The story of sandwich panels – Why you need to install insulated panels in Oman

‘Sandwich’ as the name suggests these insulated panels look exactly like a real sandwich. A thermo-insulating core in the middle is surrounded by a rigid metal sheet on both sides. These panels are ideally used for roofing, cladding and building walls. These insulated panels are designed to offer protection against thermal conditions and sound. Sandwich panels are made from tough materials but it is non-structural. Sandwich panels in Oman are curtains. 

The structural forces are supported by a steel framework to which the panels are attached. The cores can be made from insulating materials like polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, expanded polystyrene and mineral wool. Sandwich panels are designed by filling low-density and thick insulation material between a couple of high-density and thin metal surfaces. These panels are ready-to-assemble and have higher load-carrying capacity. 

Sandwich panels offer insulation and energy efficiency

Many companies manufacture building and construction materials. Do extensive research to locate one among Oman’s renowned sandwich panel manufacturers. The Gulf countries have extreme temperatures where traditional construction is gradually becoming obsolete. Sandwich panels in Oman make the construction process easier and long-lasting. The climate demands adequate insulation. Industries like warehouses, food manufacturing, hospitality, and cold storage require installing insulated panels. The amount of energy consumption is another significant factor. Insulated panels help in sustainability in the building and construction sector. The use of sandwich panels promotes thermal and sound insulation. These panels can also be recycled which reduces waste. 

Simple installation process – Easy maintenance

The installation process is hassle-free as it involves a single installation process. You can cut down operational costs by investing in insulated sandwich panels. They do not allow thermal drift and offer high levels of energy efficiency. TSSC has a team of expert and certified engineers for calculating the load-bearing capabilities to match the building requirements. We suggest a yearly cleaning and maintenance of the panels every year. If any damages are caused due to external conditions, they should be fixed instantly. 

The shelf-life of sandwich panels 

The longevity of the panels depends on the design factor and the technical specification TSSC is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Onam. The external sheet of the sandwich panels is resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet rays and external factors. The inner insulated sheet is resistant to condensation chemical and physical effects.

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