How much importance do you give to the roofing of your property? Invest in standing seam roof panels

Like foundation, roofing also plays a big role in determining your property’s quality. There are different types of modern roofing solutions available in the market. Various construction companies offer affordable roofing solutions. A solid foundation, durable walls, and a well-structured roof are the essential factors required for construction. Choose a roofing solution based on your requirements. If you plan to erect a residential or commercial property in the Middle East, choose a well-known company for offering the best solution.

High-quality TSSC standing seam roof panels: 

TSSC offers the most sustainable insulated roof panels, so we manufacture standing seam roof structures. This is now a very popular solution in the UAE, adaptable and long-lasting. A building or a construction depends a lot on the weather conditions and external conditions. Insulation plays a key role, and this is one very important reason why walling, roofing, cladding, etc., are now becoming so popular. TSSC seam roof panels are rightly positioned in a vertical direction along the roof’s length, which offers adequate insulation. There are enough seams to connect the panels. Our roofing solutions are modern and affordable.

Standing seam roofs do not require any complex maintenance; you do not need to hire any extra workforce for the upkeep. Thus, you can save both time and money. TSSC insulated roof panels are ideal for installing in commercial and residential properties. Our solutions are ideal for city structures and countryside barns. 

TSSC is one of the leading companies in the UAE that offers solutions within your budget; we customize. Are you worried about the price? TSSC panels are a long-term investment, so the investment is worth it as there is no reinvestment and no cost of repairs. 

The Harwal BASICO of TSSC:

TSSC manufactures roofing solutions under a separate brand name, Harwal BASICO. We have so many clients who have trusted our brand. There are various types of roofing solutions, so when you compare the price, it’s a bit on the expensive side compared to asphalt and shingle roof. We manufacture different roofing sheets, which include curved, tapered, etc., suitable for construction. 

Cover traditional roofs with panels: 

Traditional roofs show various signs of leakage, it is difficult to repair, but there is sufficient protection when installing the panels. The seam panels have the finest quality, strength, durability and are not affected by any climatic conditions, including snow or storm. TSSC also manufactures accessories, including skylights, tapers, roof penetration, and other aspects of roof design.

Invest in TSSC roofing solution:

Do you have a project and you wish to invest in our roofing solution? Talk to our experts for a consultation. We can suggest to you the best solution, style, and type you can install within your budget. We are among the leading and renowned standing seam suppliers in the UAE. TSSC has been offering roofing solutions, and our clients have trusted us for over 40 years. TSSC provides a wide range of solutions for you. 

A standing seam roof has insulation properties and is more long-lasting compared to traditional roofs

When you are constructing a building, the roof plays a very important role. There are various types of roofing solutions available in the market. When you consider roofing, insulation, a proper structure, durability, and a proper foundation are the essential factors. 

Most construction companies rely on modern and advanced roofing solutions. The roof you choose depends on your requirements; your builder will help in choosing. Standing seam roof panels are structures that are mainly used in construction, popular in the UAE. The panels are adaptable and long-lasting, ideal for roofing. 

Weather plays a significant role upon which the construction depends on. The Middle East weather is extreme, so the demand for insulation is higher. This is also a reason why walling, roofing, and cladding is a very important factor. The best way is to place roof panels vertically throughout the roof’s length for better insulation. The seams help connect the panels. 

Do you know that usual roofs get damaged faster and also show signs of leakage? Seam panels are very effective in protecting the panels. TSSC in the Middle East offers insulated panels, also available with the accessories. 

Our panels are robust; they are not affected by climatic conditions, including gusts of wind and storm. The seam roof panels allow thermal movement, and that’s an advantage. The panels are not prone to rust because of dampness and moisture. Also, the panels are placed very close to one other; also, the seams are raised. The roof designs are very modern, designed by implementing the most advanced and latest technology. 

The panels are available in various materials; you can choose your solution according to your requirements, preference, and budget. Also, the outer layer of the seams is available in different colors and shapes. We also design an array of accessories, including tapers, skylights, roof penetration, and all other aspects of roof design. 

TSSC is known for offering budget-friendly solutions. We have a huge client base, and they feel that the investment is worth it. Do you think that the panels are a little higher priced compared to shingles and asphalt roofs? Do not worry because the panels are extremely long-lasting; it’s an investment for the long-term. Insulated panels are worth investing in, especially when you can reap long-term benefits. When you think of roofing and cladding in the Middle East, rely on TSSC seam roof panels for a solution. 

Our roofs are also easy to maintain; you do not have to hire a cleaning team for regular cleaning and maintenance. This keeps the maintenance costs low, and also saves time. TSSC standing seam roof panels can be installed in homes and commercial roofs. 

Are you planning for a roof installation? Talk to our team of expert consultants for installing the right pattern and style of roof. We are among the most reputed and experienced standing seam suppliers in the UAE, Middle East. TSSC operates under the brand name Harwal BASICO, and we are offering roofing solutions for over 40 years.