A few reasons to invest in customized warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa

Refrigerated warehouses are temperature-controlled zones to store perishable commodities and pharmaceuticals. To keep the logistics ideal, you need to ensure thermal insulation and optimal hygiene. Unfortunately, the scorching heat can be a deterrent factor unless you decide to invest in warehouse sandwich panels in West AfricaTSSC Group is one of the foremost sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. The premium-grade panels for buildings and warehouses get customized to suit the individual giant freezer requirements.

Customized choices 

TSSC uses various cladding materials to manufacture high-end warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa. Depending on project requirements, TSSC engineers and manufacturers customize the panels with materials like:

  • Polyester Pre-painted Galvanized Steel
  • PVC-coated Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stucco embossed or pre-painted aluminum


The surface profile of the warehouse panels is either smooth or ribbed based on the project requirement. The panels arrive in standard sizes or can be customized for other sizes. Different kinds of panels are used for the construction of the cold room. The ceiling and floor panels get manufactured in similar width as the wall. Our corner panels used with the wall panels provide partitioning in the application where several compartments are built. The U-shaped claddings ensure superior adhesion between the insulating material and the sheets and have shallow ribs to ensure dimensional stability and enhanced strength. The floor panels are equally strong to withstand a uniformly distributed load of 2.5 tons per square meter.


Polyurethane foam gets used in manufacturing the insulated panels. TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure that the foaming agents are eco-friendly and CFC-free. The insulated cold room panels are airtight and trap cold air while not allowing the hot air to enter the inner chambers. The insulated wall panel lasts for 40 years with minimal upkeep and doesn’t absorb any smell. The panels are non-toxic and do not support any mold or mildew growth. The panels are 100% waterproof and not vulnerable to water vapor. The warehouse panels do not cause any allergies and are ideal for the long haul.


The cold storage panels for internal partitions and ceilings are FM Approved, which means they are highly fire-resistant and contribute to reducing the fire load to a great extent. In case of an outbreak, these panels are self-extinguishing and exhibit limited or no flames. The panels limit smoke generation and reduce the risks associated with fire outbreaks. The regulatory bodies of UAE favor FM Approved panels for commercial and industrial properties, especially cold storage units.

Easy installation 

TSSC panels are lightweight and the fastest to install. The slip joint with cam-lock technology makes the assembling easier. The panels are strong and impact-resistant, offering maximum functionality. In addition, the panels are virtually maintenance-free and require only occasional cleanup by experts. Get the maintenance done by professionals once every year to ensure good performance.

Wrapping up

TSSC Group is a certified company with almost 50 years of experience. Our certified and expert engineers implement advanced technologies to get you premium quality products for all the projects. Book your free consultation today. Request a quote.

TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa – Industry leaders since 1975

TSSC Group is now one of the largest ISO certified companies for manufacturing and producing a comprehensive range of building materials, cold chain products, and industrial services. With a spotless reputation, the sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa offer sustainable products for the building and manufacturing industry. TSSC has been one of the leaders since 1975 to bring you high-quality materials at an affordable price. In contemporary construction, the need for insulated sandwich panels is essential for developing strong buildings and commercial complexes. Therefore, the contractors, architects, and developers rely on quality materials from TSSC insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa. Here are a few reasons why TSSC Group is the most renowned, recommended, and preferred amongst all.

Thermal insulation is a necessity in West Africa 

The hot climate of West Africa makes living conditions unbearable due to the excess heat. The temperatures soar high, and so does the electrical consumption. Air coolers and air-conditioners need to operate 24’ x 7’ to ensure cool and comfortable interiors. That’s why contractors look for reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa to get high-quality material for building well-insulated buildings that would trap in the cold air for longer to ensure the indoors remain cooler. Thermal insulation is one of the biggest advantages of sandwich panels. The panels have a three-layered structure, and the innermost layer is the insulated core. Mineral wool, PIR, PUR, and EPS are insulated materials that are well-protected by the two galvanized steel face sheets. The high-quality panels reflect lights and help regulate thermal energy to maintain the optimal temperature inside the chamber. The sandwich panels have a painted exterior and are resistant to moisture, heat, and UV radiation. The panels offer excellent insulation inside buildings, warehouses, cold rooms, freezers, and other refrigerated applications.

