Knowing the various types of sandwich panels based on the extent of insulation

You might be aware of the growing popularity of sandwich panels. We are going to discuss the reasons for this growing trend. Oman is a gulf area and experiences harsh weather conditions. Here the majority of industrial and commercial sectors here rely on sandwich panels due to solid insulation requirements. Now, sandwich panels have become a trend in Oman because they possess excellent insulating properties, durability, insulating properties, longevity, and durability.

Knowing the structure of sandwich panels

These panels have a 3-layer structure. The core is low-density which is covered by two thin layers from both sides. Sandwich panels have a dense structure and yet they are lightweight. Sandwich panels in Oman are used for building purposes, basically for roofing and cladding. These are widely used to insulate logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, cold stores, freezers, warehouses, and malls…etc. These panels are not infested by mildew, mold, humidity, and harsh weather conditions.

Understand your requirements

Sandwich panels are an advanced solution for residential and commercial projects. TSSC panels have been engineered to arrest internal and external conditions. This is one reason why these panels are reasons for roof and wall systems. These are also called insulated sandwich panels because the insulating material is sandwiched between two metal sheets. Are you looking for high-performing sandwich panels? Well, the performance depends on the coating and insulating material. So, it is very important to learn about the types of panels we manufacture. Every construction has its requirements. It is important to understand the needs and make a selection. The right insulating material will help to obtain a positive performance from the panels. TSSC offers customization and expert advice.


Polyurethane sandwich panel or PU Panel consists of a dense foam that is sandwiched between two metal sheets. This foam is manufactured from polyurethane materials like Polyol and Isocyanate. The core has thermal insulation and is tolerant to air pressures and humidity.

Mineral wool

Sandwich panels designed with mineral wool have 3 layers. There is dense mineral wool in the middle, and the outer layers have aluminum sheets. It is an excellent choice for buildings having fire risk because the panels adhere to the fire-resistance properties. Mineral wool is ideal for construction that requires sound insulation.

Polyisocyanurate panel

It is also known as the PIR panel. It is a macromolecular structure formed when the PU foam components react chemically at varying mixture quantities. The PIR offers a solid core within your budget.

The benefits of sandwich panels

Take a look at the advantages of TSSC insulated panels in a nutshell:

  • Simple to assemble and dry process is used
  • Faster construction
  • Resistant to environmental factors and corrosion
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • Affordable material

TSSC can provide numerous kinds and types of sandwich panels having varied sizes, shapes, and colors.

Trust TSSC – we are the experts

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. We ensure economical purchase and the most premium quality panels. We offer incredible roofing with durable panel systems. Our panels can shield from excess humidity and weather extremities.

Are you looking for sandwich panels in Oman? Trust TSSC, we have been manufacturing building and construction supplies for more than 40 years. Request for a quote or shoot an email.