13 Mistakes to Avoid During Cold Storage Panel Installation

Cold storage centres are the pillar of the majority of industries; the quality and safety of products remain intact throughout their storage life. The inclusion of cold storage panels is one of the fundamental elements that protect the integrity of the entire system. Luckily enough, even the most experienced cold storage manufacturers can encounter the same mistakes, which can decrease the efficiency and increase the ineffectiveness of the setup process. The goal here is to guide you and prevent you from encountering these 13 common mistakes:

1. Rushing Without Proper Planning

Before going straight to installation, it is advisable to have a strategy that is carefully done. Don’t forget to include issues related to organising the storage space, insulation and ventilation of the rooms, and access to them. Such a procedure requires meticulous planning which will not only ensure a smooth installation but also promote trust between the installer and the customer.

2. Neglecting to Choose Reliable Cold Storage Manufacturers

The quality of your cold storage warehouses will largely depend on the cold storage manufacturers you pick. Choose the manufacturer which has been verified and is well-known for producing long-lasting and high-quality panels that meet high industry standards.

3. Overlooking Site Preparation

Proper preparation of the site before starting the work is one of the important tasks that should not be ignored at any cost. Clear the area of any obstruction or debris, level the ground, and ensure the layout is free of challenges that can compromise its stability.

4. Ignoring Safety Protocols

Fundamentally, safety is the ultimate consideration regardless of the location of the installation of the panels. The safety of workers is a major concern, so provide the workers with the necessary safety gear and maintain safety guidelines then perform regular inspections to avoid accidents and injuries.

5. Failing to Properly Seal Joints

Air leakage is one of the main causes of heat loss during the inefficient installation process. It is mostly because panels of the construction should be hermetic to one another. Dedicate the time and energy to the proper application of joint sealants using suitable sealants to achieve the imperative level of preservation in your cold storage unit.

6. Underestimating Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging is a pathway through which the insulation layer is completely breached, which results in heat transfer and energy loss. Make efforts to reduce the effect of thermal bridges by using thermal breaks and making sure that panels are properly aligned.

7. Incorrect Panel Placement

Pay careful attention to the placement of cold storage panels to ensure an airtight fit construction and maximum efficiency of insulation. Make sure to follow the instructions and go through the measurements one more time to ensure there are no gaps or overlaps.

8. Neglecting Vapour Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers slow the progress of moisture and are therefore integral for preventing moisture infiltration. Correctly install a vapor barrier to help preserve the inside of the cold storage unit against condensation and mould growth.

9. Overlooking Environmental Factors

Consider environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations and humidity levels when installing cold storage panels. Choose cold storage facilities that can withstand extreme conditions and implement additional measures if necessary to maintain optimal storage conditions.

10. Skimping on Insulation

Insufficient insulation will cause temperature fluctuations from time to time, and energy efficiency in these cold storage facilities will drastically reduce. Invest in good quality cold storage panel materials and make sure that the installation is done correctly this will contribute to savings of energy, and prolong the quality of the products.

11. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

After that, check on the cold storage warehouses to make sure that they are functioning properly now and then. Preventive procedures such as periodical inspections and routine maintenance must be considered to recognize problems early, and thus to prolong the time in which the cold storage unit can be used.

12.Disregarding Regulatory Compliance

Familiarize yourself with relevant regulations and codes governing cold storage facilities, clean rooms, and temperature controlled warehouses in your area. Ensure that your installation meets all regulatory requirements to avoid costly fines and penalties.

13. Failure to Seek Professional Assistance

Getting in touch with the professionals will allow you to have a clear understanding of a problem and provide a guarantee for a good result for your project.


Installing panels for cold storage warehouses or cold rooms is a complex process that involves careful planning, paying attention to many details, and following the best practice directions. If you can avoid these typical errors, meet industry standards, and have a smooth and efficient installation that will ultimately provide a useful temperature controlled facility, then what you’ve done is right.

Ready to elevate your cold storage projects with top-quality cold room materials and refrigeration services? Contact TSSC today at (+971) 4 8850474 or email us at sales@tsscgroup.com to get in touch with our cold store experts.

The rise of the prefab industry in Saudi Arabia – TSSC emerging as the leader

Prefabricated buildings in Saudi Arabia comprise roofs, walls, and floors manufactured inside factories. All the components are assembled inside the factory. All of these structures are transported inside the factory unit. Prefab structures are preferred due to the cost efficiency, reusability and faster turnaround time. Some of the applications of prefab buildings are medical camps, temporary buildings, office spaces, apartment blocks, schools, evacuation centers and single-detached houses. The prefabrication market is now gaining prominence in the building and construction market. 

