How sandwich panels have made an impressive place in the construction industry

The construction industry has experienced a sea change in the last few years, with ample modern techniques and efficient methods being implemented. One such trend is the popularity of sandwich panels in Oman. These are insulated panels that can make the construction process a lot faster and a structure pretty long-lasting. 

The Gulf areas experience a humid climate and harsh weather conditions. The construction industry believes in insulation and sandwich panels play a major role in it. These panels possess outstanding insulation properties, durability and longevity. Oman, being a Gulf area, is no exception. The building industry here relies on thermal insulation. Many companies manufacture insulated solutions for the building industry. The real challenge is to pick a renowned manufacturer in the area. 

Understanding the core material – choose according to your requirements 

Sandwich panels in Oman are ideal for commercial and residential use. TSSC panels used for walls and roofs have high resistivity. The performance of these panels depends on the insulating material and the coating. All core materials possess different insulating properties. The core is capable of enduring humidity and air pressure. Choose the right core for high performance. 

Sandwich panels designed with mineral wool have 3 layers. There is dense mineral wool in the middle, and the outer layers have aluminum sheets. This is ideal for construction having greater fire-risks and that requires better sound insulation. 

Polyisocyanurate panel is also known as the PIR panel. It is a macromolecular structure formed when the PU foam components react chemically at varying mixture quantities. The PIR offers an affordable solid core. 

The advantage of the lightweight nature 

Lightweight sandwich panels in Oman are easily transported to your site. The panel is attached on wide and spacious surfaces using a few joints. Due to the lightweight nature of the panels, you can reduce transportation costs. In addition, sandwich panels can last for many years only with little maintenance. 

The three -layers of a sandwich panel and advantages

Sandwich panels are made up of three layers – a core in the middle surrounded by two thin metal sheets. These panels have a dense structure and the core offers insulation. The panels are non-porous and lightweight. These are ideal for roofing and cladding solutions, heavily used to insulate warehouses and cold storage. The panels possess exceptional resistivity. So here are the benefits of sandwich panels in a nutshell –

  • Faster construction
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • The dry process is implemented 
  • Easy assembling
  • Affordable solution


TSSC Group – the cladding experts

TSSC Group is one of the leaders in building and manufacturing construction solutions. TSSC has a good reputation for providing premium quality sandwich panels in Oman that are custom-made per your project requirements. TSSC is an ISO 9001 company offering insulation and construction solutions for over 50 years. We have many clients from various industries. Being one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman, we ask clients to book a consultation with our team. So please discuss your project requirement with us—request a quote.

Things to Know Before Start Building Projects with Sandwich Panels Oman

Are you looking for some specifications of sandwich panels in Oman? You are in the right place now. Here we will share every possible relatable thing about the sandwich panel, from its usage, dimension, and specifications. Before that, we have to get a quick snap on the sandwich panel. So, keep reading, readers.

What is a sandwich panel?

The sandwich panel is used as the cladding on the walls and roofs of buildings. Each of the panels has encompassed a varied material, with the core having a thermal-insulation system. These panels are skinned with both side sheet materials. These are not structural materials for a building, but supportive ones while needed. The sandwich panels are most of the time attached to the steel framework for extra support.

The sandwich panels are excellent for roofing, wall partitioning of the cold storages, warehouses, and porticos. Two metal sheets and a thick core are used to make the walls or roof insulating while used in the storehouse or the roof. Sheet insulating being the most preferred choice among sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman, they use high-quality Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Mineral Wool.

The reason behind the frequent use of sandwich panel:

A wide range of benefits is experienced while the sandwich panels are used in roofing or partitioning walls. They are cost-effective and have high usability. Compared to the stud portioning and traditional building method, sandwich panels are far more effective than any other materials. And the other benefits are as followed:

      1. Cost-effective:

Constructing a building needs great capitalization, and using the best material in cost-effective ways is real intelligence. Therefore, people are using sandwich panels in Oman. The low expenditure level and high usage allure the builders every time.

      1. Little time in construction:

The construction time of a building is very much crucial. It needs to be very fast and swift while engaging in making a warehouse or cold store. A building based on the traditional process may take more than six months. Alternatively, a building in the same volume installing sandwich panels takes one month only to complete.

      1. Easiest process in construction:

Some of the buildings and construction require some critical projects to make the high building rise and technology-based. The stud portioning is a part of the “dry process” that needs no water in the construction materials. It needs high-quality assembling in a shorter time. This is why the builders prefer the sandwich panel. Also, looking for one among renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Oman is vital while working with some serious and high-quality building projects.

The bottom line

Whether you are a builder of a top-notch building or a homeowner looking for your next (or first) technology home, make sure you are using Oman’s superior quality sandwich panels. Also, there is a lot of variety of the sandwich sheets. Contacting an experienced manufacturer will get you the best thing ever.

Knowing the various types of sandwich panels based on the extent of insulation

You might be aware of the growing popularity of sandwich panels. We are going to discuss the reasons for this growing trend. Oman is a gulf area and experiences harsh weather conditions. Here the majority of industrial and commercial sectors here rely on sandwich panels due to solid insulation requirements. Now, sandwich panels have become a trend in Oman because they possess excellent insulating properties, durability, insulating properties, longevity, and durability.

Knowing the structure of sandwich panels

These panels have a 3-layer structure. The core is low-density which is covered by two thin layers from both sides. Sandwich panels have a dense structure and yet they are lightweight. Sandwich panels in Oman are used for building purposes, basically for roofing and cladding. These are widely used to insulate logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, cold stores, freezers, warehouses, and malls…etc. These panels are not infested by mildew, mold, humidity, and harsh weather conditions.

Understand your requirements

Sandwich panels are an advanced solution for residential and commercial projects. TSSC panels have been engineered to arrest internal and external conditions. This is one reason why these panels are reasons for roof and wall systems. These are also called insulated sandwich panels because the insulating material is sandwiched between two metal sheets. Are you looking for high-performing sandwich panels? Well, the performance depends on the coating and insulating material. So, it is very important to learn about the types of panels we manufacture. Every construction has its requirements. It is important to understand the needs and make a selection. The right insulating material will help to obtain a positive performance from the panels. TSSC offers customization and expert advice.


Polyurethane sandwich panel or PU Panel consists of a dense foam that is sandwiched between two metal sheets. This foam is manufactured from polyurethane materials like Polyol and Isocyanate. The core has thermal insulation and is tolerant to air pressures and humidity.

Mineral wool

Sandwich panels designed with mineral wool have 3 layers. There is dense mineral wool in the middle, and the outer layers have aluminum sheets. It is an excellent choice for buildings having fire risk because the panels adhere to the fire-resistance properties. Mineral wool is ideal for construction that requires sound insulation.

Polyisocyanurate panel

It is also known as the PIR panel. It is a macromolecular structure formed when the PU foam components react chemically at varying mixture quantities. The PIR offers a solid core within your budget.

The benefits of sandwich panels

Take a look at the advantages of TSSC insulated panels in a nutshell:

  • Simple to assemble and dry process is used
  • Faster construction
  • Resistant to environmental factors and corrosion
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • Affordable material

TSSC can provide numerous kinds and types of sandwich panels having varied sizes, shapes, and colors.

Trust TSSC – we are the experts

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. We ensure economical purchase and the most premium quality panels. We offer incredible roofing with durable panel systems. Our panels can shield from excess humidity and weather extremities.

Are you looking for sandwich panels in Oman? Trust TSSC, we have been manufacturing building and construction supplies for more than 40 years. Request for a quote or shoot an email.