Why You Should Use Sandwich PUF Panels?


Sandwich PUF Panels are being used more frequently in the realm of modern building and cold storage solutions. These polyurethane foam panels, also known as PUF panels or Polyurethane Foam Panels, provide a flexible and effective solution for a variety of applications, notably in cold storage facilities. TSSC is a well-known brand in the market that offers premium Sandwich PUF Panels. The benefits of employing a Sandwich PUF panel for cold storage for your construction and cold storage needs will be discussed in this blog.

Outstanding Thermal Insulation

When it comes to the PUF panel for cold storage, keeping the temperature steady and low is crucial to ensuring the quality and security of the kept items. Due to its remarkable thermal insulation qualities, sandwich PUF panels thrive in this area. These panels have a polyurethane foam core, which is well known for its excellent thermal performance.

Sandwich PUF panels provide superior thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity which helps to maintain the temperature within the cold storage facility. This not only maintains the quality of the products but also uses less energy over time, saving money.

Power Savings

The possibility for large energy savings is one of the most important benefits of adopting sandwich PUF panels for cold storage. The PUF panels from TSSC have remarkable thermal resistance and are designed to minimize thermal bridging. The PUF panels have continuous insulation throughout the wall surface, reducing heat loss or gain through these bridges and improving energy efficiency. For companies that run cold storage facilities, this energy-efficient insulation can significantly reduce energy consumption and result in long-term cost reductions that are considerable.

Long Lasting and Resilient

Construction of cold storage facilities must consider durability because of the fluctuations in temperature and the continual movement of items. Sandwich PUF Panels from TSSC are renowned for their durable design and endurance. They are made to endure the demands of cold storage conditions, guaranteeing that your facility will last for many years.

Installation simplicity

Sandwich PUF Panels’ simplicity of installation is another benefit. The panels are manufactured in a controlled environment setting and then brought to the job site. This drastically cuts down on-site labor and construction time, lowers costs and expedites project completion. PUF panels from TSSC are an efficient option for building projects including cold storage since they are designed for simple installation. The slip joint & camlock jointing system facilitates assembly and dismantling quickly, therefore, fewer workers or non-HVAC trained personnel are required. The jointing system also gives an aesthetic sense by hiding the joints. Steps to be followed in the installation of PUF panels is to determine the size of the cold room, calculate the surface area of the cold room, determine the thickness of the PUF panels required for the installation, and place the order PUF panels from TSSC.

Choices for Customization

Every cold storage facility is different, with particular needs and spatial limitations. Sandwich panels from TSSC may be customized in a variety of ways to match the precise needs of your project. Customization enables you to adapt the panels to the unique requirements of your cold storage facility, regardless of whether you need panels with particular dimensions, distinct thicknesses, or alternative finishes.

Resistance to Moisture and Corrosion

To stop mold and germs from growing, PUF panels for cold storage facilities must maintain a dry, clean atmosphere. Sandwich PUF Panels from TSSC are created to be moisture-resistant, guaranteeing that they maintain outstanding condition even in areas with high relative humidity levels. These panels are also corrosion-resistant, which makes them perfect for cold storage facilities with variable humidity and temperature.

Fire Protection

Any building project must prioritize safety. Sandwich PUF Panels from TSSC are created with fire safety in mind. They have good fire-retardant qualities that, in emergencies, can aid in containing and reducing the spread of fire. In cold storage facilities where the storage of delicate commodities is practiced, this additional degree of security is crucial.

Environmentally responsible

Construction and building materials are increasingly focusing on sustainability. Sandwich PUF panel for cold storage are eco-friendly since they have less influence on the environment. They utilize less energy, which lowers the greenhouse gas emissions brought on by heating and cooling. These panels may be recycled, which helps the building sector become more environmentally friendly.

Cost-Saving Approach

Sandwich PUF Panels’ long-term cost-effectiveness becomes clear. Over the course of your cold storage facility’s life, lower operating expenses will result from energy savings, longevity, and minimal maintenance requirements. The dedication to quality guarantees that your investment in PUF panels for cold storage will pay off in terms of effectiveness and cost savings.

Applications for Cold Storage with Flexibility

Sandwich PUF Panels provide flexibility in applications for cold storage. They may be used for a variety of things, such as blast freezers, walk-in coolers, refrigerated warehouses, and refrigerated trucks. These panels may be tailored to the precise temperature needs of your application, whether you are storing perishable commodities, frozen goods, or medications.

