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There is a great demand for commercial refrigeration. These modern cooling vehicles are facilitated with remote control for accurate temperature monitoring and control. The demand for goods has resulted in better warehousing, leading to the growth of refrigerated vehicles. Transportation of perishable goods has been made simpler. TSSC’s trailers are facilitated with electronic door seals that make your vehicle smarter and keep the cold air in. You can add TSSC’s trucks and trailers to your fleet. Renowned companies use premium cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to design various cooling solutions. You cannot ignore the climatic factor as well. The weather in Saudi Arabia is extremely hot. It is difficult to transport perishable goods without any cooling. Ice is humid and is not a long-lasting solution. The refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia continues to be the only choice for transporting frozen goods, edibles, and pharmaceuticals.

The importance of commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration not only protects from food spoilage. Many products are shipped locally, nationally, and regionally and require refrigeration. Some items like medicines, personal care, chemicals and engineered goods can be spoiled if not kept in a dry and chilled environment. A refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is not functional unless adequately insulated. The cooler inside the trucks works tirelessly to keep the interior chilled. Any leakage would result in inefficiency and cause the cooler to function more than its capacity to keep up the cooling. The right kind of insulation makes sure that a constant low temperature is maintained inside effortlessly. Installing cold store panels in Saudi Arabia helps in energy conservation. Good insulation inside your cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia results in greater efficiency and lower energy bills. 

TSSC’s reefer trucks

TSSC cooling trucks are equipped with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia that help to keep the items fresh for an extended duration. Our engineers use only six cold store insulated panels These cooler trucks can hold temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. These compartments inside the vehicles hold the temperature for at least 10 hours after switching off the cooler.

Final words – the leaders in commercial refrigeration

TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience in offering insulated solutions. We are the leaders in offering building and construction solutions. We design refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia that are waterproof, durable and weather-resistant. Our vehicles are functional, robust and lightweight. We customize the cooling trucks based on your requirements. This makes transporting goods easier from the warehouse to various distribution hubs. TSSC Group will help you navigate the different complexities of reefer ownership. TSSC Group has ample experience in the transportation industry. TSSC Group offers superior refrigerated truck bodies in the country. We have the knowledge and resources to offer clients a wide range of commercial cooling choices. 

Final words

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Knowing how the cold storage industry has promoted sales

The commercialization refrigeration market is expanding exponentially as the hotel, hospitality and real estate sector is booming. Cold storage effectively handles perishable goods in bulk between production and marketing. Inside these units, the commodities are preserved in a fresh state by maintaining adequate temperature and proper humidity levels. A cold store room in Saudi Arabia is essential for the food industry, biotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical sector. The world is shielded by globalization, the consumption of various products has witnessed a sharp escalation. There are various advantages of cold storage solutions that make it ideal for storing perishable items in bulk. 

Insulation is essential for your cold store interior

The weather in Saudi Arabia plays a major role in promoting cold storage. The summers are extremely hot, harsh and humid. The cold storage should have adequate insulation to ensure that the hot air from outside does not get inside and the temperature inside the cold storage chills. We recommend insulating the cold store interiors with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. TSSC Group manufactures insulated sandwich panels. These panels are two rigid metal sheets surrounded by an insulated core in the middle. The sandwich panels can offer adequate insulation to the cold store interior. 

Bulk storage is cost-effective 

Cold storages are a cost-effective way of storing items and storing items in bulk results in saving money. For instance, the food industry in Saudi Arabia is dependent on the longevity of raw edibles. Cold storages prevent spoilage, helping to save money. Recently, there has been ample development in cold storage technology. Did you hear about a gas-controlled cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia? This keeps the pressure extremely low, saving a lot of energy. Storing perishable goods in retail stores is challenging due to the lack of space. Cold store warehouses are ideal for storing many items before they are distributed to the retail stores. Consolidating storage makes it easier to track sales and purchases. 

Achieving growth – effective cold store solutions

Commercial refrigeration and cold storage have promoted business growth. The medical industry could save lives due to the cold storage facility in the organ transplantation sector. The cold storage industry is progressing towards tremendous growth on a global basis. A proper supply chain management that includes effective cold storage can save the wastage of organic edible products. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia have also promoted sales in the retail sector. These are equipped with functional and attractive glass doors that effectively display edible items and drinks to the buyers. 