 The importance of prefabrication

Prefabrication is more efficient than conventional on-site construction since manufacturing through a production line is more controlled. Because most buildings have repeating sections of walls, roofs, and floors, a manufacturing process can be developed by putting together a sequence of operations. These operations can be studied and improved making the manufacturing process more efficient. There has been standardization and developments of construction and building methods coupled with the escalating requirement of housing and prefabricated buildings. 

Prefab structures with sustainability

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are divided into metal and concrete based. The prefab metal components have immense market demand, including partition panels, window frames, door frames, metallic roofs, formworks, facades, etc. Prefabrication gives way to accuracy and sustainability. The manufacturing process inside a controlled factory environment allows single-time ready building structures. Improved air filtration and stubborn joints offer sufficient insulation and energy efficiency. Most contractors in Saudi Arabia use modular structures to build superstructures facilitated with plumbing and electrical. 

Quicker construction time

Prefabricated construction is ideal for building projects having redundancy. The current construction industry is experiencing a shortage of workforce and talent. Traditional construction is dependent on a huge number of labor and weather conditions. Turbulent weather conditions can delay the project to a huge extent. Prefabrication can prevent delay and the project could get completed within a few months instead of taking a year. A few laborers can complete the little construction work that needs to be done on-site. 

TSSC Group – offering customized prefab solutions

TSSC Group is one of the market leaders offering building and construction facilities in Saudi Arabia. We have offered prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia and construction supplies for more than 50 years. We are an ISO 9001 company headquartered in the UAE and operating in many other countries. TSSC Group is the leader in designing innovative roofing, cladding, and building solutions. The building industry of Saudi Arabia is undergoing huge modernization. The prefab building industry is slowly progressing towards stabilization. Prefabrication helps minimize project deadlines by almost 50% and lowers the construction cost by approximately 20%. The TSSC team of experts works closely from the planning phase to assembling, execution, and final project delivery. 

Final words 

Please discuss your building project with us for an effective solution—request a no-obligation quote.

Get introduced to the ISOWall and EASYWall sandwich panels by TSSC

Building and construction companies in the UAE have shifted to modern techniques. This has helped to save time and add durability to the construction. Sandwich panel is a part of new construction techniques that have a lot of benefits. The panels protect the building from harsh weather conditions and offer insulation benefits. The name sandwich has been given for its real sandwich-like structure. There are two metal sheets on the two sides and core material in the middle. The core can be made of different materials but all of them have insulation properties. Sandwich panels in UAE are used ideally for walling, roofing and cladding. 

The temperature is harsh and extreme in the UAE, where insulation is an important factor. TSSC’s panels offer solid heat, fire and sound insulation. TSSC’s ribbed and flat roof panels take a shorter duration to complete the construction. These panels come in three layers which include an inner and outer sheet and an insulated core. You can choose the core material among PUR, PIR, EPS and mineral wool. The insulated sandwich panels have hidden fix joints for seamless horizontal and vertical installation. TSSC sandwich panels have an assembling and dismantling procedure. The lightweight panels allow faster transportation and low maintenance. Book a yearly maintenance schedule with our experts. 

Get introduced to the ISOwall sandwich panels 

Are you looking for an insulated roof panel in UAE? TSSC designs economical ribbed and flat roof panels. These engage shorter construction duration for construction having solid insulation requirements. TSSC has invented a unique and reasonable solution for developers and contractors. 

TSSC’s Isowall sandwich panels in UAE are used for commercial construction. The panels have a hidden fixing joint system that is used where hygiene and insulation are important. These ISO panels are available with Rockwool or PIR insulation which offers sound insulation and fire resistance. All TSSC panels are quality-tested because we have clients of all sizes and interested customers of all types.

The panels go through a quality check before the panels are shipped to the site. 

EASYWall by TSSC Group – a renowned brand

TSSC Group in the UAE is an ISO 9001 company offering premium quality insulated panels and construction supplies. We have been in this business for more than 50 years. 

TSSC is one of the leaders in manufacturing lightweight insulated panels. We also have the EASY WALL panels made of lightweight concrete with an expandable polystyrene core. This system is durable and is engineered for all types of insulation. Our systems are tested and approved by international and local bodies. 