This adaptability includes both new PUF cold storage facility development and refurbishment and extension of existing ones. PUF panels are flexible, making them a good option for a variety of cold storage solutions.


It makes sense to utilize Sandwich PUF Panels from the TSSC when building PUF panels for cold storage facilities. In addition to effective thermal insulation, these panels also save energy and are simple to install. They offer moisture and corrosion resistance and can be tailored to your project’s exact needs. Sandwich PUF panels are also cost-effective in the long run and ecologically benign. Sandwich PUF panels are a great choice for cold storage facilities needing dependable and effective insulation, and they are supported by the TSSC’s reputation for providing high-quality building materials.

How to Select the Right Cold Storage Warehouse for Your Business?

The keys to success in today’s highly competitive corporate environment are dependability and efficiency. Having access to suitable cold storage facilities is crucial for sectors that deal with perishable commodities or temperature-sensitive items, such as food, medicines, and some chemicals. Throughout their route from maker to customer, these items’ quality and safety are crucially preserved by a cold storage facility. However, choosing the ideal cold storage facility for your company necessitates careful consideration of several things. We will walk you through the process of selecting the best cold storage facility to suit your needs in this blog.

Understanding Your Cold Storage Needs

It’s crucial to get a firm grasp on your unique cold storage needs before starting the selection process. Think about the following inquiries:

Types of Product: What kind of things do you need to keep, exactly? The ideal temperature for storage depends on the product. Knowing the requirements of your product is the first stage, whether it be medications, chilled products, or frozen goods.

Storage Capacity: How much room do you need for storage? Take into account both your existing demands and any anticipated future expansion.

Location: Does your supply chain have easy access to the warehouse? Delivery times and transportation costs may be influenced by a location’s proximity to suppliers, distribution hubs, and final customers.

Temperature Range: What temperature range are your items needed to operate in? To suit various product kinds, some cold storage facilities offer numerous temperature zones.

Regulatory Compliance: Does the warehouse adhere to applicable industry norms and regulations? This is essential, especially in sectors like food and medicines where non-compliance can have detrimental effects on both the law and public health.

Important Things to Think About When Choosing a Cold Storage Warehouse

Temperature Control and Monitoring: The main purpose of a cold storage warehouse is to keep your items at a constant temperature. To prevent temperature variations, make sure the facility has dependable temperature control systems and 24/7 monitoring.

Facility Cleanliness and Hygiene: To prevent product contamination, your facility must be clean and hygienic. Check the building for cleanliness and compliance with sanitary rules.

Automation and technology: For effective operations, modern cold storage facilities frequently use cutting-edge technology. Look for features like real-time tracking, automatic inventory management, and data analytics.

Security Measures: Security measures are essential to safeguarding your priceless possessions. Look for security measures including fire suppression systems, access restrictions, and surveillance cameras.

Backup power: Power interruptions might cause the facility’s climate control to malfunction. Maintaining the integrity of your products requires a dependable backup power solution.

Scalability: Your storage requirements may alter as your organization expands. Select a facility that has the scalability to meet your changing needs.


Nowadays, cold storage warehouse is very important for companies’ operation and to protect anything from damage. You can make an informed decision that protects the safety and quality of your items by carefully analyzing your cold storage requirements and taking into account aspects like temperature control, cleanliness, security, and scalability. Always keep in mind that a carefully designed cold storage facility is an investment in the long-term prosperity of your company, ensuring that your products reach customers in the best possible shape.

Contact Technical Supplies & Services Co. for your cold storage needs. We are indeed one of the most credible and reputable cold storage manufacturers out there.

Tips On Hiring A Good Steel Structure Manufacturer

The significance of selecting the best steel structure manufacturer in India must not be understated when we talk about developing industrial facilities, commercial buildings, or even residential properties.

Steel structures are one of the most favored options for building projects because of their remarkable strength, affordability, and adaptability.

However, the competence and dependability of your chosen manufacturer will significantly impact the overall project outcome.

So, today in this blog, we will look at some of the most critical parameters when it comes to selecting the best steel structure manufacturer for your industrial needs and requirements.

Without any further delay, let’s get started!

The Best Tips You Can Follow for Choosing the Perfect-Fit Steel Structure Manufacturer-

Are you looking for a credible steel structure manufacturer for your industrial requirements?

Are you confused about what to look for when it comes to approaching a steel structure manufacturer in India?

If yes, you have stepped into the right space on the internet.

Here are some crucial recommendations on choosing a reputable steel structure manufacturer to assist you in making an educated choice for steel warehouse building

Experience and Expertise

When choosing a producer of steel structures, experience, and industry knowledge are the most important factors to consider.

