TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar say “prefab units are good value for money”

Many business organizations demand that they need the team to do fieldwork every now and then. Working at the building site far away from the office is strenuous and time-consuming. Traveling takes away valuable time and energy. Having a permanent office site is pricey and short-lived if the team needs to relocate as soon as the work gets done. After thinking about such variables, questions have been raised about the existence of the traditional office framework.

On the contrary, prefab offices are economical, durable, portable, convenient, and sustainable. Cost-cutting is vital and having a site office swiftly developed for the staff makes prefab a huge favorite in contemporary times. TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar can customize the perfect prefab office to ensure jobs are running and investments are undisturbed. The professionals use high-end sandwich panels in Qatar to build long-lasting prefab units that give you the added advantage in the long run.

Quick installation 

Time is money, and prefab buildings are quick to install and dismantle. The building of prefab structures with sandwich panels in Qatar requires 40% less time than the traditional brick and mortar construction. The building parts manufactured off-site get transported to the location without hassles. Prefabrication doesn’t get delayed due to climatic conditions or typical excuses related to traditional construction. The modular building and construction are durable. The lightweight panels make the dismantling easier and ensure hassle-free portability. You can assemble the prefab office, dismantle and again reassemble the workstation at another location without difficulty. This feature reduces the financial burden of traditional offices, enabling the entrepreneur to invest on the go!

Recyclable prefab units 

TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar develop prefab offices with recyclable materials. The steel beams and columns are recyclable and eco-sustainable. This additional variable offers greater savings as the recyclable products have exceptional durability. Prefab structures have entire planning and layout phases pre-engineered and drawn out. The environment-friendly construction with precision and minimal product wastage makes prefabrication economical and reduces landfills.

Porta Cabins 

TSSC’s Porta Cabins are a favorite for office units, labor accommodations, security cabins, storage rooms, clinics, kitchen and dining facilities, and other utility requirements. All the units get assembled in the factory and dispatched to the site incorporating sanitary, plumbing, electrical, pantry, and office furniture. The prefab office units are ‘ready to use’ and connect the outlet with the main source. You can relocate the prefab unit multiple times with a heavy-duty forklift or using a crane. The prefabricated offices work ideally in rugged and remote locations where they get exposed to harsh weather conditions. The tailor-made Porta Cabins come in various profiles depending on individual requirements and specifications.

Why Choose TSSC?

The prefab buildings are energy-efficient, durable, termite-resistant, contemporary, and offer good thermal insulation. The low maintenance costs and aesthetic appeal make prefabrication a popular choice in Qatar. With around 50 years of experience in the building and manufacturing industry, the TSSC professionals can offer exemplary prefab structures along with on-site and after-sales support. The ISO 9001 company offers budget-friendly solutions for every dream project. Request a quote now. Book a no-cost consultation for an effective solution.

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia is a game-changing marketing tool for restaurants and takeaways

Do you own a restaurant or have a thriving food business? Attracting potential customers for takeaways isn’t an easy job. Likewise, marketing fresh and yummy edibles are difficult unless you decide to invest in premium-quality display chillers for the business. TSSC Group customizes and manufactures high-end display chillers in Saudi Arabia to help businesses attract random customers and boost sales. The chillers manufactured with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are not only a promotional tool but come with added benefits to leverage your food business. Here are a few reasons why display chillers can be a game-changing strategy to lure new customers and retain the old ones.

Impulse purchase 

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia customized and manufactured by the engineers of TSSC Group help to promote impulse purchase by drawing attention to the edibles. The clear tempered glass with artificial LED lights adds aesthetic appeal and good visibility. The restaurants and takeaways use display chillers to attract on-the-go customers with strategically placed front open multideck refrigeration that helps store items on the shelf while grabbing attention and enhancing aesthetics. Show off your best stock by arranging the display organized to enable a seamless shopping experience for potential customers.

Easy to clean 

Businesses prefer display chillers over large-scale commercial refrigeration because they are easy to maintain. In addition, the multideck display fridge requires no deep cleaning. Regularly cleaning the doors and glass is enough to attract customers and ensure good hygiene.

