If adequate insulation is a priority, then install sandwich roof panels from TSSC in the UAE

Adequate insulation is significant where there is excessive temperature, so the Middle East is no exemption. In case you have a business space to store transitory items, you need the right kind of insulation. For acquiring the ideal climate inside the unit, you need to pick the right sort of panels. Did you know about sandwich roof panels? These panels are intense, extreme, and exceptionally enduring. 

The panels are sturdy and durable to the point that even moistness can’t influence them. Sandwich panel roofing systems are produced from materials that have waterproof characteristics. TSSC in the Middle East manufactures sandwich panels that are not influenced by climatic or natural conditions. Our panels are notable for offering total protection. 

TSSC sandwich panel material has different layers; the core encompasses two metal sheets in the center. The core is intense and made of a protecting layer found right in the middle. The boards are prevalently utilized for walling, material, and cladding arrangements. There are different polyurethane materials, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene, or polyurethane foam, offering in-depth protection. 

The core is exceptionally delicate and lightweight. It stays protected between the two layers. The panels bear the state of the façade. Composite cladding and polyurethane infusion are given at various thicknesses between sheets and aluminum plates. 

TSSC boards are extremely popular. They are utilized across different areas in the Middle East. Our sandwich panels are used in the development area, regularly used in shopping centers, places of business, stockrooms, strategic structures, sports centers, places of business, cold stockpiling, producing units, and so forth. 

Additionally, TSSC sandwich panels are simpler to install, and the total time taken for the installation is around 7-8 hours. A local contractual worker in the UAE can perform a quick installation. Our panels are transported to your site securely; everything is dealt with by our group. We transport everything together; the clasp, the subframes, screws, and so forth are all important for the bundle. Our answers are reasonable for those searching for lightweight boards. It is eco-accommodating, sound-engrossing, non-combustible, and effectively movable. 

TSSC in the UAE is the leader in assembling roof panel systems. We additionally fabricate other structural and stuff under one roof. We have a rich customer base; we have countless existing and new customers who have faith in our solutions. 

If you wish to accumulate more information about sandwich rooftop panels, call the TSSC specialists for a discussion. We are the pioneers in the Middle East. We are presumed for offering building and construction supplies for over forty years, and we are still the leaders in the UAE region. Our customers are our priority; we have a TSSC customer service team that offers timely service and assistance. 

Do you have a project to complete and wish to have a conversation with our experts? You can contact us by means of telephone or email. We also have agents who might visit your site, examine and offer you a proper consultation. Do you have a project to finish? Invest in a TSSC roof panel system—request for a quote.

Check air infiltration by installing TSSC’s building envelopes in the Middle East region

What are building envelopes? These are shields installed around the external limit of the house. The structural envelope of a property incorporates the rooftop, outside entryways, subfloor, outside dividers, windows, and so forth. Read more to know why it is used and its benefits. 

Infiltration of air is a spillage of air where it all passes through a structure. The most well-known reason for air penetration is spilling windows, resulting in loss of energy to a huge extent. The main reason is inadequate insulation around the entryways, windows, and vents that are valuable in managing air invasion. 

Numerous property holders stress overabundance dampness and air penetration, so there should be an exit plan. So how would we manage this invasion? A wise idea would be to install building envelopes, a protective shield. Building envelopes can help in contributing the much-required protection. 

A building envelope is the best possible thing that you can install. The Middle East has extraordinary climate conditions, the days are hot, and evenings are nearly cooler; protection is the key. A structure envelope is a limit between the outside and inside of a construction structure. It’s an important component that plays a significant role in the design factor and maintenance.

Building envelopes can control the inside climate. The warming and cooling of a structure decide its ability for climate control. The climate ought to be liberated from dampness, an abundance of sound, and light. Likewise, these are effective in covering the rooftops, establishments, windows, entryways, and dividers. TSSC plans present day, defensive, and practical structure envelopes. 

TSSC produces building envelopes that have climate sealing characteristics. An appropriately planned structure envelope from TSSC is the simplest method to help the presentation of construction structures. The development cycle itself plays a critical part in controlling ventilation, light, and warmth stream. 

Building envelopes are notable for offering ventilation- – the inflow of natural air and outpouring of existing air- – and ensuring against air spillage. Characteristic climatic conditions like whirlwinds or storms can build the air that goes through the envelope. If air spillage is confined, energy is saved. 