Discuss your project with the experts

Our panels are used in cold storage and warehouses. The company is the largest manufacturer in the UAE. We have a huge team looking into your requirements. TSSC believes that one solution does not fit all, and this is why we customize accordingly. TSSC panels are available to customers in ready-to-assemble packs. Please discuss your project with us for a bespoke solution. We have a team to manage your project right from planning to implementation. 

Final words

Are you interested in an insulated roof panel in the UAE? Book a free consultation! Get all your queries answered.

The use of sandwich panels by companies in the Gulf region

Sandwich panels are popular in the Gulf countries. Oman is located in the Gulf area, so it experiences harsh weather conditions. Insulation is one of the most important factors for the growing commercial sector: tourism, hotel, and hospitality. Therefore, the construction companies in Oman are concentrating on sustainable buildings and will possess excellent insulation. 

Sandwich panels – the 3 layered structure

These panels have a 3-layer structure. The core is low-density which is covered by double thin layers from both sides. Sandwich panels have a thick structure and yet they are lightweight. They are mainly used for roofing and cladding to insulate logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, cold stores, freezers, warehouses, and malls…etc. There are many insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. Do your research to choose a renowned company in your location. 

The benefits of sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels have been engineered to resist internal and external conditions. The insulating material is sandwiched between two metal sheets. The performance depends on the coating and insulation of the material. We believe in customization because every construction has different requirements. The right insulating material will help in a positive performance from the panels. 

Take a look at the advantages of TSSC insulated panels:


  • The panels are easy to assemble as a dry process is implemented
  • Rapid construction process
  • 100% thermal and sound insulation
  • The panels are affordable
  • Can endure environmental factors and corrosion
  • TSSC sandwich panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors


Here is taking a look at the different core materials that are used to make sandwich panels:

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane sandwich panel or PU Panel is a dense foam sandwiched between the two lightweight metal sheets. This foam is manufactured from different polyurethane materials like Polyol and Isocyanate. The core consists of thermal insulation and can tolerate air pressures and humidity. 

Mineral wool core

Sandwich panels that have a core made of mineral wool have a total of 3 layers. There is dense mineral wool remaining in the middle, and the outer layers have durable aluminum sheets. It is ideal for buildings having fire risk because the panels are fire-resistant. Mineral wool is also suitable for construction that requires adequate sound insulation. 

Polyisocyanurate core panel

These are called the PIR panels. It is a macromolecular structure formed when the PU foam components react chemically at varying mixture quantities. The PIR offers a solid core that is budget-friendly. The sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman recommend this material if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution. 

Final words

TSSC Group is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. Our team ensures customized premium quality panels that are not too heavy on your pocket. TSSC Group offers durable and robust roofing with our insulated panel systems. The solution can shield from excess humidity and other weather extremities. TSSC Group has been manufacturing building and construction supplies for more than 50 years. Are you looking for sandwich panels in Oman? Discuss your project with our team of experts for a customized solution. We offer excellent and professional after-sales support. Request for a quote or shoot an email. 

What’s so unique about the standing seam roof in East Africa?

Metal roofs get regarded as one of the most coveted choices in hot countries like East Africa. Commercial buildings, residential homes, industrial places and agricultural units prefer investing in the standing seam roof in East Africa above all others. However, you need to have a good manufacturer to get your customized roofing solutions for the buildings. TSSC Group is one of the top-notch industry leaders in the building and construction sector. With the use of advanced technologies, the insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa get you high-quality materials that last long and offer several advantages on the go. Here are a few reasons why the standing-seam roofs are worth every penny.

No exposed nails or screws 

The standing seam roof in East Africa does not have any external hardware like screws or nails. Instead, the roof panels have interlocking pieces and parts that make them durable and strong. In addition, the interlocking system allows thermal movement without creating leaks.

Customization is necessary 

Due to temperature fluctuations, the standing seam metal roof expands and contracts. TSSC manufacturers design and customize the roof panels exclusively to ensure the seams, metal trims, and transitions don’t break the water-tight sealing, leading to leakages. However, the roof panels are water-tight and do not allow moisture, ice, or snow to enter through the metal joints. The height of the seam depends on the application and needs customization for optimal performance.

Metal thickness and paint of the roof panels 

The thickness or gauge of the steel is as important as the paint. The seam roof panels need to have a good thickness to ensure greater durability. The manufacturers use silicone polyester paint that does not fade and enhances the aesthetics of the building. Did you know the roof panel can last for more than 60 years with minimal upkeep? The insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa refer to the roof panel as the ‘lifetime roof’ because of its high durability and resilience. The roof panels do not require regular cleaning. Just professional maintenance once a year is enough for its upkeep.