So, look for businesses having a track record of completing projects just like yours successfully.

A skilled manufacturer will be knowledgeable about steel production, design, and installation, resulting in a construction process that runs more smoothly and effectively.

Reputation and Reviews

Before making a choice, look into the manufacturer’s reputation. To determine their level of client happiness, read reviews and client feedback.

Online resources and company directories frequently offer insightful information on the performance and dependability of the manufacturer.

Eventually, a business that constantly receives favorable feedback is more likely to provide satisfactory outcomes.
Well, you can contact Technical Supplies & Services Co. LLC. We are one of the best steel structure manufacturers in India.

Quality of Materials

The quality of steel used will strongly affect your steel warehouse building’s durability and safety.

So, ensure the steel complies with industry requirements and certifications by asking the manufacturer about the type of steel they use.

Reputable steel structure manufacturers are open and prepared to share specifics about their sourcing and testing procedures. They are also clear about the products they use.

Customized Approaches

Every building project is different, and the manufacturer of your steel structures has to be able to meet your particular needs and specifications.

So, choose a company that provides design, size, and finish customization possibilities.

It will guarantee that the final product precisely reflects your idea and satisfies all requirements for functionality and aesthetics.

Compliance with Building Codes

Strict safety standards and building codes must be followed during construction operations.

These specifications will be well-known to a trustworthy steel structure manufacturer, and they’ll make sure the fabricated parts adhere to all relevant regulations.

You can avoid potential legal problems and building delays by selecting a manufacturer that values safety and compliance.

Timelines and Project Management

A construction project’s timely completion is essential for your budget and overall timeline.

So, ask the manufacturer about their project management methodology and thoroughly check the project timelines.

A good manufacturer will be well-organized, have open communication channels, and be dedicated to fulfilling deadlines.

Pricing and Transparency

Cost should not be the only determining factor, but it is unquestionably a critical parameter.

Ask for specific quotations from several manufacturers and carefully evaluate them.

Avoid unreasonable offers because they might result in subpar products or services.
Instead, concentrate on finding a manufacturer offering upfront pricing and fully outlining all associated costs.

Green Initiatives

Last, but not least, it is crucial to consider a manufacturer’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in today’s environmentally concerned world.

So, you can ask about their environmental activities, such as whether they recycle or utilize energy-efficient production methods.

Wrapping Up This Here-

Choosing a reputable steel structure manufacturer is one of the most critical steps in any construction project.

You can make a well-informed decision by carefully weighing their experience, reputation, quality of materials, customization options, compliance with building codes, project management abilities, pricing, and sustainability efforts.

Investing time and effort into finding a good steel structure manufacturer will ultimately result in a thriving, durable, cost-effective steel structure. That meets all your expectations and requirements.

Lastly, don’t forget to contact Technical Supplies & Services Co. LLC. We are indeed one of the most credible and reputable steel structure manufacturers out there.

Contact us right away!

Importance of Temperature Control in Warehouse

Temperature control plays a significant role when it comes to storing different temperature sensitive and perishable products for businesses related to food pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries.

So, a temperature controlled warehouse, whether freezer or cooler, is crucial if you or your customers trade products that are sensitive to temperature.

No doubt, shipping goods from one location to another becomes exceedingly challenging without the assistance of such facilities.

Most temperature-sensitive goods are perishable and need a good atmosphere.

It can entail making a long-term and short-term investment in temperature-controlled warehouse storage, which can help to safeguard some products.

In short, running a warehouse requires a lot of thought since items must be stored correctly each and every time.

So, nowadays, the majority of warehouses have evolved into hi-tech buildings that rely on a variety of systems to ensure the warehouse runs smoothly.

And as manufacturers and distributors of different products, it becomes important for you to maintain a desired temperature in your warehouses.

Because when managed improperly, this whole system can have terrible effects. But, you do not need to sweat about it.

Technical Supplies & Services Co. is here to help you with the best temperature-controlling services for your warehousing activities.

Well, now, let’s talk about the top advantages of temperature-controlled warehouses below!

Top Advantages Of Temperature Controlled Warehouses

There are a lot of advantages of temperature controlled warehouses for businesses.

So, understanding the advantages of a controlled environment, such as temperature-controlled warehouses, is essential given the increasing annual growth rate of warehousing businesses.

For a variety of reasons, warehouse companies frequently find themselves in need of temperature control in their facilities.

Let’s explore the top of them right here!

