The importance of installing sandwich panel roofing systems by TSSC in the UAE

Sandwich roof panels having higher bearing capacity are manufactured implementing advanced technology and top-quality materials. Sandwich panels are made of three layers: there is a core inside and two outer coverings, creating a sandwich look. The outer layers are made of protective tough covering and the core acts as the heater. Most of the time, the external layers are made of OSB boards. Sometimes, only one side of the outer layer is made of profiled steel sheets. But sandwich panels that use OSB in the external layers are apt for overlapping roofs as they have waterproofing qualities. 

The insulating core 

Generally, polystyrene and polyurethane foam is used to form the insulating layer. These materials do not absorb moisture. Polyurethane foam is used often as it has fire-resistant properties. The outer sides of the panels have skates that have a height of 40mm. This increases the durability and rigidity of the material. 

The two types of sandwich panels

If you compare the dimensions of sandwich roofing panels to other building materials, you will find dissimilarity. There are two types of sandwich panels, namely standardized and customized. Talk to the TSSC experts in the UAE for customized solutions. If you plan to install panels in areas with harsh climatic conditions, you can customize the thickness accordingly. 

Sandwich panel advantages

Take a look at the advantages of sandwich panel roofing:

  • The panels offer superb thermal insulation 
  • These panels can last for almost 25 years or more
  • Simple and quick installation and also dismantling
  • The panels are lightweight, and the parts can be easily replaced if required
  • TSSC sandwich panels have high wind resistance, heat, and cold resistance and do not experience any deformation at a high snow pressure. 
  • The materials are affordably priced. 
  • We deliver finished products; the panels do not require additional processing. 

TSSC panels are durable and light-weight 

Most businesses in the Middle East rely on sandwich panels as insulation is a necessary factor. TSSC sandwich roof panels are ideal for commercial use. The panels are durable, tough, and long-lasting. The foam inside panels has waterproof qualities. 

For those who are looking for lightweight panels, invest in glass fiber panels. These panels are eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, non-flammable, and easily transportable. Lightweight Styrofoam is available in honeycomb form. You can use mineral wool to make the construction process easier. Mineral wool can endure very high temperatures; it is anti-corrosive and bears thermal insulation.

Simple and quick installation

TSSC roof panels take only 7-8 hours for an expert contractor to install. The installation is simple and stress-free. All materials, including subframes, fasteners, screws, are safely transported to the site.

Consult with our experts 

Are you planning to invest in a roof panel system and interested in discussing your project requirements with us? Reach the TSSC experts for a consultation. TSSC is the leader in the Middle East. A lot of customers rely on our insulated panels and building materials. You can order panels directly from TSSC, where you can enjoy lucrative deals and discounts. At our store, you can also shop for all types of accessories. 

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Everything you need to know about building envelopes before investing

Modern building facades offer a lot more than just providing shelter. This is why building envelopes have become one very popular item used in construction projects. This popularity is construction schedules, tight design, few skilled workers, strict energy codes, and facades act as weather barriers. Prefab façade systems have existed for centuries, but the use has dramatically increased in these years. Homeowners aim to solve multiple issues of construction with a single element possibly. 

Improve the aesthetic appeal and save on your energy bills

A building envelope shields the building structure from damage. Protecting a construction with an envelope aids in safeguarding the building from various elements. They also support the mechanical load, and the interior is protected from exterior hazards. The coverings also offer aesthetic appeal; they have attractive finishes. 

If you are looking for ways to control a construction’s climate, there is nothing better than a building envelope. If you are assembling a modular home, climate control is crucial. Such buildings require a shell that keeps away several elements from affecting the interior cooling and heating system. The interior is comfortable; there is no escaping of air or energy-wasting. This helps to control airflow, ventilation and to save on your energy bill. 

Knowing the three parts of a building envelope

A building envelope’s functions can be categorized into three parts: control, support, and finish. The controlling function includes guiding the flow of all types of energy and matter. The control functionality mainly focuses on controlling air, rain, heat, and humidity. The envelope supports by resisting and transferring dynamic and structural loads. Finishing is the final step where the visual aesthetics are met. Prefab facades are manufactured inside an environmentally-controlled unit. The manufacturers use a specific approach, yet there is sufficient flexibility. 

Weatherproofing qualities of building envelopes

It is essential to control the rainwater. There are various types of shields to defend against the weather, including barriers, mass storage systems, drained screens, and mass storage. A roof is mainly installed to resist water; two roofs are popular – the pitched and flat ones. The flat roofs can resist standing water, whereas pitched roofs can only shed water. 

The basement is extremely vulnerable; moisture can easily enter through the floor and walls. Hence, proper drainage and basement waterproofing keeps the walls dry. Also, weatherproof building envelopes contain a moisture blockade under the floor. Also, controlling the airflow is of utmost importance to protect high air quality indoors, check the energy consumption, keep condensation away, and offer comfort. 

Install a tight building envelope

There are two types of envelopes – tight and loose. The loose envelope lets in a little more natural air transfer and improves indoor air quality. Also, there is no requirement for mechanical ventilation. But loose envelopes make the building interior uncomfortable and allows less energy savings. 

In comparison, a tight envelope controls air quality, humidity, energy consumption, and temperature to a greater extent. They have the least chances of experiencing mold growth and mildew due to moisture infiltration. 

Get in touch with TSSC

Are you looking for a building envelope installation for your modular home in the UAE? TSSC is a renowned manufacturer of insulated panels and other construction materials. We are operating in the Middle East for more than four decades. Reach us for a discussion regarding your project.