Thermal insulation adds up to energy efficiency 

The chillers have glass doors and windows to offer an airtight environment. The glass doors make the commercial products visible and keep the cold air locked inside. TSSC manufacturers use cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to prevent condensation, molding, and ensure good thermal insulation. The doors have a secure locking system, and the insulation ensures low energy consumption. The chillers have additional LED lights that consume less energy and help to lower the utility bills for the long haul. The display chillers do not allow external weather conditions to affect the products and effectively controls humidity. Display chillers have good heat insulation and don’t need to operate 24×7. The insulation can keep the cold air inside for at least 10 hours.

Customize for good business growth 

Man is a visual being, and attracting your potential customers by displaying the products is a smart move. TSSC Group can customize your chiller as per industry requirements and individual specifications. Under-counter display chillers are more popular in restaurants, while takeaways prefer to invest in display freezers to boost their business growth. TSSC chillers can store heavy-duty components and offer exceptional durability. TSSC Group does provide spare components and after-sales support to businesses. Our freezers are used and approved by international brands like Galaxy, Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, etc.

Final Notes 

TSSC Group customizes and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of commercial freezers to maximize merchandising opportunities for the food industry. An integral part of TSSC Group, the Celsius brand manufactures freezers for commercial refrigeration. Request a quote now. Book a no-cost consultation with our engineers.

You have plenty of options to consider when you are looking for a new roof for your property

Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is a concealed fastener metal panel system with vertical legs and a wide broad area between both legs. Standing roof panels have raised seams above the panel’s flat area level. The seam roofing is a superior quality system generally used in commercial construction. The Saudi Arabian climate is very hot. Air coolers sometimes fail to perform which results in higher energy bills. The roof should have another layer of covering for adequate insulation. 

There are various advantages of these roof panels:

  • Flexible design 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Weather tight 
  • Superior acoustics
  • Curved and tapered sheets
  • Thermal insulation – thermal expansion
  • Varying cover width


They do not have exposed fasteners

The standing seam metal roofs have no visible fasteners and this is one of the most significant advantages. This means that the panels are not exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, wind, moisture, snow, and other elements of nature. Standing seam panels do not have holes so there is no fear of water leakage. 

Seamless contraction and expansion – standing seam

The standing seam panels are prone to moisture penetration. They are positioned 2″ above the height of the panels which prevents leakage of the roof. TSSC Group uses long sheets so that the panels do not overlap. The panels are flexible for better contraction and expansion resulting from thermal movement. We suggest that the metal sheets should be over 40 feet long. 

TSSC Group – promoting value engineering

Install a standing seam roof panel in Saudi Arabia to safeguard the roof of your commercial space. Standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia requires the least maintenance but is long-lasting. The panels can last for almost 40-70 years. TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels offer advanced thermal performance. This offers a shorter construction time for the buildings. The insulated roof and wall panels are easy to install. They are available in a combination of flat and corrugated finishes. Though the cost is a little higher, it is worth the investment. 

The Harwal BASICO brand 

The Harwal BASICO is the brand name under which TSSC Group manufactures metal standing seam panels. The products are functional and manufactured using advanced technology. TSSC Group promotes value engineering to the clients. TSSC Group offers exceptional service applying concepts through 3D designing, solid engineering, manufacturing, installation and on-time project delivery. Please visit our website for information on insulated panels. Get in touch with our experts for a project-related discussion. Book a free consultation with the TSSC engineers. 

Final words

Explore an extensive range of energy-efficient insulated wall and roof cladding panels. Choose a standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia from different profiles available in varying sizes. The performance generally dictates the size, it depends on how well the size matches the profile and buyer preferences. Please discuss your project with our team and request a quote.

Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia – A solution for external cladding and more

Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia are ideally used to clad the walls and roofs of buildings. They are made of two metal sheets that remain on two sides and there is an insulated core in the middle. Insulated sandwich panels are ideal for walling, roofing and cladding. Sandwich panels are durable, robust and extremely functional. The construction industry has stepped towards modernization. Now there is less construction time and the budget is limited. Builders are customizing sandwich panels according to the building requirements. These panels are made of waterproof foam that repels moisture. Once the panels are installed, the surface remains free from mold growth, mildew and bacterial growth. 