Weather resistance – The Cool Metal Roof 

The standing seam roof has excellent weather resistance properties. The cool metal roof has cooling pigments that reflect heat and ensure a cool environment indoors. East Africa is a hot and humid place. The buildings need an insulated roof overhead to counteract external heat and keep the inner chambers at a cooler temperature. The roof surface doesn’t allow snow, hail, rain, or dust particles to enter the interiors. The external elements glide away easily. The seamless panels look visually pleasing and also don’t allow dust, dirt, and wastes to accumulate at the corners.

Lightweight and easy to install 

Although the seam roof is lightweight, making the installation easier, it’s also the sturdiest amongst all. The roof panels are resistant to wind uplifts and act as a barrier against high impacts and wind pressure.

Wrapping Up 

Get your seam roof manufactured at TSSC. With almost five decades of experience, the top-notch manufacturers get you customized roof panels at affordable prices. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation session. Get in touch with our proficient engineers.

The modern construction industry depends on insulated panels – try installing TSSC’s sandwich panels in Oman

Sandwich panels in Oman are used to clad the roofs and walls of buildings. Every panel comprises a core made of thermo-insulating material surrounded by sheet metal on both sides. Sandwich panels are certain materials, but the structural forces are ensured by a steel framework or a carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The varieties of sandwich panels are classified by the thermo-insulated material that forms the core. Generally, the cores are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR, polyisocyanurate and mineral wool. However, all materials vary according to their thermo-insulating performance, sound insulation, weight and reaction to fire.   

TSSC is the largest manufacturer of sandwich panels in Oman

We are one of the renowned construction and building suppliers in the Gulf region. We specialize in producing FM-approved Mineral Wool and PIR sandwich panels, metal decking, corrugated metal sheets, Purlins, Standing seam roofs, polycarbonate skylights, and steel structures. TSSC promotes the importance of value engineering, offering a building envelope backed by excellent detailing in planning, 3D designs, manufacturing, installation, and finally handing over of project and customer support. 

Sandwich panels that have solid performance

TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels in Oman offer solid thermal performance and take shorter construction time. Our roofs and wall panels are available in corrugated and flat finishes that are easy to install. We offer a wide range of energy-efficient insulated wall and roof panels within your budget. Architectural sandwich panels in Oman have hidden joint fix systems placed horizontally or vertically over the construction. Explore our wide range of high-performing sandwich panels. 

TSSC Group operating for more than 50 years

TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels offer an aesthetic appearance to the construction, thermal insulation and fire resistivity. These panels are available in a wide range of finishes, profiles and colors.   

TSSC is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing insulated panels. We have a team of expert engineers for customization options. We assign a separate project manager for every project and it is completed within the time frame. As a result, the panels do not require daily and expensive maintenance. Post-installation TSSC sandwich panels must be checked once a year for cleaning and maintenance. 

Please visit our website

TSSC is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures premium sandwich panels in Oman. You can visit our website for products and more information. Order sandwich panels directly from the manufacturer, or you can do it through the distributor chain. TSSC’s sales manager could visit your site to suggest the ideal materials and processes.

Discuss your project and request a quote. Get in touch with us. 

Why is getting sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa a good move?

Sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa are the popular three-layered panel and get widely recommended for their excellent insulation. The profiled and non-profiled lightweight panels have the insulating material at the core that’s well-protected by two galvanized sheets for durability and strength. TSSC is one of the topmost sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa to offer custom-made panels that are durable, weather-resistant, strong and easy to maintain. The panels are widely used in cold chain logistics. Not only cold rooms, even display chillers, freezer trucks and other cold storage units have sandwich panels for protection and thermal insulation. Let’s find out the benefits of investing in these high-quality panels.

Heat and sound insulation

The sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa, known for their excellent heat and sound insulation properties, are highly in demand. The polyurethane and mineral wool insulating materials at the core of the panels ensure good insulation for preventing the cold air from escaping from the inner chambers. In addition, the panels get coated with UV-resistant special paints that help to reflect light and heat energies back into the outer environment. As a result, the high-quality panels provide good insulation and the cold storage units can maintain freezing temperatures for the longest time without hassles.