Final words – TSSC Group 

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Store perishable items efficiently inside cold storage equipped with insulated panels

A cold room or a refrigeration chamber is a warehouse in which perishable items are stored where a low temperature is artificially generated. For example, a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia is designed to store items in an indoor environment below the temperature outside. Some of the products that require refrigeration include vegetables, fruits—seafood, flowers and meat. The internal temperature depends on the product or material that will be stored. For instance, frozen food is stored below zero-degree temperature whereas vegetables and fruits are stored at zero degrees. Also, the subtropical and tropical fruits are usually stored at 5-15 degrees centigrade. 

The importance of commercial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration can slow down the biological and chemical processes in food which controls the loss of quality and degradation. Through proper storage, the life of perishable items can be extended by several days only by the cooling process. Life can be increased by weeks and months via freezing.

Commercial refrigeration is extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. This process involves the use of advanced technology and machines. A cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia is used to store edible items and medicines, flowers, cosmetics, certain beverages, and more. 

Install cold store panels and save energy

The chilling process involves the transfer of heat to maintain a desirable low temperature. However, cold storage can take up a lot of energy to function smoothly. So, to make the cooling process more efficient, it is very important to keep the insulation requirement in mind. Insulation prevents the entry of warm air and the escape of cold air, which delays the cooling and energy consumed. Therefore, it is necessary to install cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. TSSC cold store panels are efficient in helping you to save energy while delivering faster cooling. You can decide on the size of your unit, which depends on your storage requirements. 

Cold store panels are used for rooftops, walls, and flooring. The insulated panels are designed by injecting polyurethane foam in between metal cladding at a very high density. These panels have monolithic construction and can maintain temperature and humidity inside the structure. 

Invest in refrigerated trucks for transportation

Static refrigeration is not sufficient. What would happen to the goods when they are transported from one location to another? These goods should be transported in big trucks equipped with cooling facilities. Invest in an affordable refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. A refrigerated truck is a vehicle facilitated with chilling facilities to remain fresh while being transported for long hours. TSSC designs efficient and insulated solutions for businesses in the country. 

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Cold storage solutions are used across various industries in the Saudi Arabia

The gulf countries have an extreme climatic condition where the days are hot and nights are cool, therefore commercial refrigeration is necessary. The Saudi Arabia is famous for food processing, storage of meat, fish, and more, explaining why cold storages are commonly used in the country.

The driving factors for the growth of cold storages in the Saudi Arabia are the escalating demand for packaged food, the retail sectors, the expansion of logistics and the growth of consumers. Due to cold storage solutions, industries like dairy, frozen foods, sea food, meat, pharma plan to expand its market. The Saudi Arabian government also works towards ending food waste and exploring hygienic food preservation practices. The lack of proper cold storage maintenance infrastructure might stand as a barrier in the growth.

Customized cold storage solutions

The chilling procedure involves heat transfer to sustain a chilled condition inside the storage unit. TSSC Group operates in Saudi Arabia to fulfil the cold storage requirements. We design the most powerful insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. So far, we have designed solutions for cold storages. We have an entire team working to customize the right solution for your business.

Insulation is a priority for cold store panels 

Insulation is a priority without which your cold storage will not function. The interior should be air-tight so that the chill air does not escape. The most important factor is to ensure that a constant low temperature is maintained for efficient chilling. Insulation also helps to maintain the desired temperature inside, lowering your energy bills. When you get low energy bills, you save more money in the long run. So why not strengthen your insulation requirements?

Cold store panels have higher redundancy

Install TSSC cold store panels inside your cold store room in Saudi Arabia. The panels offer rigid insulation having higher redundancy. The panels are durable and are manufactured using a tough core and metal sheets. We recommend panels having a minimum R-value of up to 40. This ensures adequate thermal efficiency for cold rooms. Check the thickness and weight of the panels before you decide on one.

Cold storage panels are ideally used for flooring, walls and rooftops. The insulation is formed by injecting polyurethane foam between the metal cladding which is done at a higher density. These panels have monolithic construction and can maintain temperature and humidity inside the structure. 

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Are you looking for a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia? TSSC designs refrigerated truck boxes for efficient portable refrigeration. Installation is very simple, which depends on the size and type of cold storage room. The panels are good for cold rooms occupying a lot of space. TSSC has an experience in manufacturing roofing and cladding solutions for the past 48 years. We have a team of professionals that can solve your queries. Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project.

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Sandwich panels for cold storage in Saudi Arabia offer complete insulation

Do you know why there is a rising demand for the cold storage market in Saudi Arabia? This is because the packaged food industry is growing at a faster pace. Also, many organizations are spending money on expanding retail and logistics in and around Saudi Arabia. The government is also taking necessary steps for food preservation and to bring about urbanization. 