Seasoned Experts and Security-

These temperature-controlled warehouses are run by experts with years of industry experience.

Due to the temperature, the climate within these warehouses is considerably different, making it occasionally unsafe or uncomfortable to operate in.

However, extra precautions are taken to guarantee the greatest level of safety for both the workers and the products being stored.

Enhances Air Quality-

The entire quality of the finished product that the buyer receives is greatly influenced by the air quality.

Additionally, the temperature inside the temperature-controlled warehouse is adjusted to prevent the entry of outside dust, vermin, and pollutants.

Safety to Different Products-

When it comes to warehousing, different kinds of products require different temperatures to be stored safely and effectively. Usually, a temperature-controlled warehouse can operate at four different temperature ranges:

Ambient: +15 °C to +30 °C

Cool: +5 °C to +10 °C

Refrigerated: 0 °C to +10 °F

Frozen: -30 °C to 0 °C

Since the detrimental effects of high humidity and temperature variations can modify the constitution of many components used in the production of pharmaceuticals, continual cooling is necessary to preserve their effective characteristics.

Besides, facilities for chemical warehousing are quite stringent about temperature control and product management in general for safety concerns.

Protection For Workers-

Factory workers are usually at constant risk against risky environments under the radar of harmful chemicals and gases.

So, temperature controlled warehouses don’t need employees present in potentially harmful surroundings.

And labour productivity increases as a result of the harsh freezer environment being eliminated, and concerns with employee recruitment and retention are significantly decreased.

Mindfulness and Client Satisfaction-

Another big advantage of temperature control in the warehouse is immense peace of mind and customer satisfaction and happiness.

So, shippers can now relax knowing that the quality of the products is always maintained.

And on the other side, the delivery of high-quality goods results in the complete satisfaction of the ultimate consumers as well.

Thus, when there is not enough time to meet consumer demand and your supply chain includes temperature-sensitive products, it must be operational.

In short, shippers can relax knowing that they are protected by temperature-controlled facilities from spoilage and damage.

The possibility of suffering losses is greatly reduced in this method, in totality.

Wrapping This Here:

Above are some of the top ways that temperature-controlled warehousing is beneficial for your business.

It protects your products, customers, workers, and much more against a lot of possible mishaps that could happen if temperature control is not taken care of properly and effectively.

But, you do not need to worry at all.

So, if you want to acquire the most optimal temperature-controlled facets for your warehousing business or store your products in the best way possible, Technical Supplies & Services Co. is here for you.

They have some of the most optimally designed products and services for controlling temperature in warehouses.

What Are Components of Pre Engineered Steel Buildings?

In the modern world, technology has emerged rapidly; one example is pre engineered steel buildings, where the overall design is done at the factory. In the process of building PEB structures, the building components that are pre-manufactured at the factory and assembled at an on-site location. Besides, industries have found several benefits of PEB rather than conventional ones.

Where are Pre-engineered buildings implemented most?

Most commercial and industrial sites are implementing this type of construction for different spaces like warehouses, offices, retail spaces, and more. PEB’s are a great thing to implement for several reasons, such as cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, added durability, sustainability, and customizable design options. Pre-engineered buildings are efficiently designed and can be lighter by almost 30%. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution due to less steel requirement in the structural framework., making the erection process faster and much easier. In comparison with conventional steel structures, PEB Steel Structures are mainly formed by standard sections and connections, significantly reducing design and time.

Major Components of Pre-engineered Buildings

Here is a list of the major components of a Pre-engineered building that makes the foundation strong:

Primary Structural Frames

Every building needs a solid framework to withstand the vertical and horizontal loads of the whole structure. The structural integrity of the steel frame building should never be in jeopardy. The fundamental frame of pre-engineered steel structures comprises rafters and stiff steel columns together by fittings like flanges.

Rafters are sloped structural components or beams that extend up to the wall plate from the ridge. They are designed to support the roof deck and its associated loads.

Columns in pre-engineered buildings are vertical members that are used to transfer the vertical load to the foundations. These are generally made up of I sections which give benefits in terms of strength while being economical to produce.

Fabricators must ensure that the main structure of the building can endure environmental pressures like corrosion and natural disasters, which is why a great deal of skill goes into its installation. Moreover, recall that the type and size of the pre-engineered steel building will also affect how many primary frames are needed.

Secondary Component

A pre-engineered building’s framing is the most integral to supporting the overall structure. Similarly, the secondary structural frame utilized in a PEB transfers the loads towards the primary framing. The secondary structural frame is mainly constructed using cold formed sections- Purlins, eave struts, Z or C shape girts in different sizes are secondary structural members used to support the wall and roof panels.