Additionally, warm protection properties are extremely helpful in lessening energy costs consistently. Our architects can permit more daylight by adding coating, and this diminishes energy utilization. One more huge factor is the legitimate course of action of entryways and windows, also called fenestration. 

Cold rolling occurs with the metal underneath the recrystallization temperature; these upgrade the strength with the strain solidifying, which is up to 20%. Read to know the benefits of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • Strong and durable development
  • The measured plans are very adaptable 
  • The choices are environment-friendly
  • Laying a foundation cuts down expenses

TSSC steel boards are useful legitimate protection; these panels are pre-assembled and have adequate protection properties. Cold rolled steel is ideal for both primary and secondary construction procedures.

TSSC is the pioneer in assembling insulated panels that are designed flawlessly. We have a specialist group of qualified architects that deal with the assembling cycle. We are into designing panels and building materials for more than 40 years. 

You can email us or give us a call to discuss your requirements or project with us—request a quote.

Are you looking for insulated panel manufacturers in the Middle East?

Sandwich boards are vigorously utilized to build insulated roofs and cladding; these boards are used to assemble strategic structures, distribution centers, workplaces, cold stockpiles, shopping arcades, and sports towers sky’s the limit from there. TSSC in the Middle East is one of the biggest insulated panel manufacturers in the UAE. We offer different structure and development arrangements; TSSC dominates planning sandwich panels fixed to a firm steel system. 

Sandwich panels are made of layers and offer the right kind of protection. These boards are incredibly useful. There is a durable core, and the different sides are covered with meager protecting layers. The center inside is a thermo-protecting material that can assimilate abundance dampness, warmth, and fire and not let cold influence the climate. The outer segment covers and secures the center; it likewise goes about as an enriching covering. The center is amazingly strong, and it’s unimaginably lightweight. The external layers shield the center from different climate conditions, powers, and effects. 

The core is instrumental; it assumes a significant job. For the most part, it is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), polyisocyanurate, and mineral fleece. You can pick any of the materials for planning the center—those distinctions regarding protection, as far as both sound and warmth. Numerous organizations currently incline toward our sandwich boards in the UAE. The climate in the Middle East is extraordinary and cruel, so protection is of most extreme significance.

TSSC sandwich protected boards are accessible in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and tones. The organization has a gathering of highly experienced engineers for planning the boards. We share well-qualified conclusions and conferences; we tweak your answer depending on the structure. 

TSSC sandwich boards are inconceivably reasonable; however, the estimating shifts depend on which protected center, material, and thickness you like. If you are a spending purchaser, put resources into the EPS center, and decide to introduce PIR if searching for a solid arrangement. Mineral fleece has superb imperviousness to fire and soundproofing. 

TSSC board has unmatched protection, is water-safe, and is low upkeep. The external surface of the panels is non-permeable and simple to clean. With incidental cleaning, you can keep the boards clean to keep the boards more current for a more extended time. You can arrange our boards straightforwardly from the assembling organization or do it through the merchant chain. You additionally have a group of agents who visit your site for counseling. 

TSSC sandwich boards can make the structure cycle simpler, quicker, and practical. Our organization has a group of value control specialists who handle the last conveyance cycle to guarantee the ideal items arrive at your site. The transportation is simple; installation is excessively simple and bothers free. Quicker development implies low development expenses, and this means more ROI. 

Do you have a task so intending to introduce protected boards in the UAE? Talk with the TSSC specialists in the event within your financial plan and necessities. TSSC works in the Middle East, and we are presumed to offer strong development, protection, and building answers for over forty years. 

We demand customers to shop from one store; you can discover boards alongside all embellishments. We follow the one-producer strategy. TSSC is one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in the Middle East.

The various benefits of lightweight concrete panels discussed – Invest in TSSC wall panel systems

Presently quicker development and reasonableness are the two most fundamental construction builders searching for during the building cycle. This is the motivation behind why many favor pre-assembled development. This kind of development has a lot of focal points. 

Pre-assembled development is finished quicker compared with standard development. The whole thing is pre-assembled inside the industrial facility premises and afterward collected nearby. Among all the materials utilized, lightweight cement is one extremely fundamental fixing used in the development cycle. This material is favored because it’s low thickness and lightweight; it’s anything but difficult to work with. 

