The benefits of the EASYWALL panel system from TSSC Group

Structural insulated panels are used to build ceilings, construct walls and floors. Insulated panels are also called sandwich panels with metal skins on two sides and an insulated core. The panels are known for thermal properties, flexibility in design and rapid installation time. The panels are designed in different sizes with thicknesses ranging from 4 to 8 inches. These are also available in larger sizes and customized according to project requirements. Insulated panels are not a new concept, but recently, there have been ample advancements. These panels are an ideal replacement for wood framing. TSSC’s easy panel wall system in Qatar has too many advantages. 

The EASYWALL from TSSC Group

The EASYWALL is a non-load-bearing wall panel system designed for internal partition walls and external walls. The EASYWALL panel is useful in constructing energy-efficient homes and buildings. The panels can suit any construction design. It could be anything from ordinary homes to high-end apartments. EASYWALL is suitable for building boundaries, fences, walls and compound walls. TSSC’s EASYWALL is tested and approved by international and local bodies. The price is competitive because the least manpower and waste removal are involved.

Airtight and sound-proof insulated panels 

Buildings are not supposed to be cold always. One of the common issues is coping with temperature regulation inside the walls when it comes to construction. Structural insulated panels offer the right solution. TSSC’s easy panel wall system in Qatar is airtight. This gives way to the absence of cold drafts. This makes structural panels an excellent choice. Your home or commercial space will not be that cold anymore. 

Structural insulated wall panels are soundproof structures. The panels absorb sound, making the building quieter. Installing TSSC’s insulated panels, you will never complain of loud noises and sound-related disturbances. 

More choices for you

Insulated panels will never assert a limit during the construction process. There are building materials that limit what you can or cannot construct. Insulated panels are flexible and versatile, so there is more freedom.

Knowing TSSC Group better

TSSC is the top leader in manufacturing easy panel wall system in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company specialized in offering insulated panels, building and construction supplies. The panel’s thickness determines the expenses. Choosing the EPS core is great but the PIR core offers greater performance. TSSC has been the construction supplies and insulation solutions manufacturer for more than 50 years. TSSC has a huge client base from various industries of all sizes in Qatar. We also have expert representatives who would visit your construction site if required. TSSC insulated panels have certain advantages:

  • The construction time is shortened by 2-3 times
  • No special tools required
  • Least supervision required
  • Our panels are affordable

Final words

Please discuss your project with our TSSC group engineers for a customized solution. Please visit the TSSC website for more information. We have an excellent customer support team for after-sales service. Get in touch with our team—request a quote.