Purlins are used on the roof; Grits are used on the walls and Eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof. Additionally, cable bracing in Pre Engineered Steel Buildings is a primary member that ensures the stability of the building against forces in the longitudinal direction such as wind, cranes, and earthquakes.
The primary advantage of these steel frame buildings is to reduce the need for steel to handle the load and make the frame lighter.

Sheeting & Insulation

There are several parts to use in building walls and roof panels, such as studs, bottom plates, ridge caps, headers, and top plates. These elements also help protect the building structure from bad weather, leaks, air infiltration, and wind uplift. In this process, sheeting or cladding becomes beneficial.

These covering panels offer access for all purposes to meet the demands of form and function. Typically, galvanizing and color coating the steel sheets give pre-engineered buildings an appealing appearance. The roofing steel sheet is on top of the adequate insulation coils in these buildings. Metal single skin panels or insulated sandwich panels are one of the most attractive features of a pre-engineered metal building system. These single skin sheets or sandwich panel metal sheets are ideal for agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings and are used for roof and wall cladding, interior roof and wall liners, partition panels, fascia panels, and soffit panels. These profiled metal sheets and insulated sandwich panels are available with design flexibility to suit your design requirements. Higher thermal efficiency and better structural integrity can be achieved with our insulated composite roof and wall panel range.

Mezzanine System

Pre-engineered steel structures are low-density steel frame buildings with a maximum of two intermediate levels and a roof. Furthermore, another element in Pre-engineered steel structures that use steel decks supported by joists onto major beams. Remember that column spacing affects the loads of the mezzanine system. For projects that seek to optimize space for production areas, mezzanine systems are a fantastic choice.

PEB Building Accessories

Pre-engineered steel building accessories may not be crucial to the structure but are crucial to its usability and appearance. The building accessories include crane runway beams, fascia, parapets, canopies, and roof extensions, sliding doors, skylights, roll up doors, aluminum windows, louvers, ridges, ventilators to name a few of these accessories.


Above are the foremost components of a PEB that make it strong. These steel structures are unquestionably helpful for a variety of sectors. There are numerous benefits in this form of structure, such as affordability, sturdiness, time-saving, sustainability, and adaptable design alternatives. Choose the leading industrial fabricator in the UAE is Technical Supplies & Services Co., which has decades of expertise in this sector.

Why Are Insulated Panels Installed in Cold Rooms?

There are different types of cold rooms depending on the required storage. When it comes to building a cold room or temperature-controlled room one of the key elements are insulated cold room panels. Cold room insulated form the structure of your walk-in chiller, freezer cold room. Without an effective cold room panel solution, your space will be poorly insulated and inefficient.

What is an Insulated Cold Room Panel?

Addition to choosing the right refrigeration door, the use of an insulating panel includes a rigid core protective layer between two layers of structural board. The body can be made up of XPS or EPS and, the structural board can be plywood or cement. Various building material elements are combined with SIP. These boards are also used on floors, exterior walls, and roofs. We can utilize these panels to crack many different problems. Insulated cold storage panels are normally operated in cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles.

Basically, insulated Cold Store Panels are composite factory manufactured panels, consisting of two layers of metal facers in different finishes with high-quality fire rating PUR/PIR insulation core between the metal. These insulated panels are used in cold storage walls, ceilings, cold store partitions. Insulated cold storage panels are engineered for superior thermal performance for use in a wide range of cold storage applications, temperature-controlled environments, and refrigerated vehicles.

Cold Room Basics

A cold room can keep a variety of goods like frozen goods, good chemicals, and so on. The design and undertaking of cold storage depend on the working conditions required for each case, as well as the internal and external temperature differences. Based on this info, it is necessary to calculate the insulation of walls, ceilings, and in some cases even the floor of the cold room. The following components make up a modern cold room:

Access doors:

Often in the design of these spaces, people forget the importance of this element. The characteristics of this element are key to the performance not only of the refrigeration equipment but also to avoid temperature losses due to constant handling. An access door that keeps the chamber at the required temperature should not be an element to think about the most economical.

Climate control equipment:

It is the machinery that will allow us to maintain the constant temperature we need inside the refrigeration chamber.