It is likewise essential to comprehend what lightweight concrete panels are. Lightweight cement is being used and is now extremely popular. This fixing expands the volume of the combination, likewise offering less dead weight and warm conductivity. The panels produced using this material are known as lightweight partition wall panels

The utilization of these boards goes back to 1917, and now, with time, it has gone through adequate modernization. These panels are utilized in the Middle East, where there is a changing temperature in view of all preferences, including warm conductivity. 

Lightweight cement is a lot of lighter contrasted to conventional cement. It is made by adding lighter aggregates like Styrofoam, perlite, vermiculite instead of the coarse and heavier total. Lightweight cement is produced using lighter totals, including shale, record, mud, and different materials with low thickness. This is why lightweight cement is ideal for current development that needs the most un-cross-segments in the establishment. 

The advantages of utilizing lightweight solid boards: 

  • Incredibly warm protection 
  • Affordable and eco-accommodating arrangements 
  • Flexible surface 
  • Cutting and forming are exceptionally quick 
  • MEP-accommodating 
  • Durable
  • Direct and circuitous cost reserve funds 
  • Easier and quicker assembling and reassembling 
  • Superior finish and inflexible quality 
  • Lightweight concrete is impervious to fire, sound, and other climate conditions 


Lightweight wall panel systems have higher water content. TSSC specialists pre-absorb the water before adding them into the concrete. These solid panels are extraordinarily adaptable and simple to move. No help is needed from materials like extra concrete or steel. This material is ideal for protecting against and warmth or fire harm because of its imperviousness to fire and low, warm thickness. Is it true that you are stressed over the low thickness? There is not something to be strained because structures worked with TSSC boards would not implode. Additionally, lightweight cement doesn’t contract when contrasted with ordinary cement. There is expanded protection from termite invasions and spoiling. 

Is it true that you are searching for a lightweight partition wall panel? TSSC Easywall panels are made by fortifying a steel lattice; this makes the boards more sturdy and more secure. Our panels are intensely utilized across all business areas in the UAE. Request for a quote. 

Setting up a cold storeroom in the UAE with TSSC cold store panels

The Middle East has fluctuating weather conditions with fierce heat and humidity. Without proper insulation, sometimes it is difficult to set up a business that requires a controlled climate. In general, transitory things lose their newness, and all you need is an all-around protected interior environment. 

Excess of warmth can influence organizations identified with food, wine, blossom, medication, beverages…etc. If you are maintaining a business, you need to load up products, items in enormous sums, and capacity should be done suitably. Choose to set up a cold store using TSSC cold store panels for the best results. 

We produce cold store panels that are protected enough and have a lot of focal points. We have been offering the correct sort of cold storage solutions to our clients for a long time. We plan the most affordable and highest quality panels. Our panels are extremely long-lasting; you invest just a single time and get results for a lifetime.

Setting up a cold store is a significant venture; a reinvestment is almost inconceivable. Our cold store boards are notable for their enduring characteristics and weighty protection. Our producers consolidate the correct sort of material to offer satisfactory protection. 

If it’s not too much trouble, read this blog to find out about our panels if you intend to introduce one. TSSC thinks about your business; customer fulfillment is our priority. 

The correct sort of protection is an absolute necessity, especially in the Middle East. What are cold store boards without appropriate protection? Our panels have a solid protection ideal for commercial use. After attempting to control the temperature of the cold store, thermal conductivity plays a huge role. 

Our cold storages rely a ton upon the panel protection or cell structure, and this, as it were, offers sufficient protection. Customers who have introduced our boards are fulfilled; they have posted surveys, and we additionally ask criticism from our clients concerning an opportunity to get better.  

TSSC specializes in manufacturing adaptable and protected cold storage solutions. These boards are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. TSSC protected boards are adept for the dividers (inside and outside) and the rooftops. Our protected boards are staggeringly sturdy, offer a high-class execution, and are very safe to use. Is it true that you are stressed over cleanliness? Indeed, cold storage that stores food things, medicines, etc., should keep up total cleanliness. Our boards are clean and have a Class A fire-rating. TSSC boards are consistent and unrivaled about adaptability and plan. 

TSSC boards can make your cooling frameworks more effective while appreciating low upkeep. The panels are effective and quicker to build. The zero-upkeep cost helps in holding the operational expenses down. Likewise, our panels don’t have any thermal drift, guaranteeing the boards are energy efficient. 

TSSC has recently launched the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork; we have also introduced mobile refrigerating systems, portable skid-mounted systems set up in moving units.

