The common benefits of installing Lightweight partition wall panels in the Middle East

Did you ever think about why you should have a concrete wall? The thermal mass of a cement wall offers better insulation against extreme temperatures. It’s much better than metal walls, so concrete walls can help to maintain a constant temperature. It can also bring down the cooling and heating costs. The mass is so dense that the construction requires a very low level of insulation. Concrete construction offers durable walls. Also, there are so many rotting chances due to moisture, rain, diffusion, and the walls are not affected by termites.

The popularity of wall panels

Wall panel systems are now extensively popular throughout the UAE. Now the architectural world has experienced a lot of advancement for many good reasons. If you consider ROI, it has offered the best returns. Hence, it is easy to choose between cement walls and traditional construction. Lightweight is made up of an expanding agent which increases the mixing volume. A Lightweight partition wall panel

The advantages of lightweight wall panels

Lightweight panels are used in prefabricated constructions in erecting various structures. The specialties of lightweight concrete are low density and better thermal conductivity. Shrinkage and creep for lightweight concrete are pretty high compared to the normal weight of concrete. This is considered while designing the structure. 

Lightweight concrete can be either lightweight aggregate concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, or foamed concrete. These lightweight blocks are efficiently used in building construction. Take a look at the advantages of lightweight aggregate:

  • The panels have thermal properties
  • Reduced foam work and propping
  • Better resistivity to fire
  • Least dead loads, save cost in laying foundations
  • Saves in handling and transportation costs

Do you know what foamed concrete is? 

Foamed concrete has a much lower density and is workable. This compact is self-compacting, can be pumped, and is self-leveling. This type of concrete fills the gaps in fuel tanks, culverts, and sewer systems. Sufficient thermal insulation makes foamed concrete ideal for concrete floors, sub-screeds, and filing under-floor gaps.

Do you know how a lightweight cement wall is formed? 

The batching process is usually completed by using a ready-made mixture of concrete. The concrete is placed by a skip or a chute. Lightweight concrete is available by the pumping process but make sure that the mixture is not separated. If the mix is worth pumping, use natural sand. Its results in segregation in case over-vibration is applied to the cement wall.

Enjoy more savings

Invest in lightweight cement walls and save on life-cycle expenses. When lightweight concrete is used, you can start building and finish off a single unit and the entire laying operation. The array of textures, finishes, and colors ensures that you do not require any other wall covering. Greater durability means least repairs, no rusting or discoloration. You do not need re-painting and maintenance. 

Consult with TSSC experts

TSSC insulated panels add value to the construction sector. It is preferred by builders, contractors, consultants, and developers. The concrete blocks help investors save a lot of money. They can complete the project on time and help to reduce the foundation cost to generate more ROI. 

Are you looking for insulated panels in the UAE? 

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts. We are operating in the UAE, Middle East, and Dubai. We have more than four decades of experience in designing wall panel systems. The panels are made from top quality material. Our advanced panels are affordable and customizable.

Installing lightweight concrete panels from TSSC is the solution for prefab development

The prefabricated building process is becoming extremely popular where there is less time. The world is moving faster and the time-consuming procedures are gaining prominence. 

Significance of roof panel system:

Prefab development takes less time and includes the least problem when contrasted with the traditional development technique. A couple of materials are required to make the development cycle quicker and longer-enduring. Thus, lightweight concrete panels are one of the fixings utilized in prefab development. Most developers like this material because of its lightweight nature and low-thickness. 

Do you know when lightweight boards were first utilized? It dates back to 1917 where the American Emergency Fleet Corporation assembled a few boats using these lightweight squares. At that point, the ships were mainstream for strength and toughness. Presently with years cruising by, the boards are getting increasingly more famous in the development area. Since then, the research did not stop, and with years passing by, these panels underwent massive development. Now that the construction sector is growing in the Middle East, there is a lot of demand for such panels and other building supplies. 

Solid insulated panels are favored in the development sector. If you intend to put resources into prefab development, ensure you search for a renowned organization that makes panels and building supplies in the Middle East. TSSC is one of the most reputed providers of lightweight boards in the Middle East. TSSC produces these boards under the brand name Easywall. 

We assemble and supply different protected divider boards, ideal for introducing in your arrangement in the UAE. These lightweight boards can’t bear any heap, yet it’s an ideal option compared to AAC, block works, drywall, and empty squares. TSSC has thought of an imaginative protected divider framework that offers monstrous incentives to the structure area. 

The whole construction industry, including the manufacturers and advisors, have acknowledged this as an ideal solution. These panels make the structure cycle less complicated, appropriate for modern-day development. The boards are suitable for introducing homes, lofts, schools, lodgings, centers, business offices, and retail offices…etc. Lightweight concrete panels are creative and effective wall frameworks that offer durable support to a structure. 

Are you aware of the benefits of lightweight solid boards? Taking a look at the advantages:

  • Uncompromising and warm protection
  • Easy and simple assembly process (only a few tools are used)
  • Adaptable surface and eco-friendly option
  • Cost-reduction when laying the foundation
  • Our panels are durable and lightweight
  • Our boards have excellent quality
  • Quicker reassembling is possible
  • Lightweight cement is impervious to fire, sound, and other climate conditions. 


Mineral wool is known for its magnificent insulation, confining the warmth inside the structural envelopes. This decreases the interest in warming and cooling energy. This mineral wool in the solid panels’ middle improves the floors, dividers, and rooftops’ acoustic protection. This material is non-flammable, so it offers in-fabricated fire protection. Mineral wool was here for quite a long time, yet now it’s making a rebound in improved forms. 