Interconnected Cold Room Insulated Wall Panels

These insulated panels are thermal panels for cold storage walls. The tongue and groove jointing system is designed to eliminate any possible gaps. It offers an effective condensation barrier within your cold room.The ranging thicknesses and insulation levels for the cold room panels will be dependent upon the required temperature of your cold room. Chiller cold rooms maintain positive temperatures of between +1 and +8 degrees, whilst freezer cold rooms maintain negative temperatures of between -5 and -45 degrees. Ambient temperature-controlled rooms maintain positive temperatures of between +10 to +35 degrees.


The idea of flooring is to prevent heat transfer from the floor surface. Many cold store floors today are insulated with Insulated panel boards and filled with concrete surface.

Cold Store Roof

Insulated Cold Room panels are not only designed for your walls but we also offer cold room insulated panels for ceilings in various sizes. These Cold Storage Insulated Roof Panels are optimized for refrigeration and freezing chambers and are designed well to counteract the environment. Materials have effects for transferring heat from each other.

A thermal insulation design is created that can stop this heat transfer by maintaining heat away from the insulation.

Dimensions and Features of Insulated Panels

TSSC Cold Room Panels are available in different sizes, thicknesses as a suitable option for cold rooms which require positive temperatures (chillers) and negative temperatures (freezers). These panels are available in little pieces because they will be comfortable to move. The best way to utilize insulated cold storage panels in a cold room is when creating. This route you can keep extra money.

Insulated cold storage panels can also be used as independent temperature controlled warehouse or cold store structures. This is a structure with eradicates several building materials and saves on cost. Insulated panels can also be used as external cladding, as far as strength is involved, it delivers the force and stability of good structures, so that it also covers the building during natural damage.

Cold Storage Insulated panels are available with different finishes to cater to food, pharmaceutical industries such as stainless steel finish or food safe coating.

Insulation Materials Used in Cold Storage

The cold supply, whether located in retail stores or a test chamber for scientific applications, needs to keep the correct condition, beginning with the insulation materials utilized to build the unit. Several brands use it in freezer coolers as well as in science spaces due to its strong thermal performance of polyurethane foam.


Polyurethane is a sealed cellular insulating material that has lower thermal conductivity. This material grows and solidifies upon cooling, and is usually employed on-site. This bubble needs specialized equipment and proper technical exercise to confirm that it is sprayed properly. This material is commonly used in walk-in cold storage and walk-in refrigerators or specialized applications.

Polyisocyanurate also referred to as PIR

Polyisocyanurate also referred to as PIR is a popular material for cold room and upgrade product for cold store insulated panels. Compare to PU sandwich panel, PIR panel has significant advantage due to higher fire rating and excellent fire resistant performance. TSSC cold room insulated panels with PIR foam are strong due to its higher density and ribbed steel surface.

Installation of Insulated Panels in Cold Rooms

The installation relies more on the size and style of cold storage. Cold room panels are more required in cold rooms with large dimensions. Cold room kits are known that deliver a whole definition of the installation of insulated cold storage panels.


In the end, insulated panels deliver the strength and stability of your cold spaces. It is technology uses about 60% less wood than traditional construction. It is suggested to utilize insulated cold storage panels in cold spaces as much as possible to complete balance in the interior and product grade.

As we all know, cold rooms, isolated from thermal insulation, must also be capable to prevent bacteria, grease, and dust. Therefore, they must be chosen wisely to create a structure immune to pests and dust. Insulated cold storage panels offered by Technical Supplies & Services Co. have high thermal efficiency. TSSC group is among the leading companies that offer the best and high-quality insulated cold storage panels.

The escalating demand of prefab buildings Qatar – TSSC Group solutions

Prefabricated buildings have components like roof, walls and floor that are manufactured and designed inside the factory. They can be partially or entirely assembled inside a factory and then transferred to the construction site. Prefab buildings in Qatar are affordable, reusable and have faster turnaround. Some of the applications of prefab buildings are office spaces, temporary construction, medical camps, schools, houses, apartments, etc. 

Prefabrication is cost-efficient because the process of manufacturing via a product line is controlled. Here, most of the structures have repeating sections of roofs, walls and floors. Prefabrication is not a new concept; it dates back to the nomadic times when people used to migrate for discovering new lands. Gradually, with further development and to cater to the demand, companies started developing prefab solutions. There has been no shortage of houses since then.

Prefab construction is flexible 

Prefab structures are developed using modules and they follow the same building codes like the permanent structures. The codes vary from one state to another. The codes are updated to meet the recent developments. Prior to the installation, the soil is inspected to ensure a sturdy foundation. Make sure you have the permits ready before the installation. Prefab buildings have many benefits for the manufacturers, contractors and users. The activities get divided on-site and offsite, this gives flexibility regarding the project schedule, costs, planning and management. There have been ample innovations so there has been reinvention of modularization and prefabrication. The demand for prefab buildings in Qatar is witnessing escalation.

