The core material speaks about the performance of the insulated sandwich panels

The Sandwich panel is suitable for commercial and residential projects. They are composite elements used to build walls, floors and roofs. They are known as insulated panels, there is an insulation layer known as the core which is sandwiched between both layers. Due to the advancement in building materials, sandwich panels have come a long way from their ancient prototypes. The panels can be engineered to withstand a number of internal and external conditions. This makes them popular for internal and external use. Qatar’s air quality sandwich panels are ideal for setting up cold storage units that require thorough interior climatic conditions to store goods safely. 

The core determines the performance

Sandwich panels in Qatar require a greater upfront but their performance is unbeatable. The performance of the sandwich panels varies depending on the core material and the external layers referred to as sheathing. The core material determines the durability, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance. Some common core materials are PU, PUR, mineral wool, PIR, IPN and a few more. Each of the materials has its pros and cons. The panels filled with foamed plastic are used for temporary structures as they do not show great performance and are combustible. The panels are recyclable and lightweight so they do not require higher transportation costs. 

Hassle-free installation

Are you aware of the R-value of the panels? It refers to the insulation capacity or the capacity to resist heat flow. TSSC engineers thicker insulated panels that have a higher R-value. The installation process is very simple. These structures offer aesthetics primarily due to the flawless finish. The panels have thermal insulation, they are water-resistant and sound-resistant wall panels. The sandwich panels have hidden joints that can be laid horizontally or vertically. TSSC’s sandwich panels in Qatar have fasteners installed inside several commercial structures. The panels do not require regular cleaning or maintenance. We offer yearly maintenance for our customers. 

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001-certified company that manufactures premium building and construction supplies and insulated panels for commercial and residential use. The company has had various clients for more than 50 years and we have earned an immense reputation. We are the leaders in manufacturing reliable roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC Group offers its services across the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East and West Africa. We are among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar Sandwich panels are widely used across commercial spaces, industrial facilities, power plants, cold storage, warehouses, residential buildings, etc. TSSC Group offers dedicated yearly maintenance of these insulated panels. Please check the TSSC Group inventory for sandwich panels and insulated products. Refer to the website to get complete information about insulated panels and other related structures. TSSC insulated sandwich panels are shipped directly from the factory to your site. The company assigns a team of engineers and managers to customize projects. We manage everything from project planning to timely delivery. 

Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution and request a quote.

Knowing about sandwich wall panels in Qatar manufactured by TSSC Group

Sandwich panels in Qatar are composite structures that are like a sandwich. Tough metal sheets surround an insulated core in the middle. Sandwich panels are used in modern construction and they protect the buildings from external factors. 

Long-lasting insulated sandwich panels 

The shelf-life of sandwich panels depends on the product components and the manufacturer. Sandwich panels in Qatar have a better strength-to-weight ratio and load-bearing capacity. The panels can be transported easily without high transportation costs. The core material of the sandwich panels is reasonable and moderately priced. The durability and robustness of these structures reduce the overall maintenance cost. 

R-value of sandwich panels 

The R-value is an important sandwich wall and ceiling panel. R-value refers to the insulation capacity or the ability to resist heat flow. TSSC engineers try to design the insulating layer as thick as possible to increase the R-value of the panels. 

Save your energy bills with insulated sandwich panels

Using sandwich panels for building purposes reduces the total energy bill. The insulated panels help decrease the formation of mold and mildew due to humidity and dampness. The panels offer insulation against sound. Upon installing sandwich panels, the interior remains calm and noise-free. Sandwich panels resist fire hazards which is indeed a big benefit. The panels have a Class A, 1-hour fire rating that offers resistivity. The percentage of fire protection TSSC panels offer depends on the environment it is being fitted in. For instance, commercial facilities that have a stock of chemicals and combustible materials in higher amounts would require higher fire protection. TSSC Group stresses mass production and solid customization. Insulated sandwich panels in Qatar are lightweight, flexible and can be recycled. We use the same panel for most of the panel projects every time. We use an advanced system to offer a configuration layout per the customer’s requirements. 

Customized sandwich panels 

TSSC insulated sandwich panels have hidden joints that can be laid horizontally or vertically. TSSC’s sandwich panels have revealed fasteners installed inside various commercial and industrial buildings. Apart from the cost-saving, sandwich panels are easy and can be installed quickly. TSSC sandwich panels are shipped directly from the factory to your site. The insulated panels are pre-cut and labeled to match the project’s CAD drawing easily. This means the sandwich panels can be erected on-site with no extra fabrication. We customize sandwich panels according to your budget and project requirements. 

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures building, construction supplies and insulated panels for commercial and residential use. We offer services across the Middle East, Gulf countries and East Africa. We are one of the reputed and experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. Sandwich panels are used across commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storage, power plants, residential buildings, and more. Please read our website to get complete information about sandwich panels in Qatar. The panels are hassle-free to install and require low maintenance. TSSC Group offers yearly maintenance of these insulated panels. TSSC Group has been operating globally for more than 50 years. Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution and request a quote.

Get to know the reasons why sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar are ideal for your cold room

Sandwich panels have become highly popular in Qatar because of their insulating properties. The three-layered panels are excellent for cladding and roofing. In addition, these insulated panels are a good choice for homes, offices, buildings and cold rooms. However, the finest quality sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar get manufactured by TSSC Group. Our experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers build the customized panels with innovative technologies that last long and score high on durability. TSSC is one of the most notable sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar, with almost 50 years of experience. Here are the reasons why you must exclusively get only sandwich panels for the cold rooms.

Three-layered panels offer the maximum insulation

Just like the name, sandwich panels have three layers and offer impeccable insulation. The innermost core of the panel has the insulating material made from PIR, PUR, EPS and mineral wool. The insulated core does the main insulation job and gets optimal protection from the two galvanized face sheets. In addition, the core has heat resistance properties to guard against dampness, heat, cold temperatures and other kinds of climatic conditions. However, the catch here is that the three-layered panels are lightweight and durable, making the installation process easier and faster.

The thermal resistivity of the sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar depends on the cellular structure and insulation board. Qatar has a hot climate and for this reason, cold rooms need good insulation to keep the cold air indoors while the hot air stays outside. The airtight environment inside the cold rooms also helps to control moisture and humidity levels. TSSC Group ensures that you get quality custom-made sandwich panels that last for years without constant replacements or repairs.

Energy-efficiency – Save your money

Did you know cold rooms need to maintain a specific temperature all throughout? Whether it’s day or night, the cold rooms should have an ideal temperature to maintain the quality of the temperature-sensitive items. The air coolers need to work 24×7 without rest, unless you order insulated panels from the reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar to reduce the pressure on the air coolers. The insulated panels help to conserve the cold air and restrict the airflow. All this reduces the energy consumption and the burden on the air coolers gets minimized to a great extent. The reduced usage of energy leads to lower utility bills and thus, you save your hard-earned money in the long run. Cold chain owners do not have to worry about power bills, once they install insulated panels. These panels keep the insulation going 24×7 and can keep the indoors cool for 10 hours or even longer than that.

Customization of the sandwich panels

The waterproof sandwich panels function smoothly, only if they get customized from reputed manufacturers like TSSC Group. You can order to alter the shape, size, design and color as per your requirements. Generally, contractors and builders sit with the TSSC engineers to discuss the project and decide upon the requirements. Then, you can get in touch with us and seek a free professional consultation. Our engineers provide you with expert advice that might help you make a decision. Don’t delay. Request a quote now and reach out to us.

TSSC Group has a good reputation in the construction and building industry for its impeccable services and products. We deliver nothing less than excellence at a reasonable budget.