The sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa get you custom-made panels with the extra edge

In the construction and building industry, sandwich panels are an extremely popular choice for their insulation properties. The three-layered panel has the insulated core right in the middle that’s well-protected between the two galvanized metal sheets. The panels have high flexural stiffness, but yet are lightweight and extremely easy to install. The veteran sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa customize the panels to ensure greater structural stability and enhanced durability to produce a versatile material used in several engineering applications. Among the leading insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa, TSSC is one of the most experienced, recognized and flourishing ISO-certified companies with over four decades of industry experience. Here are a few reasons why you should get the panels customized at TSSC to have the edge over other builders.


Did you know that the sandwich panels can offer fire resistance to 1000° C or even higher using advanced technologies and innovative techniques? Most panels are resistant to fire, but only high-quality sandwich panels manufactured and customized by top-notch sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa can ensure greater fire resistivity to increase the safety and security of the building structure.

Heat resistant 

The sandwich panels are resistant to heat. In other words, they have excellent thermal insulation qualities, which makes them a favorite in hot countries like West Africa. The panels don’t absorb heat and maintain an airtight compartment to restrict the flow of air. The heat-resistant panels are prominent in cold storage units, commercial and industrial sectors, and residential complexes. The heat insulation properties do not allow the cold air to escape and maintain the specific temperature for hours together. Good thermal insulation provided by the panels makes them energy-efficient as well. The insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa build customized panels for different applications based on the project specifications.

Energy efficiency – Long-term savings 

Thermal insulation ensures that the interiors of the building sustain the specific temperature for the longest time by warding off excess heat and humidity. High-quality sandwich panels reduce the energy load of the building and cut down the electrical bills. The automated air coolers no longer need to function 24×7 to maintain the cold temperature indoors. The air coolers can stop working for hours, thereby reducing energy consumption, which reflects in the utility bills, ensuring you make savings in the long haul. In addition, high-quality sandwich panels customized by TSSC professionals are anti-bacterial and mold-resistant, curtailing the risks of thermal movement and condensation.

Acoustic insulation 

Businesses need a soundproof building to ensure a peaceful commercial space for offices to function professionally. The insulated panels also offer optimal sound insulation. The insulating material used predominantly for sound insulation is ‘mineral wool.’ TSSC professionals ensure quality custom-made panels at a reasonable price. However, the more precise you are with the requirements – the better quality and customization will be available.


The sandwich panels are affordable as the core materials are less expensive than other alternative composite reinforcement resources. In addition, the panels are extremely durable, which makes them economical. The weather-resistant and waterproof qualities make the panels a better alternative for their superior strength and outstanding durability.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a customized panel to guard against fire, heat, hydro and acoustic elements – then choose TSSC panels. Book a free consultation with our engineers. Request a quote.