The benefits of quality control

Quality control is one of the biggest advantages of prefab building. With traditional site construction, the process is delayed due to several factors. The weather and seasonal factors play a major role in offering hindrance in the traditional construction process. Prefab buildings are not affected by any weather conditions because all parts are manufactured in-house. The traditional construction and the workforces have unskilled laborers, they are sometimes part-time workers. There is a shortage of skilled laborers most of the time. Prefab construction is completed by skilled laborers and not many of them are needed. They are assigned project basis and have adequate expertise.

Why TSSC Group?

TSSC group is one of the companies that manufacture prefab buildings in Qatar. We are an ISO 9001 company having more than 50 years of experience in offering roofing, cladding and insulation solutions. We implement modern techniques to ensure you have a building within the budget and designed based on your requirements. Our prefab buildings in Qatar are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. This method is sustainable, less waste material is produced because it can be recycled. We have improved manufacturing units that implement newer techniques and have the biggest capacity for production. Our construction methods and products meet the international standards and are functional.

Final words

The popularity of prefabrication in the building and construction sector is escalating and the traditional building method has taken a backseat.  The deadlines of each project are reduced to almost 50%, and there is 20% cost cutting. Please book a consultation with the TSSC experts and experience customized solutions. Our experts manage your project and we deliver on-time. TSSC Group develops environment-friendly solutions. Please discuss the project with us for a solution—request a no-obligation quote.

How much importance have you given to insulation? Install sandwich panels

Thermal and sound insulation are two important factors that decide the comfort level inside your room. During the summer months, the coolers constantly keep running trying to keep the temperature inside low. Again, during the winters, the heater should constantly perform to keep the room heated. This results in increasing monthly energy bills that you can keep under control by insulating the interior. Walls and ceilings that have higher levels of insulation lead to lesser operational costs. Insulation is an age-old concept but there has been tremendous advancement in techniques. We recommend installing insulated panels on the walls and ceiling. So, sandwich panels are manufactured and installed to add thermal and sound insulation. There are many renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Do good research and shortlist a few while choosing. The quality of the panel plays a major role.

What are sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels can be used as floors, walls and roofs. These panels are made of two layers so the structure looks similar to a sandwich. There are two metal sheets on both the sides that cover the insulated core in the middle. The metal sheets are durable and the core material is responsible for offering the insulation to the interior. The lifespan of the panel is not affected by dampness and humidity. Sandwich panels are widely used in dry construction. The panels are used in internal partitions and in making the envelope of the building. Sandwich panels can be installed very quickly.

The various applications of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are screwed to the internal structure, the screws can be visible or concealed. The total construction time taken is the shortest compared to any other system. These panels are available in different finishes and shapes, it could be modern, wood-like, rustic or like tiles. Sandwich panels have insulating properties so they are used on roofs and facades of commercial spaces. They are lightweight so used mainly for renovating enclosed spaces. Sandwich insulated panels are mainly used in warehouses, cold rooms, shopping centers, sports complexes, etc. The common length of the panels varies between 3 and 6 meters but sometimes the maximum length could be 16 meters. The thickness of the panels depends on the final application.

TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group is among the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 company manufacturing building and construction solutions. We have been offering roofing and cladding solutions, manufacturing insulation solutions for more than 50 years. We manufacture sandwich insulated panels in the EASY WALL brand name. We customize the core based on your requirements and that decides the expense of your project.

Final words

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Book a consultation for free to discuss with the TSSC team for a customized solution. You can visit our website to learn about the TSSC Group and our products. We give individual attention to your project by assigning a separate project manager. We do the planning, start working on the project, keep you informed about it and offer on-time delivery. We create an effective solution for your commercial project. We have clients from various industries in Saudi Arabia. Request a quote.

Adding cold store panels in West Africa to insulate your cold storage and warehouse facility

A cold store room in West Africa can help your business grow by meeting the demand and supply requirements. Africa is a hot and humid country. It is not possible to store perishable items in bulk without a proper cold store facility. The cold room should be well maintained and insulated for efficient cooling.

The cold store panels in West Africa are formed using the monolithic construction. This building style is formed by pushing in rigid polyurethane foam at a very high concentration between the cladding. TSSC’s refrigeration systems are robust and have open compressors that are simple to maintain and service. Our high-performing compressors offer great cooling and a higher level of COPs. So, they are used for larger loads where reliability is an important factor. The company installs Rack Power System for larger cold storages. We prefer ammonia as a suitable refrigerant.

