Install a sandwich roof panel system manufactured by TSSC for a whole range of benefits

Why are sandwich panels becoming more and more popular? Sandwich panels symbolize the achievements of the modern construction industry. Lightweight and well-insulated is the trend, a universal requirement. These panels are durable and very lightweight. Using insulated sandwich roof panels its hassle-free to continue construction work all round the year. Panels manufactured by TSSC are attractive, come in different designs, a variety of shapes, and colors. These panels do not require any interior and exterior refinement, which helps you keep extra costs at bay. There are numerous benefits of sandwich panels, and the greatest one being affordability.



Sandwich panels are mainly used for roofing, cladding and walling solutions, instrumental stuff for construction. These panels are made of thermo-insulating materials forming the core. The two sides are covered with two thin metal sheets; also, these are non-structural and curtain materials. The panels are fixed to a steel framework or any other frame that endures the structural forces. The core is made of EPS, also known as Expanded Polystyrene, PUR, PIR, and mineral wool. Different materials have varying insulating performance; they vary in terms of weight, resistance to fire, and soundproof levels.  


Insulated sandwich panels can make the construction process faster, and this is very important for generating higher ROI within a shorter span of time; cost-saving factors are always significant. Imagine a production building or a warehouse that gets ready soon; the chances of earning ROI would be better. Buildings that use Stud partitions are never built, instead of assembled. There is no time wasted in allowing the building to shed off excess moisture. The structural parts and the cladding materials are brought onsite, and the assembling is started immediately. Sandwich panels are mobile; it is easy to disassemble again and reconfigure to somewhere else. Due to the lighter weight of the panels, the transportation costs are very less. 


Do you know that inefficient roofs can allow more than 25% of the heat to escape? So, this would result in an increase in your energy bills, and this why you must use sandwich panel roofing. These panels are very durable, allow faster installation, and lowers the operational costs. These roofing panels have varying thicknesses and need less labor for installation when compared to traditional roofs. These roofing sheets swear by a single layer facet, which allows better coverage within a shorter period. TSSC manufactures insulated roof panels that are energy-efficient and can last for almost a lifetime without much maintenance. 

Our sandwich panels come with all accessories needed for a complete installation like all fasteners and flashing. There are various types of seals and gaskets to make sure the correct sealing of the partitions. So, at TSSC, you get everything under one roof; it’s easier to follow a one manufacturer policy. Visit our website for more information.

We are the leaders in the UAE for manufacturing insulated panels. If you need to invest in a roof panel system, have a consultation with our experts—request for a quote.


Taking a close look at the benefits of precast panels – Choose panels manufactured by TSSC

Almost all buildings, like office buildings, schools, high rises, hospitals, shopping malls, and parking garages, are taking shape in cities. All of these structures look nicely clad in precast panels. These offer an array of styles, shapes, and colors. 


Discussing the structural design aspects, the precast walls are like façade or blind dividers, which does not bear any load. These walls should oppose the parallel loads deliberated on it due to its weight, quakes, and winds. The joints in between the precast panels should be wider to match hot extension and variance developments because of the season changes. The divider and the hole space is guarded with a water-resistant film, this assures against water permeation into the construction. 

There are three types of a precast concrete wall, take a look as we discuss briefly. 

Curtain walls or cladding:

Curtain walls are popularly used for building envelopes. These do not carry any load and is technically designed to guard the wind and cover-up space. This kind of precast wall includes divider boards, section covers, spandrels, window divider units, and mullions. 

Load-bearing wall:

Load bearing units exchange and oppose loads from various components, and it cannot be dismantled or removed without affecting the quality or reliability of the building. 

Shear walls:

Shear walls are used to offer a parallel load contrasting framework when linked with the stomach activity of a floor development. 

The benefits of precast walling:

Aesthetically pleasing: 

These panels are elegant and available in various finishes which include:

  • Textured from liner
  • Smooth as cast
  • Sandblast
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Acid etch


Superior durability:

The strength keeps on increasing slowly with time. The exterior panels used for cladding can manage the structural construction loads, which reduced the requirement for structural components. These panels do not deflect over time, do not lose strength or deteriorate. 

The durability of the precast walls is just like any other concrete, but the strength depends on the connections done with structural members. If there are any irregularities in the member, it can be corrected by uncovering, sandblasting, corrosive washing, and other methods. 


Consistent quality:

These concrete products are manufactures inside a plant where the environment is controlled. This is mainly why the panels exhibit uniformity and superior quality. 

Thermal resistance and energy savings:

These panels offer excellent thermal insulation, and due to this, you can also experience more energy savings. Precast panels have brilliant-value insulation properties. IT can also be increased with the help of embedded sandwich panels. 

Protection from moisture:

This benefit of these panels is of higher importance because the structural components like beams and columns are not connected structurally with the precast walls. The joint seal or sealer is used in the joints to bock moisture from getting into the building. Generally, pigmented sealants are used to maintain the uniformity of these walls and the sealants. 

Fire safety and maintenance:

These panels come with excellent fire-resistance, and concrete does not need any maintenance. The sealants, connection, accessories, and anchorages used in the precast walls require regular maintenance. 

When looking for precast panels and other building materials in the UAE, get in touch with TSSC. We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing insulation panels for construction and industrial use. Call us, choose to have a discussion related to your next project.