Since you intend to have a cold store room arrangement in the UAE, converse with our specialists for customized solutions. Please discuss your project with us, request a quote.

TSSC in the Middle East is an expert in offering prefab modular building structures

The building industry has just picked pre-assembled development and off-site development is picking up noticeable quality consistently. Modular structures are savvy, quicker to assemble, and more secure to utilize, and it’s an option in contrast to regular development. A prefab structure could be the ideal alternative for your next custom modular home or office space. 

These prefab structures are built inside a controlled production line premise and each module is set up separately. A mechanical production system methodology is utilized, which starts with building the casing, and it closes with setting up the interiors and exteriors. When the cycle is finished, the modules are moved to the site and are assembled to set up a structure. 

The foundation assumes a fundamental part in a perpetual prefab particular development. There are two sorts of foundations, the evaluation and the raised. The on-grade establishment is far and wide and it’s finished by setting up a framework divider around the border of the structure. It’s ideal for making a cellar for structures. To utilize an on-grade foundation, you need to set each module with a crane during the last gathering measure. 

The raised type of foundation is appropriate for a brief or lasting secluded development. It helps in setting the modules on solid concrete squares. It is a lot of value for temporary secluded structures because it can be taken off quickly with no turmoil. You needn’t bother with a crane to keep the finished modules set up when applying this foundation. A crane is utilized to put the modules on the foundation, and the structure parts are joined. We likewise work on utility interfaces during this time; the outside and inside completions are completed.

By picking particular structures, you can save half of your investment and time. TSSC is the pioneer in assembling protected boards; we have practical experience planning and providing prefab structures for convenience camps and site workplaces in the UAE. 

Till now, we have constructed numerous prefab homes and we have a rundown of numerous upbeat clients. If you are searching for work convenience units, kitchen and eating regions, office units, or extra rooms, you can arrange our Portacabins. We likewise have changed over compartments that are easy to ship and ideal to develop multi-story structures. 

Our prefab structures are energy-effective, phenomenally light-weight, and have strong steel outlines for development. They look rich and have a quicker erection time, climate-safe, and better termite safety. We likewise assemble prefab structures with light measure steel and offer nearby establishments. Aside from this, we have particular asylums for electrical hardware and media communications, changed over compartments for site stockpiling, and FlatPack Modular units for simple transportation. 

It is safe to say that you intend to choose a prefab office building? Clients have the advantage of browsing an entire scope of alluring completions and materials for protection. These structures can bear unforgiving climatic conditions. The construction process, if performed accurately, prefab development can be valuable to a venture’s timetable, work necessities, and financial plan.

Do you need a prefab modular building? Discuss your requirements with us; we would love to offer you a consultation.

How industrial refrigeration is important for storing perishable items and medicines?

Industrial refrigeration is essential for industries that depend on perishable items. Commercial refrigeration is used across various sectors. In the UAE, the days are warm, and the nights are cooler. Therefore, storing items at the proper temperature is of utmost importance. In the 19th century, the first industrial refrigeration was developed for the food industry, and now it is heavily used. 

Are you looking for a trusted manufacturer that specializes in offering insulated panels? TSSC is the biggest manufacturer that offers industrial refrigeration solutions. We manufacture systems that supply efficient cooling solutions. We have experts who understand modern cooling requirements. Our engineers are certified who have knowledge and experience in technologically-advanced industrial refrigeration. We design systems that fulfill your requirements. We do not miss any important steps and keep in mind the vital parameters required to be taken care of.

Do you know that refrigeration systems work based on the second law of Thermodynamics? The law states that gases get cooler when expanded and heated upon compression. When two varying temperature items are kept near one another, the heat travels from the hotter to the colder object. TSSC is very conscious of the environment, so we do not use Freon gas. Environment-friendly gases are most suitable for refrigeration and promote a healthy environment as well. 

Now you need to know what a commercial refrigerator is. It is a remote condensing system that operates with the help of a vapor-compression cooling system. Few sections are specially designed for preserving items at a freezing temperature. If you care for the system and the environment, you would be interested in choosing the refrigerant. It is a liquid that promotes cooling; it functions in conditions predicted by the refrigeration cycle. The choice of coolant depends on certain conditions having the least environmental impact. The refrigerants are selected according to two scales, the Global Warming Potential or Ozone Depletion Potential. The Refrigeration Compression Cycle considers four essential components: the evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. 

