The increasing use of sandwich panels in building and construction

Sandwich panels are heavily used in building and construction as they offer architectural liberty. A sandwich panel is used to clad walls and roof of buildings. Every panel has a core that is made of thermos-insulating material. This is protected on both the sides with two metal sheets. These panels are curtain materials and not structural materials. In spite of the thickness of the core, the sandwich panel composites are lightweight and have a higher strength. The composites have a spatial structure that affects the thermal insulation properties. These panels are used in applications where a higher amount of stiffness is combined with lower structural weight.

Lightweight and functional sandwich panels

TSSC designs sandwich panels that are lightweight and functional. They are easy to install and do not require regular maintenance. TSSC Group offers once-a-year maintenance of the panels. The panels are used across different projects in the industrial sector. The escalating scale of usage of sandwich panels in commercial construction is resulting in the growing interest in technology among the investors. TSSC’s sandwich panels are made of high-quality components that are inexpensive yet functional. TSSC sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. The panels support loads that have low structural material. TSSC’s sandwich panels have a protected joining system, flat surface or micro-ribbed surface. The joints are flexible and can endure vibrations.

Efficient roofing and cladding systems from TSSC

TSSC’s sandwich panels are capable of offering thermal insulation, sound protection, and fire resistance. The panels improve the aesthetic appearance of the building interior. Sandwich panels are available in different profiles and finishes. Order panels from our store and we customize based on your requirements. Please visit the TSSC Group website for information on sandwich panels and other insulated structures. TSSSC Group designs efficient roofing, cladding systems, and construction supplies. The panels are designed by experts and tested for quality before initiating the shipping process. TSSC Group is one of the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman.

TSSC Group – contributing for more than four decades

TSSC Group is one of the experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that designs and manufactures insulated building and construction facilities. We have been offering building solutions for more than 50 years. The company has been successfully operating in and around the Middle East and the Gulf countries for more than four decades. TSSC Group was established in 1975, a wing of the Harwal Group. We have been focusing on providing engineering excellence. TSSC Group is one of the renowned companies that offers insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. TSSC Group offers value engineering by implementing 3D designing, engineering, manufacturing, and timely delivery. Our expertise includes manufacturing insulated panels, mineral wool manufacturing, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. 

Final words

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The advantages of using high-quality sandwich panels in Oman

Are you looking for high-quality sandwich panels in Oman? If yes, then TSSC is the right place for shopping for insulated panels in the Gulf Area.

Sandwich panels in Oman are used for roofing and cladding. These panels have thin metal sheets on the two sides and a soft core that offers thermal insulation. These structures offer the right kind of support to a building. The panels are mostly attached to a steel framework for additional support.

Sandwich panels and their insulating capabilities

Sandwich panels are mainly used for insulation, and the industry relies on high-quality panels. Countries that experience extreme weather conditions need to install insulated panels. For example, Oman and other gulf regions experience very hot summers with sweltering heat. The real estate market is seeing brighter days in the Gulf region, boosting the requirement for various modern construction materials and techniques. Residential and commercial property owners install air coolers which results in high energy bills. Adequate insulation helps to maintain the right kind of temperature without raising your energy bills.

What are sandwich panels?

These are structural materials that comprise a stiff core along with two face sheets. It has top-notch structural ability, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Here, we will unknot more advantages of sandwich panels. The confluence of availability and durability is the most important factor. This helps the TSSC professionals to complete the ongoing projects. The panels are excellent for roofing, wall partitioning of the cold storage, warehouses, and porticos. Sheet insulation is the most preferred among sandwich panel manufacturers. The experts use top-quality polyisocyanurate (PIR) and mineral wool.

The advantages of sandwich panels

The total time taken for construction plays a major role. Sandwich panels facilitate faster and more efficient construction. A construction that is erected using the traditional building method can take up to 6 months. However, the same structure can be completed in one month.
Sandwich panels in Oman have high usability and require very low maintenance. These effective panels are an affordable long-term solution used in modern-day construction.

Are you planning a construction project?

TSSC Group in Oman designs sandwich panels that help to control the internal and external climatic conditions. The TSSC engineers believe in specific client requirements and not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Our premium-quality insulated panels are customized based on your requirements. We are an ISO 9001 that manufactures all types of building and construction supplies. TSSC has been operating its business for the past 50 years and has lived up to your expectations. Our solutions cater to the requirements of the present market.

Final words

There are different types of sandwich panels so get panels from TSSC that ensure quality and functionality. We are the experts and one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman.

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