Energy efficiency reduces the utility bills 

Thermal insulation helps control the temperature indoors, but the panels do more than just insulation. The high-quality panels are energy efficient. The insulation helps keep the inner chambers cool, which lessens the burden on the air coolers. The automated coolers slow down, and thereby the energy consumption gets significantly reduced – which again lowers the utility bills in the long run. However, the added advantage is that the insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure to provide you with top-quality products that are highly durable and fastest to install. The insulated panels can last 40 years or even longer with minimal upkeep and yearly professional cleaning. 

Fire-resistant sandwich panels 

The fire-resistant sandwich panels are structurally sturdy, leak-proof, and water-resistant with streamlined fittings. The panels comply with the FM and FDA guidelines offering exceptional fire resistance and can control an outbreak for at least one hour or more. The panels are extremely low maintenance, flexible, and add aesthetic appeal to the buildings. TSSC manufacturers customize the panels to suit the specific requirements of the project. The energy-efficient sandwich panels offer uniform insulation for at least 12 hours, making them ideal for several projects. 

Wrapping up

TSSC manufacturers are industry leaders to get customized solutions for the building and manufacturing industry. Our contemporary and innovative designs combined with modular engineering provide our customers with more than expected. Why not book a free consultation to know more about us? Request a no-obligation quote now.

The sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa get you custom-made panels with the extra edge

In the construction and building industry, sandwich panels are an extremely popular choice for their insulation properties. The three-layered panel has the insulated core right in the middle that’s well-protected between the two galvanized metal sheets. The panels have high flexural stiffness, but yet are lightweight and extremely easy to install. The veteran sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa customize the panels to ensure greater structural stability and enhanced durability to produce a versatile material used in several engineering applications. Among the leading insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa, TSSC is one of the most experienced, recognized and flourishing ISO-certified companies with over four decades of industry experience. Here are a few reasons why you should get the panels customized at TSSC to have the edge over other builders.


Did you know that the sandwich panels can offer fire resistance to 1000° C or even higher using advanced technologies and innovative techniques? Most panels are resistant to fire, but only high-quality sandwich panels manufactured and customized by top-notch sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa can ensure greater fire resistivity to increase the safety and security of the building structure.

Heat resistant 

The sandwich panels are resistant to heat. In other words, they have excellent thermal insulation qualities, which makes them a favorite in hot countries like West Africa. The panels don’t absorb heat and maintain an airtight compartment to restrict the flow of air. The heat-resistant panels are prominent in cold storage units, commercial and industrial sectors, and residential complexes. The heat insulation properties do not allow the cold air to escape and maintain the specific temperature for hours together. Good thermal insulation provided by the panels makes them energy-efficient as well. The insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa build customized panels for different applications based on the project specifications.

Energy efficiency – Long-term savings 

Thermal insulation ensures that the interiors of the building sustain the specific temperature for the longest time by warding off excess heat and humidity. High-quality sandwich panels reduce the energy load of the building and cut down the electrical bills. The automated air coolers no longer need to function 24×7 to maintain the cold temperature indoors. The air coolers can stop working for hours, thereby reducing energy consumption, which reflects in the utility bills, ensuring you make savings in the long haul. In addition, high-quality sandwich panels customized by TSSC professionals are anti-bacterial and mold-resistant, curtailing the risks of thermal movement and condensation.

Acoustic insulation 

Businesses need a soundproof building to ensure a peaceful commercial space for offices to function professionally. The insulated panels also offer optimal sound insulation. The insulating material used predominantly for sound insulation is ‘mineral wool.’ TSSC professionals ensure quality custom-made panels at a reasonable price. However, the more precise you are with the requirements – the better quality and customization will be available.


The sandwich panels are affordable as the core materials are less expensive than other alternative composite reinforcement resources. In addition, the panels are extremely durable, which makes them economical. The weather-resistant and waterproof qualities make the panels a better alternative for their superior strength and outstanding durability.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a customized panel to guard against fire, heat, hydro and acoustic elements – then choose TSSC panels. Book a free consultation with our engineers. Request a quote.

The heavy use of sandwich panels in the residential and commercial sector

The temperature in West Africa is extremely high and this is why the cooling systems function tirelessly. Businesses and residential property owners have to pay a huge energy bill to maintain a constant interior temperature. Hence, insulation plays a big role. Insulated sandwich panels are being used in the commercial and residential sectors. These panels are used inside spaces where a combination of high structural inflexibility and low weight is needed. The total thickness of the panels is increased, which helps in strengthening the structural attributes including the blending firmness. The quality of sandwich panels varies from one manufacturer to the other. It is all about the quality of the material used to manufacture the panels. The first most important task is to choose one among the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa.