TSSC’s cold store room panels in West Africa do not require daily or expensive maintenance. We offer a yearly maintenance service to our clients. You too can avail that at nominal charges. The core material plays a vital role in offering the desired level of insulation. You can choose from the PIR core, EPS, mineral fleece or polyisocyanurate core. We install cold rooms of any capacity that are customized based on the client’s requirements. TSSC Group manufactures and installs insulated walls, floor and ceiling. We design different types of cold storages that include warehouses, walk-in cold storages, refrigerated trucks, pre-insulated ducts and walk-in freezers. TSSC’s cooling systems are available in various shapes and sizes. They are lightweight so the transportation is less expensive. The installation process is simple. 

TSSC – designs insulated solutions


TSSC Group, which started in 1975, is the primary member of the Harwal Group. We are an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures a whole range of services and products. We operate across the Middle East, East and West Africa. TSSC Group has emerged as one of the leaders in designing cold store panels in West Africa. We manufacture and design insulated solutions that include roofing, cladding, glass systems, prefab shelters, portacabins and more. We offer building and construction solutions in the country and have been doing business for more than 50 years or four decades. In our store you get complete industrial refrigeration solutions that include cold store panels, warehouse solutions and different types of cooling trucks. TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels can last as long as 25 years. They are resistant to heat, fire hazards and temperature differences. Our cold store insulated panels can endure abuses and impacts.

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Are you planning for a cold store room in West Africa.  TSSC Group can customize cold store solutions considering your business purpose and requirement. We have a dedicated team of experts who handle your project right from planning phase, implementation and on-time delivery. We design functional cold store solutions for different businesses. Consult with our team to get an effective solution. We can give you suggestions based on your business needs and the budget. TSSC Group also has excellent after-sales support. Refer to our website for more information on cold store solutions. Get in touch with our team via call or email. Request a no-obligation quote.

The industrial sector in Oman is experiencing growth – Insulation is important

The right kind of insulating material helps in improving the performance of the panels. TSSC Group customizes the panels based on your construction needs and the budget.

The benefits of sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels have been engineered to resist internal and external conditions. The insulating material is sandwiched between two metal sheets. The performance depends on the coating and insulation of the material. We believe in customization because every construction has different requirements.

Sandwich panels have a 3 layer-structure

The sandwich panels have a 3-layer structure. There is a core material in the middle that is covered with durable metal sheets on both sides. The sandwich panels have a thicker structure yet have a lightweight nature. These panels are used for cladding and roofing solutions. Sandwich panels are installed in logistic buildings, sports facilities, freezers, warehouses, cold storages and shopping malls. Choose from the many insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. Find a renowned company that manufactures functional yet affordable sandwich panels in the country.


Why should you invest in TSSC’s sandwich panels?

Here are the advantages of the sandwich insulated panels:

  • The panels offer thermal and sound insulation
  • Aids in faster construction
  • Can resist corrosion and other environmental factors.
  • The panels are installed using the dry process.
  • Affordable sandwich panels from TSSC
  • They are available in different sizes, shapes and shades.


The different core materials

The core material of the sandwich panels plays a big role in the level of insulation it offers. Businesses choose the core material depending on the insulation requirement and the kind of project. Here is a short discussion about the common core materials.

The Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane sandwich panel or the PU Panel has a higher density foam that lies between the two durable metal sheets. This foam is made of different types of polyurethane materials like Isocyanate and Polyol. The core material offers heat insulation, it can endure the air pressure and resists humidity.

The mineral wool core

The mineral wool sandwich panels have 3 layers. The mineral wool core is dense and the outer layer is surrounded by tough aluminum sheets. Sandwich panels using this core are suitable for buildings that are prone to fire hazards. These panels are installed in buildings that require adequate soundproofing.

Polyisocyanurate core panel

These are also known as the PIR panels. The core is formed of macromolecular structure when the components of the foam undergo a chemical reaction. This core material is solid and is budget-friendly. This is a highly recommended core material by the sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman

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TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. We customize panels and make sure that it is not too heavy on your pocket. We manufacture building and construction supplies that include roofing solutions, cladding, insulated panels for cold storages, warehouses and cooling vehicles. We have been offering a vast range of services for more than 50 years. You can have a discussion with our team for an effective solution. We will assign you a project manager to handle it from the planning phase to on-time delivery. TSSC Group excels in after-sales support. Please email or call us to request a quote.