TSSC lightweight panels are produced by strengthening the steel matrix, making the boards more robust and secure. The boards are suitable for introducing on floors, dividers, roof, homes, workplaces, stockrooms, clinical offices, and then some. 

Request us for a quote. 

The various benefits of lightweight concrete panels discussed – Invest in TSSC wall panel systems

Presently quicker development and reasonableness are the two most fundamental construction builders searching for during the building cycle. This is the motivation behind why many favor pre-assembled development. This kind of development has a lot of focal points. 

Pre-assembled development is finished quicker compared with standard development. The whole thing is pre-assembled inside the industrial facility premises and afterward collected nearby. Among all the materials utilized, lightweight cement is one extremely fundamental fixing used in the development cycle. This material is favored because it’s low thickness and lightweight; it’s anything but difficult to work with. 

It is likewise essential to comprehend what lightweight concrete panels are. Lightweight cement is being used and is now extremely popular. This fixing expands the volume of the combination, likewise offering less dead weight and warm conductivity. The panels produced using this material are known as lightweight partition wall panels

The utilization of these boards goes back to 1917, and now, with time, it has gone through adequate modernization. These panels are utilized in the Middle East, where there is a changing temperature in view of all preferences, including warm conductivity. 

Lightweight cement is a lot of lighter contrasted to conventional cement. It is made by adding lighter aggregates like Styrofoam, perlite, vermiculite instead of the coarse and heavier total. Lightweight cement is produced using lighter totals, including shale, record, mud, and different materials with low thickness. This is why lightweight cement is ideal for current development that needs the most un-cross-segments in the establishment. 

The advantages of utilizing lightweight solid boards: 

  • Incredibly warm protection 
  • Affordable and eco-accommodating arrangements 
  • Flexible surface 
  • Cutting and forming are exceptionally quick 
  • MEP-accommodating 
  • Durable
  • Direct and circuitous cost reserve funds 
  • Easier and quicker assembling and reassembling 
  • Superior finish and inflexible quality 
  • Lightweight concrete is impervious to fire, sound, and other climate conditions 


Lightweight wall panel systems have higher water content. TSSC specialists pre-absorb the water before adding them into the concrete. These solid panels are extraordinarily adaptable and simple to move. No help is needed from materials like extra concrete or steel. This material is ideal for protecting against and warmth or fire harm because of its imperviousness to fire and low, warm thickness. Is it true that you are stressed over the low thickness? There is not something to be strained because structures worked with TSSC boards would not implode. Additionally, lightweight cement doesn’t contract when contrasted with ordinary cement. There is expanded protection from termite invasions and spoiling. 

Is it true that you are searching for a lightweight partition wall panel? TSSC Easywall panels are made by fortifying a steel lattice; this makes the boards more sturdy and more secure. Our panels are intensely utilized across all business areas in the UAE. Request for a quote. 

Wall panel systems from TSSC – Low density and insulated panels

lightweight partition wall panel is defined as a division or a wall made of studding, bricks, glass, or other materials. It’s mainly used for dividing a room for more than one purpose. These are mainly designed as non-load bearing walls; it could be fixed, folding, or collapsible. In case the partition walls are load-bearing, they are known as internal walls. Lightweight panels are extremely popular in prefab construction in building various structures. These panels are popular for its lightweight nature; builders prefer using these panels. Also, these panels have a much lower density when compared to traditional panels.

Why do builders prefer partition walls?

With these panels, it’s possible to segregate the entire area into several rooms. The inmates can experience privacy, also stay protected from sound and sight. Due to the various benefits, these panels are very popular, which lowers the cost of construction. Also, lightweight panels occupy less space, and it can be set in any space and position. Benefits of TSSC wall panel systems:


  • The installation process is very simple, hassle-free
  • Upon installation, you get better thermal insulation
  • The tools required for installation are extremely simple
  • The panels are environment-friendly and cost-effective
  • Shaping and cutting can be done quickly and easily
  • The finishing of the surface is extremely flexible
  • Also, the panels can be disassembled and re-assembled easily
  • Long-lasting panels that are durable, also they have a superb quality and finishing
  • The panels are resistant to various climatic conditions, fire, sound, and other environmental factors.
  • These panels are MEP friendly.


A look at the types of partition walls, this classification is dependent on the material used:

  • Lightweight cement wall
  • Brick partition
  • Concrete and clay block partitions
  • Hollow block partitions
  • Wooden partitions
  • Glass block partitions
  • Metal partitions
  • Double glazed windows

These lightweight panels are a reliable alternative to AAC, block works, drywall, and hollow blocks. TSSC has a team of experts researching various modern technologies and advancements possible to manufacture products. Our wall panel systems are effective in offering great value to the construction sector. These panels are used in apartment buildings, homes, hotels, clinics, schools, offices, warehouses, retail facilities, commercial facilities, and more.

Are you looking for insulated panels in the Middle East? Due to extreme weather conditions, insulation plays a significant role. TSSC is one of the largest manufacturers of lightweight panels. We are into manufacturing construction and building materials for more than four decades. The panels are made from the highest-quality materials, therefore offering the best value when used in construction. These lightweight panels help the entire building team in meeting their requirements. Also, investors can save a good amount of money, and this helps in generating profits. The project is completed before time, and it helps to keep costs. Also, this helps in reducing the foundation costs and generating better ROI.

If you are thinking of initiating a project, discuss with our team, and request a quote.