The lightweight Styrofoam core – TSSC solution 

Renowned manufacturers use the Styrofoam core which is lightweight and available in honeycomb form. The core is insulated and does not weigh down the panels. Sandwich panels are available in façade shape and they are composite claddings. Polyurethane shot changes thickness between the galvanized metal sheets and aluminum sheets. Glass fiber sandwich panels are fire-resistant, sound-absorbing, and environment-friendly. Mineral wool is used in construction and is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and thermal insulation.

Trust TSSC Group for customized solutions

The TSSC Group is an ISO9001 company operating in the Middle East and Gulf area for more than four decades. TSSC has a rich client base from different industries in Saudi Arabia. TSSC Group offers seamless engineering, designing, efficient manufacturing and timely project handover. We are one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. TSSC group specializes in manufacturing insulated panels, mineral wool manufacturing, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. You can choose the core according to the use and your commercial space. The EPS core is extremely durable and the PIR core offers greater performance. 

Unique pre-engineered panels 

TSSC Group brings to you smart pre-engineered structures. These are produced from galvanized cold-rolled steel frames. These simple frames help quickly and more easily erect steel-frame structures. The EASY WALL panels are a TSSC product for interior and exterior partitions. Pre-engineered structures offer a wider scope of customization. 

Functional sandwich panels 

Sandwich panels offer functionality and aesthetics as they are available in different finishes. TSSC Group has been operating for more than 50 years combining excellence and innovation. We are the leaders in offering insulated solutions, roofing, cladding, and building and construction solutions. Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries and East Africa. We have a dedicated team to manage your project from initiation to completion. TSSC Group offers timely after-sales support. Our engineers are researching to create better building and construction solutions. We have our representatives who would visit your site if needed. 

Final words

Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia are easy to install, taking 7-8 hours in a single day. These insulated and lightweight panels are transported to the site easily without much hassle. Please visit the TSSC website for more information. Please discuss your project with us for an effective solution. Reach us for a free consultation and request a quote.

The importance of prefab buildings in Qatar by TSSC Group

Prefab buildings in Qatar are segregated into metal and concrete based. Prefabricated components have higher market demand, including partition panels, door frames, window frames, formworks, metallic roofs, facades, etc. Prefab solutions offer accuracy and sustainability. Prefabrication inside a controlled manufacturing unit allows first-time ready structures. Improved air filtration and stubborn joints of the prefab structures offer sufficient insulation. Building contractors in Qatar use modular structures to build superstructures facilitated with plumbing and electrical. 

Application of prefab buildings

Prefabricated buildings in Qatar comprise roofs, walls, and floors designed inside the factories. These structures are transported inside the factory unit. The components are assembled inside the factory. The prefabricated structures are cost-efficient and have a faster turnaround time and reusability. The applications of prefab buildings in Qatar are temporary buildings, medical facilities, office spaces, schools, apartments, schools, and single-detached houses.

Faster construction with prefabrication

Prefabricated construction is a great choice for projects with higher redundancy. The traditional construction industry is experiencing a shortage of talent and workforce. This format is dependent on ample labor and climatic conditions. Bad or extreme weather conditions can delay the building project. This could take many months to even an entire year to complete the building process. But in the case of prefab buildings in Qatar, a few laborers can complete the building process. 

Affordable prefab buildings in Qatar

TSSC Group is a pioneer in manufacturing polyurethane injected laminated insulated panels. TSSC specializes in designing affordable prefab buildings in Qatar. TSSC Group designs and manufactures prefab buildings using insulated roofs, walls and partitions, and door panels. The building gets exceptional thermal insulation, resulting in low electricity and maintenance costs. TSSC caters to prefab buildings using the LGS (light gauge steel) system. This includes design, manufacture, supply, factory and onsite installation of single or multi-story buildings. 

Portacabins and convertible containers

We are a pioneer in designing insulated panels. TSSC Group designs portable cabins for labor accommodation, kitchen, office units and dining facilities. We also have convertible containers that are easy to transport and are stackable to build multi-story buildings. The customers can choose from different finishes and insulation materials to create a comfortable environment that withstands climatic conditions.  