What are sandwich panels? 

These are layered structures made of the low-density core that act inherently with thin and strong materials. The panels have two layers on the sides that surround the insulated core sandwiched in the middle. These panels are affordable solutions for safeguarding buildings from external factors. This is a modern and durable solution used to clad external walls and roofs. Sandwich panels offering solid thermal insulation are used in buildings, prefabricated units, cold storages and industrial structures. The outer surface of the sandwich panels transfers loads caused by compression and bending. The core transfer load is caused by shearing. These panels offer heat and sound insulation and are capable of absorbing energy uniformly. The high-performance insulated panels are available in various finishes, profiles, and colors. The panels can offer solid insulation for almost 10-12 hours. In addition, TSSC’s sandwich panels are fire-resistant; some of the panels offer fire resistance up to 1000° C or more.

Lightweight panels allow inexpensive transportation

TSSC sandwich panels are incredibly lightweight, which eases transportation. The panels are finely attached, with only a few joints on wide surfaces offering a seamless appearance. This brings down the transportation and installation costs. The architectural sandwich panels having hidden-fix joints can be placed horizontally or vertically. This renders an aesthetic appearance to the construction.

TSSC Group – offering customized solutions

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa. We are the leaders in designing FM-approved PIR and Mineral wool sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, GRP, steel structures, polycarbonate skylights, and metal decking. Our experienced and certified engineers implement value engineering to design modern building envelopes having 3D designs. Our team manages everything from handling the project to seamless installation. As a result, we have emerged as one of the industry leaders in offering insulated solutions. 

Our sandwich panels do not require regular and expensive maintenance. However, as per standards, post-installation TSSC sandwich panels must be checked once a year for cleaning and maintenance. 

TSSC Group – premium quality sandwich panels 

Are you looking for sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa? You can explore our inventory online, or you can visit our store.  

TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing sandwich panels for almost 50 years. We proudly manufacture premium quality sandwich panels in West Africa. We have a team of experts to guide our customers. 

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Discuss your requirements with a TSSC expert before we initiate your project. Then, book a free consultation or request a quote.

The advantages of installing sandwich panels in the construction sector

A sandwich panel is used as a wall and roof cladding of buildings. Every panel has a core that is made of a thermal insulating material. The core is covered by a thin sheet of metal on both sides. The structural forces are ensured by a steel framework or a different carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The types of sandwich panels are segregated based on the thermal insulating material. The common core materials are EPS (expanded polyurethane), PIR, and mineral fleece. These materials differ in their thermal insulating performance, reaction to fire, sound insulation, and weight.

Some of the advantages of sandwich panels are:

Construction time

A construction based on the traditional building process could take almost 6-7 months to complete. But the same construction can take just a month if done using stud partitions. The total construction time is directly influential to the ROI. Stud partition buildings are assembled and not built. The structural components and cladding parts arrive on your site.

  • Direct expenses 

Initiating a construction requires a certain amount of capital which is almost similar in both the construction type. So, the comparison includes the total costs of building materials, shipping, and labor. In all, you can always save more.

  • The construction process

In most industries, the construction requirements are an important part of a building project. A dry process is always better because there is no need for water for the construction. Stud partition follows this dry process. This procedure requires only assembling the structure and fixing the cladding using screws. But traditional building processes use the wet process, which requires a lot of water. It is good to omit the wet construction process if humidity control is the requirement.

The uses of TSSC panels 

Sandwich panels in West Africa are mainly used to offer insulation inside cold storage. 

TSSC panels are mainly used in setting up logistic buildings, warehouses, shopping arcades, offices, cold storage, sports complexes, etc. The panels are non-porous and impermeable. The sandwich panels do not require heavy maintenance and the panels are simple to clean. You can order directly from the TSSC store in West Africa. We have a team of sales representatives who can visit your site and then offer a consultation. 

The construction industry is progressing

The building industry in West Africa is growing leaps and bounds. More and more builders are trying to implement new procedures to make the building process more efficient. Yes, the industry has suffered a little setback due to Covid-19, but it is again recovering well. The climatic condition in West Africa is such that you cannot ignore the insulation factor. 

TSSC Group – We are the experts

TSSC sandwich panels can make the construction process easier, faster and affordable. TSSC is one of the most experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. TSSC has been manufacturing construction and building supplies for more than 4 decades with experience. Please discuss your project with us, and our representatives would get in touch with you.