Simple installation

The lightweight panels are the simplest and fastest to install. With innovative and unique cam lock and slip joint technology, the sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure easy assembling and help join multiple panels together seamlessly. The sandwich panels are easy to install and highly flexible with a strong routing system and perfect construction. However, you need to get custom-made panels from TSSC Group for the perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Resistant to water and fire

Did you know that the sandwich panels can control moisture and humidity in cold rooms quite effectively? The structurally strong panels have streamlined fittings that make them waterproof and leak-proof. The panels are non-toxic, lead-free and FDA-compliant, making them ideal for cold rooms where food, beverages, medicines and other chemicals get stored. The panels are resistant to fire and help prevent the spread of the flames to a great extent. However, for optimal fire-resistivity, the panels need customization from skilled manufacturers after taking into account other considerations like the height of the building and the insulating core. The PIR core is ideal for fire-resistant panels.

The sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa are waterproof and virtually maintenance-free. As a result, the panels do not need regular cleaning and repeated repairing. Professional clean-up only once a year is good enough to ensure good maintenance of the mold-resistant and anti-bacterial panels.


The sandwich panels are highly durable and can last for more than 50 years. The panels are sustainable and recyclable too. The lightweight panels known for their high performance are non-corrosive and have resistance towards seismic forces. TSSC, one of the most prominent sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa, uses innovative ideas and advanced technologies to get you the ideal panel for your application.

Final Words

Come to TSSC for custom-made panels. We have almost 50 years of experience in delivering quality services and products at an affordable price. Request a quote now.

Contact TSSC for premium quality refrigerated trucks in the UAE

UAE has a hot climate and the temperatures are high not only in the summer season, but all around the year. Cold rooms are a necessity in such places. These storage units preserve temperature-sensitive items and maintain their efficiency. The cold rooms have strong, durable and well-insulated cold store panels in UAE to ensure an airtight compartment. However, people have progressed from the cold rooms and are now looking for insulated freezer trucks to transport temperature-sensitive commodities. TSSC manufacturers have the finest engineers to provide you with functional and durable refrigerated trucks in UAE. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in freezer trucks to ramp up your business.

Insulation is necessary 

Although the refrigerated truck in the UAE would have an air cooler attached to maintain the ideal cold temperature, but heat insulation is an added advantage. TSSC manufacturers use six cold store panels in UAE to build well-insulated trucks. The panels have strong thermal insulation characteristics that ensure that the cold air does not escape. TSSC freezer trucks have a powerful and automated condenser system that regulates the temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. However, at times if the condenser system fails, the insulation ensures to maintain the specific temperature for at least 10 hours. Such a freezer truck is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items across long distances.

Opt for reefer trucks built by TSSC manufacturers – Energy-efficient and durable 

We design the finest quality reefer trucks that are well-insulated with an effective cooling system. Our trucks are strong and durable to carry goods and commodities that are prone to spoilage during freight. These trucks are large vehicles used in transporting goods to far-off places and thus the need for a good quality condenser system with optimal thermal insulation. TSSC engineers build these trucks with high-quality cold store panels in UAE to ensure enhanced durability and long-lasting insulation, even if there’s a breakdown or an untoward event. The reefer trucks are energy-efficient and can help you lower the utility bills. The insulation lessens the load on the air coolers, which in turn helps in conserving the energy. The energy-saving aspect, in turn, reflects on the reduced utility bills. If you want to make savings in the long run, then these energy-efficient trucks are a great investment.

Customize your needs

Not all refrigerated trucks in UAE are the same. Some trucks are good at maintaining freezing temperatures and are ideal for the transportation of medicines, vaccines and chemicals. However, some trucks are large enough with adequate insulation to transport food and beverages, which does not need extremely cold and freezing temperatures. However, most contractors and businesses look for trucks with a temperature control system to adjust the thermal reading depending on the requirements. TSSC engineers can customize your refrigerated truck as per project specifications.


TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of expertise, experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers get you high-performing refrigerated trucks that are resistant to fire, harsh weather and ensure complete safety of the items throughout the journey. The trucks are manufactured under the brand name Celsius, which is a part of TSSC Group. Request a quote today. Visit us for a free consultation.

Insulating and protecting your roofs with standing seam roofs

Standing seam metal roofing is a covered fastener roofing system that features vertical legs and a flat surface in between. This type of metal roofing is one of the sturdiest and weather-tight roof systems available within the industry. The concealed design ensures that the fasteners are not exposed to those elements that could fail over time. Standing seam roof in West Africa is fastened to the deck of the roof with clamps. As a result, there are no holes that could allow moisture to seep through. 

The importance of a roof?