The compressor is an active part of the cooling unit. The element adds energy that depends on thermodynamics. The compressor increases the refrigerant’s pressure. It reaches the condenser pressure and the coolant can exchange heat along with ambient air. TSSC engineers use different heat exchangers; the refrigerator can transfer energy with the other systems. 

TSSC cooling units are available in various sizes and shapes; we customize high-quality refrigerated trucks in the Middle East. We supply portable and non-portable industrial refrigeration systems. We are the leaders in offering building and construction solutions in the UAE. Our experts have designed various cooling solutions, and they have given us positive reviews. Medicine, food processing, and meat packaging industries in the Middle East depend on more effective cooling systems.

TSSC has been manufacturing panels for more than four decades, and our clients trust our solutions. Everyday, we are trying to implement modern technologies and techniques by researching. Get in touch with us for a consultation related to your next project – request for a quote. 

All you need to know about the goodness of lightweight panels

Now faster construction and affordability are the two most essential components builders are looking for during the construction process. This is the reason why many prefer prefabricated construction. This type of construction has plenty of advantages. Prefabricated construction is completed faster when compared to the usual kind of construction. The entire thing is prefabricated inside the factory premises and then assembled on site. Among all the materials used, lightweight concrete is one very essential ingredient used in the construction process. This material is preferred because it’s low density and lightweight, it’s very easy to work with. 

It is also very important to understand what lightweight concrete panels are. Lightweight concrete is a type of concrete that has an expanding agent. This ingredient increases the volume of the mixture, also offering less dead weight and thermal conductivity. So, panels made from this material are known as lightweight concrete panels. The use of these panels dates back to 1917, and now, with time, it has undergone ample modernization. These panels are used in the Middle East where there is varying temperature mainly because of all advantages, including thermal conductivity. 

Lightweight concrete is much lighter compared to traditional concrete. It is made by adding lighter aggregate like Styrofoam, perlite, vermiculite rather than the coarse and heavier aggregate. Lightweight concrete is made from lighter aggregates, including shale, slate, clay, and other materials with low density. This is why lightweight concrete is perfect for modern construction that needs the least cross-sections in the foundation. 

The benefits of using lightweight concrete panels:

  • Incredible thermal insulation
  • Affordable and eco-friendly solutions
  • Flexible surface
  • Cutting and shaping can be done very fast
  • MEP-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Direct and indirect cost savings 
  • Easier and faster assembling and reassembling
  • Superior finish and uncompromising quality
  • Lightweight concrete is resistant to fire, sound, and other weather conditions

Lightweight wall panel systems have higher water content. Since porous aggregates are used, the total time taken to dry increases. To get rid of this issue, the TSSC experts pre-soak the aggregates in water before adding them into the cement. These concrete panels are incredibly flexible and easy to transport. So, very little support is required from other materials like additional concrete or steel. This is another reason why this material is affordable, mainly while building large-sized projects. This material is also ideal for insulating against and heat or fire damage due to its fire-resistance and low thermal density. Are you worried about the low density? There is nothing to be tensed because structures built with TSSC panels would not collapse. Also, lightweight concrete does not shrink when compared to traditional concrete. There is increased resistance to termite infestations and rotting. 

Are you looking for a lightweight partition wall panel? TSSC Easywall panels are made by reinforcing a steel grid; this makes the panels more durable and safer. Our panel is heavily used across all commercial sectors in the UAE. Call our team to discuss your project.

A standing seam roof has insulation properties and is more long-lasting compared to traditional roofs

When you are constructing a building, the roof plays a very important role. There are various types of roofing solutions available in the market. When you consider roofing, insulation, a proper structure, durability, and a proper foundation are the essential factors. 

Most construction companies rely on modern and advanced roofing solutions. The roof you choose depends on your requirements; your builder will help in choosing. Standing seam roof panels are structures that are mainly used in construction, popular in the UAE. The panels are adaptable and long-lasting, ideal for roofing. 

Weather plays a significant role upon which the construction depends on. The Middle East weather is extreme, so the demand for insulation is higher. This is also a reason why walling, roofing, and cladding is a very important factor. The best way is to place roof panels vertically throughout the roof’s length for better insulation. The seams help connect the panels. 

Do you know that usual roofs get damaged faster and also show signs of leakage? Seam panels are very effective in protecting the panels. TSSC in the Middle East offers insulated panels, also available with the accessories. 

