Install sandwich panels having a greater R-value for maximum insulation

A sandwich panel is composed of three materials attached as a sandwich. Sandwich panels are used in applications starting from roofing and flooring. These panels are also called composite panels which means they are formed utilizing more than a single type of material. These structures are called sandwich panels due to their configuration. The panels have three components: two metal durable layers that face outwards and a thick insulated core in the middle. You can imagine the outside metal panels are the bread and the core as the sandwich filling. 

Insulated panels with greater R value

R value is a common term used in building and construction. It refers to the insulating capacity of the materials. Here, the R value of sandwich panels means its insulating capability. The R value of a panel increases when the insulating part is very thick. TSSC’s sandwich insulated panels have a higher R value. So, they are suitable for environments both colder and hotter. The wall panels perform a great job of keeping the outside heat out. Similarly, it maintains an optimum environment inside a commercial space. 

Panels available in different profiles and finishes

TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels offer aesthetics to the building, fire resistivity, noise reduction and thermal insulation. TSSC’s insulated panels have a hidden joint system laid vertically or horizontally. This offer an aesthetic appearance to the building. Our high performing panels are available in different finishes, profiles and colors. We are one of the most reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa

TSSC Group is the leaders in designing insulated solutions

TSSC Group is a company in East Africa that manufactures insulated panels for roofing and cladding. We design many building materials for the building and construction industry. TSSC manufacture cladding sheets, seamed roofs, glass systems, cold rooms, doors, windows, prefab shelters, factory manufactured houses, portacabins and so much more. We also offer galvanizing services to our customers. Our construction materials are certified and have a fire rating. We have more than 50 years of experience in designing construction solutions. Our range of insulated panels offers flawless thermal performance and facilitates a shorter construction time. The wall and roof panels are easy to install and available in flat and corrugated finishes. 

Enjoy cost savings

Sandwich panels offer cost saving options. We use the same system every time for most of the panel projects. We offer custom sandwich panel solutions so that it fits seamlessly inside your wall panel, minimizing additional work. TSSC have a team of expert builders that manufacture advanced insulated panels. Please discuss your project with us. We assign a project manager for your project so you get to know the project development and experience on time delivery. 

Final words

Do you have a project to complete and are looking for insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa? TSSC Group designs solutions tailored to your budget and requirements. Create an effective solution for your next project. We are here to offer expert opinions. Discuss with our experts for a solution. Request a quote.

The importance of insulating your warehouse interior with sandwich panels

Promoting sales for your business is half the battle won. Proper warehouse management is the other half. It is very important to have structured warehouse management for customer satisfaction. A warehouse is a building that stores products for stocking, packing and shipping. These units are central locations that manage inbound and outbound products.  Warehouse management for those businesses that sell physical goods. The requirement increases with more sales and a warehouse offers secure storage for products. These units are connected to office complexes. It is important to ensure whether a warehouse is functional. It all depends on how well you maintain the space. 

The role of insulation inside warehouses

Insulation plays a pivotal role in arresting heat transfer, moisture retention and helps to maintain optimum interior conditions. Warehouse insulation helps to maintain the quality of the products that are stored inside the warehouse for prolonged time. Check whether there are proper thermal insulation conditions for your unit. Insulating your warehouse results in a reduction in the utility bills. In reality, the cost you pay for the energy bills is more than what you invest in warehouse insulation. Proper insulation by installing sandwich panels helps to reduce the energy consumption and eventually low fuel consumption. This leads to low carbon emission. Install warehouse sandwich panels in East Africa 

3-layered sandwich panels

A sandwich panel installed inside warehouses can increase the efficiency of the unit. A sandwich panel is a structure that has three layers, two dense metal layers protecting a low-density core material in the middle. These panels are extremely lightweight and offer higher load bearing capacity. The panels are water-resistant and do not allow mold or bacterial growth. 

TSSC Group – manufacturing premium sandwich panels 

TSSC Group is a renowned company having more than 50 years of experience. We are an ISO 9001 certified company in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. We are among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. Our certified and expert engineers implement technologies to get you premium quality products for the projects. The company responsibly contributes toward a greener environment by not overusing the available resources. We use solar power for running the industrial cooling processes. Our engineers have designed improved solar panels for powering the cooling units. This is most suitable for cooling trailers and trucks operating at very low temperatures. TSSC Group is the leader in the East African construction and building industry. We manufacture customized insulated panels, roofing and cladding solutions. 

TSSC designs cold storage and warehousing industries. We have a team of expert manufacturers and engineers who design portable and non-portable cooling solutions. TSSC Group implements modern techniques to manufacture insulated cooling vehicle bodies. Our warehouse panels have quality certificates that ensure customer guarantee on the performance of the panels. The sandwich panels are non-toxic, FM-approved, they are fire-resistant and have self-extinguishing capability. 

Final words

We have clients from different industry verticals. Please discuss your warehousing project with the experts. TSSC Group is one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. We are here to offer suggestions on warehousing and commercial refrigeration. TSSC Group caters requirements and customizes according to your budget and needs. Discuss with our experts for a solution—request a quote.

The lightweight and insulated core makes up insulated sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are made from water-resistant foam that does not absorb humidity. The insulated panels do not promote the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria. TSSC Group uses the lightweight Styrofoam core that remains in honeycomb form. The insulating materials are used for industrial and residential buildings.

What are sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels can be segregated into different layers. The panels are two metal sheets on both sides and an insulated core in the middle. The insulated panels are ideal for roofing, walling and cladding solutions. Sandwich roof panels are durable and the robustness does not depend on the dampness and humidity factor. 

Simple installation process

Sandwich panels are simple to install and the process could take only 7-8 hours. TSSC Group has a team of expert sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa and experienced contractors to complete the installation process. TSSC manufactures durable sandwich panels including accessories like fasteners, sub-frames and screws. Lightweight insulated panels are transported to the site easily without hassle and with great transportation costs. The arrangement of the sandwich panels depends on how you want it to be, entirely bespoke. 

Pre-engineered insulated panels 

TSSC Group designs pre-engineered insulated sandwich structures. The building elements are shaped from the bolt assembly and galvanized cold-rolled steel frames are used. The frames allow faster and more efficient erecting and designing of durable steel-framed structures. TSSC Group has introduced the brand, EASY WALL panels that are simple to install, affordable and have other advantages. These are suitable for interior and exterior partitions. Pre-engineered steel structures allow large-scale construction and can be customized within a short time frame. These buildings are commonly used as commercial structures, industrial facilities, sports facilities, social facilities, cultural centers, warehouses, etc. 

TSSC Group – the leading manufacturer of insulated panels 

TSSC Group is one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. It is an ISO 9001 company specializing in insulated construction and building solutions. We are the leaders in offering roofing and cladding solutions. We have been in the business for more than four decades or more than 50 years. TSSC has a varied client base from industries of all sizes in East Africa. Our sandwich insulated panels are affordable, but the thickness of the panels including the core material decides the expenses. The EPS core is ideal and the PIR core showcases great performance. 

Final words – TSSC Group combining excellence with innovation

TSSC Group combines excellence and innovation to manufacture construction supplies. The Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. You can book a free consultation to discuss your project with the TSSC team and we offer you a customized solution. Keep an eye on our website for complete information and seasonal offers and discounts from our store. We have an experienced team to manage your project from the initiation phase to timely delivery. TSSC Group offers on-time after-sales support. Our certified engineers have constantly been researching to implement the latest technology while manufacturing insulated panels. We have a team of representatives who visit your site. Reach us for a solution for your next project, and request a quote.