The roof is a crucial part of any construction that requires solid protection. This structure is exposed to various climatic and environmental conditions. Therefore, it requires double protection that standing seam roof panels can offer. The Western part of Africa is very hot and humid. Hence, roofs should be adequately insulated to keep your cooling systems functioning by consuming the least electricity. 

The types of roof panels 

Are you looking for a standing seam roof in West Africa? TSSC Group in West Africa manufactures insulated standing seam roof panels. The Harwal BASECO brand by TSSC offers standing seam roofs that comply with the latest construction trends for civil and industrial buildings. The seamless roofing’s offer improved protection and durability compared to conventional roofing systems. In addition, the panels are equipped with enhanced wind resistance, which makes them safer during turbulent weather conditions. The roofing sheets are available in a curved and tapered structure that caters to various building requirements. 

TSSC seamless roof panels offer snap lock and field seam panels. The snap panels are attached to the deck with the help of clips that allow free thermal movement to the metal panels. The field seam panels require fixing the clip with the hand or machine. There are four metal roof panels:

  • One-piece snap lock
  • Symmetrical seam
  • Double-lock seam
  • Two-piece snap-lock interlock     
Low maintenance and long lasting

Take a look at the components of a standing seam roof in West Africa. There is a core and two face sheets exist on the two sides. The panels are made from high-quality and functional sandwich panels. The panels offer insulation, weather resistance, robustness and cost-effectiveness. 

Metal roofs cost a little more compared to the other types, which include asphalt shingles. However, metal roofs require very low maintenance to last for almost 40-50 years and it is a pretty long time. So you invest once and you do not have to worry about repairs or maintenance. 

Learn More

TSSC can customize a solution for your next project

We have a team for assistance right from planning to implementation and after-sales support as well. We are the leaders in the Western part of Africa for offering cladding and roofing solutions. It has been almost 50 years and more that we are offering construction and insulation solutions in many countries across the globe. We have plenty of clients from various industries and of all sizes. 

Final words

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts if you are looking for a long-term solution. We are among the top insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa. Please discuss your project with our team.

The versatility of metal standing seam roof panels in East Africa

Historically standing seam corrugated or metal roofs were used in agricultural and commercial buildings. However, it has been a few years that metal roofs have gained popularity for homes. Standing seams are very common these days in the eastern part of Africa. Aluminum and galvanized steel are the two types of materials used for roofing. The metals are coated for color preservation and extra protection. Standing seam roof in East Africa is an architecturally superior and versatile roofing system that has weatherproofing qualities. 

Standing seam roof in East Africa is a hidden metal fixed roof system that features vertical ribs with a pan or a flat space in the middle. The edges on the side of a roof panel are seamed along the length of the connecting roof panels. Metal roofs are durable, have adequate insulation and have weatherproofing qualities. 

Insulation properties of the standing seam panels

The roof is a very important part of the construction, and it requires adequate protection for maintenance. A roof is exposed to all the weather extremities. Therefore, it requires double protection that standing seam roof panels can offer. Eastern Africa has a tropical climate, the days are extremely hot. The air cooler keeps on running the whole day, and it has to perform under pressure for the whole day. The result is huge energy bills which can reduce the performance of the cooling system. An insulated roof can help in reducing your energy bills by aiding in faster cooling.

Customized standing seam roofs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa consists of a core, two face sheets on both sides. These roof panels are made from superior quality sandwich panels. The panels offer insulation, weather resistance, robustness and cost-effectiveness. The standing seam panels are tapered and curved, but you can customize them based on your requirements.

Long-lasting metal panels 

Metal roofs are expensive compared to asphalt shingles, and the former is long-lasting. Metal roofs can last for almost 40-47 years, which is a very long time. At the same time, traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life of an average of 20 years. 

 The types of metal roof panels 

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa that offers snap-lock panels and field-seamed panels. These snap lock panels are fixed to the deck of the roof with the help of clips. This facilitates thermal movement to the metal panels. The field seam panels are similar to the snap-lock ones but the fixing clip should be crimped with the hand or machine. There are four metal roof panels:

  • One-piece snap lock
  • Symmetrical seam
  • Double-lock seam
  • Two-piece snap-lock interlock     


Final words

TSSC Group operates in East Africa, manufacturing complete construction solutions and expert roofing, cladding solutions. We have been designing functional solutions for more than 40 years. Our expert engineers have rich experience in designing modern standing seam roof panels. We have clients belonging from various industries and are content with our services. 

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts if you are looking for a long-term solution. We are among the top insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Please discuss your project with our team.