TSSC Group customized prefab solutions

TSSC Group is one of the leaders in offering building and construction facilities in Qatar. We are an ISO 9001 company with its headquarters in the UAE and operating in other countries. We have been offering solutions for more than 50 years. We design modern cladding, roofing and insulation solutions. Prefabrication helps minimize project deadlines by almost 50% and lowers the construction cost by approximately 20%. The construction industry is gradually progressing towards stabilization. Please book a consultation with our experts for a customized solution. Our experts work closely from the planning phase to assembling, execution and final delivery. 

Final words 

Prefabrication is a recent trend and is gaining popularity. Please discuss your building project with us for an effective solution—request a no-obligation quote.

The benefits of installing TSSC’s sandwich panels in Oman – everything you need to know

Sandwich panels in Oman are insulated structures that look like sandwiches. There is a durable metal sheet on two sides surrounding a core material in the middle. The metal is tough and the core is insulated. Insulation is essential in the commercial sector so the use of sandwich panels would never cease. These panels are used in modern construction and they safeguard the construction from all external and climatic factors.

Sandwich panels have a watertight structure and they ensure active hydro-insulation against weather conditions. These lightweight panels prevent mold growth and humidity. Sandwich panels hinder corrosion on load-bearing structures. This offers a healthy and comfortable environment for your structure. Sandwich panels for walls offer uncompromising insulation. Installing sandwich panels helps in lowering the total energy bill. Sandwich panels resist fire hazards as they have a Class A, 1-hour fire rating. 

R-value of the sandwich panels 

The R-value is an important factor in the sandwich wall and ceiling panels. R-value refers to the insulation capability or the capacity to resist heat flow. TSSC certified engineers design thick insulating layers to enhance the R-value of the panels. 

Long-lasting sandwich panels 

The shelf-life of sandwich panels depends on the manufacturer and the essential product components. The core material of the sandwich panel is moderately priced. The sandwich panels can be transported without investing in high transportation costs. Sandwich panels in Oman are flexible and can be recycled. We use an advanced system to offer a configuration layout according to client requirements. 

Simple installation

The installation process is simple and easy. These structures render aesthetics mainly due to the seamless finish. These panels have thermal insulation, they are water-proof and sound-proof wall panels. The sandwich panels have hidden joints that can be laid horizontally or vertically. TSSC’s sandwich panels have fasteners installed inside different commercial structures. These panels do not require regular cleaning or maintenance. TSSC insulated sandwich panels are shipped directly from the factory to your site. 

We customize sandwich panels 

The panels are pre-cut and labeled to flawlessly match the project’s CAD drawing. This means the sandwich panels can be erected on-site with no additional fabrication. TSSC Group customizes sandwich panels based on your budget and project requirements. 

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures different construction supplies and insulated panels for commercial and residential use. TSSC Group offers services across the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. We are among the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. Sandwich panels are widely used across commercial spaces, industrial facilities, power plants, cold storage, warehouses, residential buildings, etc. TSSC Group offers yearly maintenance of these insulated panels. TSSC Group has been operating globally for more than 50 years. 

Please check the TSSC Group inventory to get complete information about insulated panels and structures. We have a separate team of experts and managers to manage projects and offer customized solutions. Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution and request a quote.

Everything you need to know about prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefabrication has proved to be more efficient compared to traditional construction methods. Prefabrication has offered more flexibility and productivity in recent years. There has been advancement in the building sector, and newer methods have been implemented. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are manufactured inside a climate-controlled factory and assembled on site. More than half of the work is done inside the manufacturing unit, saving time and excess labor. 

Prefab structures are cost-efficient, reusable and offer faster turnaround time. Prefab structures are used in medical camps, temporary buildings, office spaces, apartment blocks, schools, evacuation centers and single-detached houses. The development of the construction sector in Saudi Arabia is paving the way for customization and prefabrication.

The advantages of prefabrication

Prefabrication has several advantages: energy efficiency, speedy work, minimum waste produced, better quality, sustainability, and occasional inspections. The engineers use self-supporting ready-made components, which bring down the scaffolding, formwork, and shuttering requirements. TSSC Group also focuses on converted containers that are easy to transport and can be stacked to build multi-story solutions. Clients are free to choose from a variety of finishes and insulation materials. This helps to create a safe environment that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. 

Faster construction time with prefabrication

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are suitable for construction projects with higher redundancy. Traditional construction methods are dependent on the huge labor force and the weather. Projects can be delayed due to a shortage of labor and climatic extremities. Prefabrication can prevent delay and the project could get completed within a few months instead of taking one long year. In prefabrication, a few skilled laborers can complete the construction work that needs to be done on-site. 