Our panels are robust; they are not affected by climatic conditions, including gusts of wind and storm. The seam roof panels allow thermal movement, and that’s an advantage. The panels are not prone to rust because of dampness and moisture. Also, the panels are placed very close to one other; also, the seams are raised. The roof designs are very modern, designed by implementing the most advanced and latest technology. 

The panels are available in various materials; you can choose your solution according to your requirements, preference, and budget. Also, the outer layer of the seams is available in different colors and shapes. We also design an array of accessories, including tapers, skylights, roof penetration, and all other aspects of roof design. 

TSSC is known for offering budget-friendly solutions. We have a huge client base, and they feel that the investment is worth it. Do you think that the panels are a little higher priced compared to shingles and asphalt roofs? Do not worry because the panels are extremely long-lasting; it’s an investment for the long-term. Insulated panels are worth investing in, especially when you can reap long-term benefits. When you think of roofing and cladding in the Middle East, rely on TSSC seam roof panels for a solution. 

Our roofs are also easy to maintain; you do not have to hire a cleaning team for regular cleaning and maintenance. This keeps the maintenance costs low, and also saves time. TSSC standing seam roof panels can be installed in homes and commercial roofs. 

Are you planning for a roof installation? Talk to our team of expert consultants for installing the right pattern and style of roof. We are among the most reputed and experienced standing seam suppliers in the UAE, Middle East. TSSC operates under the brand name Harwal BASICO, and we are offering roofing solutions for over 40 years.

A Look at the Advantages of Building Envelopes – Install TSSC Panels

Air infiltration is leakage of the air; it passes in and out of a building. The most common cause of air infiltration is leaking windows and this causes energy loss to a certain extent. The biggest reason is poor insulation around the doors, windows, and vents are useful in dealing with air infiltration. Many homeowners worry about excess moisture and air infiltration, so there needs to be a way out. So how do we deal with this infiltration? Building envelopes can help in offering much-needed insulation. 

Now, what is a building envelope? A building envelope is a construction and design of the outer boundary of the house. The building envelope of a property includes the roof, exterior doors, subfloor, exterior walls, windows, etc. The best thing is a tight building envelope. The Middle East has extreme weather conditions, the days are hot, and nights are comparatively cooler; insulation is the key. A building envelope is a boundary between the exterior and interior of a construction. It’s an essential component playing a major role in maintenance and design. 

TSSC manufactures building envelopes that have weather-proofing qualities. These act like barriers and need to be positioned rightly. These shields are now extremely popular in the building sector. A properly designed building envelope from TSSC is the easiest way to boost the performance of commercial buildings. The construction process itself plays a significant role in controlling ventilation, light, and heat flow. 

The benefits of building envelopes

Building envelopes are well known for offering ventilation–the inflow of fresh air and outflow of existing air–and protecting against air leakage. Natural climatic conditions like gusts of winds or storms can increase the air that passes through the envelope. If leakage is restricted, energy is saved. Also, thermal insulation properties are very useful in reducing energy costs throughout the year. Our engineers can allow more sunlight by adding glazing, and this reduces energy consumption. One more significant factor is the proper arrangement of doors and windows, which is known as fenestration.

Why is cold rolling essential? 

Cold rolling happens with the metal below the recrystallization temperature; this enhances the strength with the strain hardening, which is up to 20%. So, now read the benefits of cold rolling steel buildings:

  • Hassle-free assembling  
  • Robust construction 
  • Environment-friendly option
  • Laying an accurate foundation can offer a reduction in cost
  • The modular designs are quite flexible

TSSC steel panels are superb for proper insulation; these panels are prefabricated and have sufficient insulation properties. Cold rolled steel is ideal for both primary and secondary construction. 

Controlling the internal environment

Building envelopes have the power to control the internal environment. The heating and cooling of a building determine its capacity for weather control. The environment should be free from moisture, excess sound, and light. Also, these are efficient in covering the roofs, foundations, windows, doors, and walls. TSSC designs modern, protective, and functional building envelopes.  

Call the leaders

TSSC, an ISO 9001 company, is the leader in manufacturing panels that are engineered to perfection. We have an expert team of qualified engineers that take care of the manufacturing process. We have manufactured insulated panels for more than 40 years.

Email or call us to discuss your project with us—request a quote.