The rising demand for cold storages in Saudi Arabia

Cold storages use modern cooling techniques to preserve perishable items like raw vegetables, fruits, cooked food, packaged edible items, and medicines. Timely and optimum refrigeration increases the lifespan of the products. Cold rooms are mainly used for bulk storing in-between the production process and the final marketing. 

Control the temperature with sandwich panels 

Sandwich panels for cold storage in Saudi Arabia help to control the temperature inside cold storage. The sandwich panels consist of two outer layers which shield the core inside. The core is very tough and contains insulation properties. The sides that cover the core are made of protective layers. The core is a temperature-protecting material that protects against humidity, heat, cold, and other climatic conditions. The external coverings are protective, which protects the light-weight core. 

Sandwich panels help to bring down the cooling costs 

A lot of industries complain about high energy expenses in Saudi Arabia. They are worried about the expenses while running cold storage. There is a temperature regulation process, so you need to spend a lot of money on the heating and cooling process. TSSC cold storage panels can bring down the cooling costs by being extremely energy efficient. TSSC cold store panels use the least energy to stabilize the interior temperature within a very short duration. These panels do not allow any thermal drift, so less energy is consumed, saving money. In all, our sandwich panels for cold storage in Saudi Arabia helps to reduce functioning costs by about 50%.

Choose the core you wish to install 

TSSC insulated panels have different shapes, sizes, and colors. Our engineers implement the most modern technology during the manufacturing process. TSSC is now one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We tell you that the core is the most important part of the panels. We suggest a core depending on your requirements and budget. You can choose the PIR core for high insulation performance. Mineral fleece gives better sound and fire resistivity. The EPS core is perfect for those who have a tight budget. 

TSSC has a team of trained engineers

The TSSC engineers ensure that the panels are designed in a way it has maximum insulation. We pay a lot of importance to thermal conductivity. Clients appreciate TSSC panels for better thermal performance. TSSC is one of the most renowned manufacturers of building supplies for more than four decades or over 40 years. We are an ISO 9001 company catering to more than thousands of clients from various industries. 

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Insulation and temperature regulation are the two most essential activities inside a cold storage

Setting up a proper cold storage facility means taking care of insulation. These are big-size units that are used for commercial purposes, mainly for storing items that are perishable.

The three types of cold storages

Controlling the temperature is the most important factor when you store raw vegetables, fruits, and medicines…etc. A cold store facility can help storing items under controlled conditions. Cold storages can be segregated into three categories:

  • Temporary storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Frozen storage


Maintaining the right temperature

If you have a cold storage facility, then the next thing you should worry about is maintaining the temperature. Secure the interiors with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. Yes, it’s a country that experiences a tropical climate where days are very hot and nights are comparatively cooler. When you intend to store perishable items, it is very necessary to maintain a constant low temperature.

 We know that insulation plays a major role, the most essential factor why clients chose to install cold store panels. Our cold store panels bear adequate thermal conductivity which helps in managing the cold room temperatures. Our cold storage panels are versatile and most suitable for commercial refrigeration. Our cold store panels are available in various colors, shapes, sizes and materials. Also, the panels are non-porous, have a solid fire rating and are resistant.

Portable cooling units 

TSSC has a huge number of clients so we meet different demands of our customers. Portable refrigeration is one such demanding requirement. TSSC also designs portable cooling units for smaller requirements. You can choose the skid mounted units that are suitable for smaller spaces, also easily transportable. Our engineers use aluminum or steel sheets for better strength and easy portability. The core is made of either PIR or PUR for better insulation.

 Low maintenance insulated sandwich panels 

If you have a project that requires initiation, invest in sandwich panels for cold storage in Saudi Arabia. The panels we offer have solid performance and low-maintenance which help to save costs. The installation procedure is very simple and inexpensive. Only one trained and experienced contractor can complete the installation in a single step.

Our cold store panels can lower the energy consumption

Are you worried about the high energy consumption in your cold storage unit? Yes, temperature regulation can lead to a higher amount of energy bill. TSSC cold store panels are designed in a way to bring down the cooling costs. The panels utilize less amount of energy required to stabilize the inside temperature. The insulated panels do not permit any thermal drift. Very low amount of energy is consumed which leads to low energy bills. In all, this brings down the operation costs by about 50%. 

TSSC and its reputation in the Saudi Arabia

If you are planning to invest in high-quality panels, rely on TSSC solutions. We have been manufacturing cold store panels for pretty many years and have received a lot of positive reviews now. TSSC is manufacturing construction and building materials and by now we have a lot of clients. We are ISO 9001 and a renowned company in the Saudi Arabia.

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