Metal prefab components have higher market demand

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are segregated into metal and concrete based. The prefab metal components have higher market demand. These include partition panels, window frames, door frames, metallic roofs, formworks, facades, etc. The in-house manufacturing process inside a controlled factory environment allows single-time ready building structures. Improved air filtration and tight joints offer insulation and energy efficiency. 

TSSC Group – customized prefab buildings

TSSC Group is one of the market leaders in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 company headquartered in the UAE and operating in many other countries. TSSC group is the largest manufacturer of insulated panels for roofing and cladding solutions. The prefab construction industry is slowly progressing towards stabilization. Prefabrication helps to minimize project deadlines by around 50% and lowers the construction cost by about 20%. We have been operating in the Middle East for more than four decades, over 50 years. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing units and has the largest production capacity in the country. The products meet international standards and can be customized as per customer specifications. 

Final words 

Please discuss your building project with us for an effective solution. We have project managers who can manage your project from the planning phase until execution. We combine excellence and innovation to offer environment-friendly solutions. Please request a no-obligation quote.

The benefits of installing TSSC’s standing seam roof in Oman

A standing seam metal roof is a hidden fastener metal panel system with vertical legs and a wide and flat area between the two legs. A standing seam roof in Oman has raised seams that rise above the panel’s flat area level. The sides of one roof panel are sealed along the length with adjoining roof panels. The panels are attached to purlins with clamps or clips. The remote fix system needs no piercing fasteners and offers weather tightness and resistance to wind uplift. A standing seam roof in Oman is used for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. This versatile roof offers advantages like durability, cost-cutting, and a whole range of design options. 

Do not compromise insulation

You should never think of cutting down insulation costs because it could lead to expensive repairs later. Poor insulation reduces the lifespan of the functional roofs. The insulated panels have a greater R-value. This indicates high quality and offers maximum direct insulation and energy efficiency. The panels are extremely lightweight, simple to install, and have great endurance. 

Are you aiming to build or remodel your dream property? 

You are all trying to choose between corrugated metal, asphalt shingles or standing seam. The upfront expense of standing seam is almost double the cost of corrugated metal roofs or asphalt shingles. But a standing seam roof in Oman is a long-term solution that needs no further maintenance or repairs. The seam roof panels can last for more than 15 years which is quite a long time. The width of the metal panel affects the price. Standing seam panels are available in varying width ranges from 12’’ to 18’’. The wide panels offer greater value with 18’’ panels which are cost-effective. 

TSSC Group – a renowned brand

TSSC Group offers snap-lock and mechanically seamed panels. The snap-lock panels are attached to the deck with clips that allow the thermal movement of roof panels. The mechanical seam panels are like snap-lock panels. The clips kept attached in place should be crimped using a machine. There are four types of standing seam metal roof panel styles available – double-lock seam, one-piece snap-lock interlock, symmetrical seam and two-piece snap-lock interlock. TSSC manufactures quality standing seam metal roofing panels that are lightweight, durable and can last for more than 50 years. We design aesthetically pleasing and structurally advanced roofing solutions. 

Are you planning to insulate the roof of a commercial space? 

A standing seam metal roof offers owners all the benefits of a metal roof. The total cost of insulating the roof depends on the choice of material. Insulating a flat roof can take up one-quarter of the entire roof installation cost. TSSC Group has been the leader in designing solutions for more than four decades. We design a modern standing seam roof in Oman. Please discuss your project with our experts for a feasible solution. We recommend choosing the color of your roof before hiring a contractor. We offer customized solutions within the budget. 

Final words

Book your consultation with us today. We have a team to manage your project from the planning phase to execution. Request a quote now.

TSSC Group – One of the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar

The construction industry has undergone development and modernization. Most of the available solutions are the least time-consuming and within the budget. Since insulation is one of the most important factors, builders recommend sandwich panels. These panels are used as external cladding for single and multi-story buildings. These panels offer weather resistance, resistance to wind, self-weight, access load and more. These panels are customized according to the requirements. A sandwich panel is a product used to clad the walls and roofs of buildings. Every panel comprises an insulated core that remains sandwiched by two durable metal sheets on both sides. Sandwich panels are not structural materials but curtain materials. 

