The advantages of installing sandwich panels in the construction sector

A sandwich panel is used as a wall and roof cladding of buildings. Every panel has a core that is made of a thermal insulating material. The core is covered by a thin sheet of metal on both sides. The structural forces are ensured by a steel framework or a different carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The types of sandwich panels are segregated based on the thermal insulating material. The common core materials are EPS (expanded polyurethane), PIR, and mineral fleece. These materials differ in their thermal insulating performance, reaction to fire, sound insulation, and weight.

Some of the advantages of sandwich panels are:

Construction time

A construction based on the traditional building process could take almost 6-7 months to complete. But the same construction can take just a month if done using stud partitions. The total construction time is directly influential to the ROI. Stud partition buildings are assembled and not built. The structural components and cladding parts arrive on your site.

  • Direct expenses 

Initiating a construction requires a certain amount of capital which is almost similar in both the construction type. So, the comparison includes the total costs of building materials, shipping, and labor. In all, you can always save more.

  • The construction process

In most industries, the construction requirements are an important part of a building project. A dry process is always better because there is no need for water for the construction. Stud partition follows this dry process. This procedure requires only assembling the structure and fixing the cladding using screws. But traditional building processes use the wet process, which requires a lot of water. It is good to omit the wet construction process if humidity control is the requirement.

The uses of TSSC panels 

Sandwich panels in West Africa are mainly used to offer insulation inside cold storage. 

TSSC panels are mainly used in setting up logistic buildings, warehouses, shopping arcades, offices, cold storage, sports complexes, etc. The panels are non-porous and impermeable. The sandwich panels do not require heavy maintenance and the panels are simple to clean. You can order directly from the TSSC store in West Africa. We have a team of sales representatives who can visit your site and then offer a consultation. 

The construction industry is progressing

The building industry in West Africa is growing leaps and bounds. More and more builders are trying to implement new procedures to make the building process more efficient. Yes, the industry has suffered a little setback due to Covid-19, but it is again recovering well. The climatic condition in West Africa is such that you cannot ignore the insulation factor. 

TSSC Group – We are the experts

TSSC sandwich panels can make the construction process easier, faster and affordable. TSSC is one of the most experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. TSSC has been manufacturing construction and building supplies for more than 4 decades with experience. Please discuss your project with us, and our representatives would get in touch with you.