman is the exterior of a building that requires adequate architectural support. Most seam roofs have a monolithic design that keeps the exteriors cohesive and well-designed. The neat lines give the structure more character by improving the aesthetic appearance. Some of the quick advantages of seam roof panels include:

  • Have hidden fasteners
  • Durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Fire-resistant and prone to rust

Standing seam roofs are worth the money

Are standing seam roofs worth the money? We have an answer for it. These roof systems are generally more expensive than traditional shingle roofs but the former can last 20-30 years longer. This eventually means that you can save money. The panels have a greater R-value and help to maximize energy efficiency. They have insulation that keeps the indoors cool for the longest time. This results in energy conservation and saving on utility bills.

TSSC Group – emerging as the leaders

TSSC Group has almost more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing construction and building solutions. We are an ISO 9001 company in the Gulf region. We have a team of skilled engineers that customize modern roofing solutions. TSSC Group can offer unparalleled after-sales support. Book your free consultation today. Please get in touch with us to create an effective solution for your next project. Request a quote now for tailored solutions.

Standing seam roof in Oman – The popular choice among millions

Did you know the heating and cooling of a building can use up a lot of energy and shoot up the utility bills unrealistically? Inadequate insulation can result in high energy consumption and an uncomfortable indoor ambiance. Buildings in Oman need good thermal insulation to prevent heat from penetrating the rooftops. Developers and building contractors are aware that insulation starts from the roof, and the need for a concrete, durable, insulated material should be a top priority on the list. At this point, TSSC has come up with a highly durable and sturdy standing seam roof in Oman. The top-notch insulated panel manufacturers in Oman customize the roof material to ensure a seamless and ideal fit for your strong buildings. Here are a few reasons why the seam roof is the ideal choice for millions.

Long-lasting and low maintenance roof panels 

The standing seam roof in Oman is extremely durable compared to other building materials. Often called the ‘lifetime roof,’ the material can last for 60 years and requires minimal upkeep. The seam roof has a three-layered design with a hidden metal fixed system. The roof panels have vertical ribs and a tapered or flat design right in the middle structure. The panels are highly functional, strong and provide excellent weather resistance by protecting from harsh winds, scorching sun rays, and excess heat. The roof panels are lightweight but extremely strong and can survive wind uplifts without cracking, breaking, or falling apart. The seam roof is virtually maintenance-free. You do not need to clean the seam roof regularly. You would just need to ensure professional cleaning once every year. The seam roof hardly needs any repairs and doesn’t require replacement for a long time.

Energy-efficient roofing system 

The insulated panel manufacturers in Oman ensure that the roof provides maximum thermal insulation and eases energy consumption to a great extent. The roof panels are resistant to weather conditions and reflect back heat into the atmosphere. As a result, the airtight panels have a greater R-value and help to maximize energy efficiency. In addition, the insulated panels keep the indoors cool for a longer time without relying on the air coolers around the clock. In fact, due to insulation, the automated coolers stop working after some time, giving way to energy conservation and saving on utility bills.

Customized roof panels 

TSSC manufacturers and engineers get you customized roof panels in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and breadth. A seam roof is the exterior of a building and needs to have a proper architectural structure to increase the curb appeal. Many seam roofs have a monolithic design that keeps the exteriors cohesive and elegant. In addition, the sleek lines give the structure more character and increase the aesthetic appearance.

Choose TSSC manufacturers now 

With almost 50 years of experience and expertise, our skilled manufacturers and analytic engineers offer perfect roofing solutions for buildings and other structures. In addition, our ISO9001 Company provides customized panels with after-sales support. Book your free consultation today. Request a quote now for tailored solutions.

Your roof needs an insulated covering – A standing seam roof can be the solution

The roof and the foundation are important parts of construction right from the initial stage to the completion of the project. A roof is exposed to various climatic conditions, including heat, cold, snowfall, rain and storm. Having a simple bare roof is of no use unless you have added adequate protection. There are various types of roofing options while considering a new roof for your property. Choose between installing a standing seam roof in Oman and a corrugated metal roof. In This blog, we will discuss the advantages of installing standing seam roofs. A new roof covering helps to add sufficient insulation to the interior. 

Standing seam roof – what is it?

It is a covered metal sheet fixed to the roof that features vertical ribs with a flat or curved surface in the middle. The edges on the sides of the roofs possess high strength, insulation properties and weather-proofing qualities. A standing seam roof in Onam is attached to the deck with the help of clamps. There are no vents or holes present for moisture to penetrate. 

Insulated roofing solution

Metal roof coverings are ideal for the climate of the gulf area, where days are hot and nights are comparatively cooler. This is because the air coolers function all day under extreme pressure. However, gradually the air coolers lose their performance and the electricity bills keep on rising. So why not choose insulation to get rid of the issues? Insulated roofs aid in delivering faster cooling and keeping the energy bills low.  

Are you aware of the components of standing seam roofs?

It consists of a core made from insulating material and two metal face sheets covered on both sides. TSSC manufactures and designs premium sandwich panels for adequate protection, including insulation, weather resistance, cost-effectiveness and robustness. The amount you would invest in installing a metal roof is worth it as it is a long-lasting solution. Metal roofs can last for about 40-50 years and require low maintenance. It is a one-time investment that does not require frequent repairs and maintenance. TSSC standing seam roof in Oman is available in different customized colors. The roof panels are fire-resistant which is a great advantage. 

Usage of longer metal sheets

You need to be careful about the seams as they are susceptible to water penetration. The standing seams have panels that are 1.75″ to 2″ in height. The seams are located 2″ above the panel’s height to lessen the chances of roof leaks. TSSC engineers use longer sheets and avoid overlapping of panels. The standing seam roofs are flexible that allow expansion and contraction due to thermal movement. It is ideal to have metal sheets that are above 40 feet in length. 

Choose TSSC Group

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures premium construction solutions. We offer roofing, cladding and high insulation solutions. We have been designing building solutions for more than 50 years and we have clients from different industries of different sizes. TSSC is renowned among the insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. Our expert engineers have rich experience in designing modern standing seam roof panels.

Please discuss your project with our experts.