ISOwall sandwich panels from TSSC Group 

ISOwall sandwich insulated panels from TSSC Group is mainly used for commercial buildings’ walls. The ISOwall panels are used in building projects where hygiene and thermal insulation are essential factors. ISOwall panels have a PIR/Rockwool insulated core that offers fire resistivity. 

TSSC’s Eco panel and Tuff panels

TSSC Group manufactures lightweight and eco-friendly sandwich panels. These show greater performance for energy-efficient roofs, weather-tight and retrofit roofing. Our range of eco panels is energy-efficient. We also manufacture a tuff panel with a metallic textured technology panel with robustness and durability. 

TSSC Group – an ISO certified company 

TSSC Group is one of Qatar’s reputed and experienced sandwich panel manufacturers. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that designs insulated building and construction facilities. We have been serving different clients for more than 50 years. We have been successfully operating in and around the Middle East and the Gulf countries for more than four decades. TSSC Group is a leader in designing roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC sandwich panels are simple to install and require low yearly maintenance. The insulated panels have versatile functionality and are used across different projects.

Value engineering by TSSC

We are one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group offers value engineering, designing a building envelope system supported by 3D designing, engineering, manufacturing, and hands over the project on time. TSSC specializes in manufacturing insulated panels, mineral wool manufacturing, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. TSSC sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. The panels support loads that have low structural material. TSSC Group supplies insulated panels with a concealed joining system, flat surface or micro-ribbed surface that offers a new look to the building envelope. 

Final words

TSSC’s sandwich panels offer thermal insulation, sound and fire resistivity. The panels help to improve the aesthetic appearance of the building. The panels are available in various finishes profiles and take the least construction. Please visit the TSSC Group website for information on sandwich panels and other insulated structures. Our panels are designed by experts and tested for quality before shipping. Please discuss your project with our team for a solution. Request a no-obligation quote.

The rising trend of prefabrication in Saudi Arabia

Prefabrication is the new trend that is replacing traditional construction methods. Old building methods have plenty of challenges that prefabrication helps to overcome. The components required are assembled inside the factory unit and transported to the site. The process of prefabrication is gaining popularity across the world. The construction market in Saudi Arabia is experiencing the advantages of prefabrication. The real estate market in Saudi Arabia is huge and expanding. The concept of prefab homes is not a new one, it has expanded in the past decades in every part of the country. People might have different design inclinations, so there are customization options. 

Prefab homes – cheaper and sustainable

Investing in a prefab building in Saudi Arabia can be cheaper than a site-built home. The prefab home manufacturers set up facilities in areas where labor and material are cheaper. This helps to lower the cost for the buyers. The building time is shorter which also helps in lowering costs. There has been increasing interest in sustainable building so prefab buildings are preferable.

Quicker construction time

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia eliminate the issue of labor shortage. The extremities of the weather and natural calamities play a big role in delaying projects. Prefab construction is completed within the factory premises so there is no need to panic about the weather condition. Traditional construction can take more than a year to complete. On the other hand, a prefab building can be set up within a few months. 

The prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are equipped with electrical and plumbing facilities. These structures offer improved air infiltration, energy efficiency and sufficient insulation.  

Modern prefab homes – a blessing

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are eco-friendly and the components can be recycled. This prevents the formation of waste material during the building process. Prefabrication can minimize project deadlines by almost 50% and lower expenses by approximately 20%. TSSC Group combines technology and excellence to deliver guaranteed results. We offer customized solutions according to your requirements. You will be assigned a project expert who guides you from planning to execution. Please discuss your project with our experts for an effective solution—request a no-obligation quote.

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company in Saudi Arabia. and is one of the leading companies in the Middle East. We have been offering products and services to clients of all sizes for more than 50 years. We are the pioneer in offering cladding and roofing solutions for the construction industry. Our experts and engineers offer customized prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia within your budget. The TSSC engineers believe that prefabrication is here to stay. This trend is spreading fast due to various advantages. The company designs innovative solutions that make a long-lasting impact in the market. TSSC Group houses a team of experts who guide you right from the planning phase to project delivery. 

Request a quote.