TSSC sandwich panels in Dubai offer fantastic insulation – The core plays an important role

A sandwich panel is used to clad the roofs and walls of buildings. Each panel comprises of a core made of thermo-insulating material. The two sides are shielded with metal which protects the core. The panels are attached to a metal frame. The structural forces are endured by the carrier frame or steel framework. 

The importance of the core in sandwich panels 

The core material differentiates the types of panels. Some of the readily available core materials are EPS, PIR, PUR, and mineral wool. The materials have different thermal insulating and sound insulating performance, which also varies in weight and fire resistivity. 

There has been a lot of advancement in construction technologies. This is why more building companies in the Middle East rely on sandwich panels for better insulation. All manufacturing teams in the Middle East do not possess similar skills. TSSC Group has operated for more than forty years to have an excellent reputation for offering advanced and timely solutions.  Sandwich panels in Dubai are extremely popular as they have several benefits.

Total construction time

A construction that is being set up following the traditional building process could take longer to complete. But the same construction that uses stud partitions could take a month or a little more than that to complete. Stud partition construction is assembled and not built. The workload gets lighter. The pre-built structural parts and cladding components are brought to the site. The assembling process is smooth and completed by experts. The biggest advantage is that there is no waiting for the building shell to shed off excessive humidity. 

The time is very important when the cost factor is considered; the ROI is affected. The sooner a commercial construction is completed, the sooner you can think of achieving ROI. 

The process involved in the construction

In most sectors, the building requirements play a critical role in the whole project. Stud partitioning is a dry process. It requires no water for the building materials. So, it involves only assembling and fixing the cladding with the screws. The cladding is the sandwich panels. In comparison, traditional methods use wet processes. Water is necessary for concrete mixing, bricklaying, and plastering. The modern method is extremely beneficial for industries that require controlled moisture levels like wood processing, pharmaceuticals, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, etc. 

The cost factor discussed

The cost of sandwich panels in Dubai depends on the entire product thickness and the insulating core. The EPS core is an ideal budget option. But sandwich panels having the PIR core gives a long-term performance with improved thermal conductivity. TSSC is a large manufacturer; we have many clients as we can offer affordable solutions. 

The uses of TSSC sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels are used in warehouses, logistic hubs, cold storage, sports facilities, shopping malls, office and manufacturing buildings. We are talking about sandwich panels for cold storage in this blog because of their popularity in the UAE. Cold storages follow a complex construction process. TSSC sandwich panels offer the highest degree of thermal insulation, which is higher than façade panels.

TSSC can also customize an insulated lightweight partition wall panel for you. Do you wish to discuss your project requirement with our experts? Reach the TSSC team online, and we shall offer consultation.

Why should you invest in TSSC insulation solutions for commercial and residential use?

Constructing cold storage requires consideration of a lot of things. Among all those, temperature control is the most important factor. Cold storages are large units mainly used to store perishable items or items vulnerable to temperature alterations. They include raw vegetables, fruits, beverages, and medicines…etc. 

Cold storage solutions in the UAE

 Do you wonder how you would maintain the temperature of the cold store room? TSSC suggests installing insulated cold store panels. The Middle East always experiences very extreme weather conditions. The days are very hot and the nights are cooler. But a constant low temperature is very necessary for the cold store interiors. TSSC is one of the most renowned cold store panel suppliers in the UAE. We design advanced panels for cold store owners in the Middle East. They have successfully installed and we have many positive reviews. 

Advantages of cold store panels 

Here are the top advantages of cold store panels

Highest energy efficiency

Most industries that rely on cold storage units are concerned about high energy consumption. Temperature regulation involves heating and cooling. This leads to a higher energy bill. TSSC cold store panels are modern, superior-quality, and energy-efficient, helping to bring down the cooling costs. TSSC panels use the least energy required to stabilize the interior temperature. Our insulated panels do not allow thermal drift. Hence, very low energy is consumed and customers can save money. The operation costs can be lowered by about 50%. 

Class-apart insulation 

Our engineers have kept in mind that insulation is an essential factor. They have sufficient thermal conductivity, which is mandatory for controlling cold room temperatures. TSSC panels utilize board insulation for improved insulation. 

Low maintenance cold store panels

If you invest in a cooling facility, use cold room panels for solid performance. Avoid huge maintenance costs by installing low-maintenance panels by TSSC. The installation procedure is inexpensive. It does not take much time but one experienced contractor to complete the one-step installation procedure. 

Unique designed panels 

Our cold storage insulated panels are versatile, ideal for industrial refrigeration. We design panels of various shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. The panels have fire-rating and resistivity. TSSC has a team of experienced engineers who also design customized solutions. 

Portable refrigeration systems 

You can also be interested in portable refrigeration systems. These skids mounted or movable units are ideal for smaller interiors. We use steel or aluminum sheets for durability and portability, PIR and PUR for insulation. 

Advantages of cold-rolled steel 

TSSC also offers insulation solutions for residential high-rises and commercial buildings. We manufacture building envelopes made from cold-rolled steel. Steel is cold rolled, and its properties are altered for improved insulation. The metal is even more durable and has better strength. Cold rolled steel buildings have plenty of advantages:

  • Simple and stress-free assembling
  • Lower cost of laying the foundation
  • Flexible modular designs
  • Stronger construction
  • Eco-friendly

Let us hear your requirements 

TSSC offers panels and building materials for residential and commercial use. TSSC is an ISO 9001 company in the Middle East catering to client requirements for more than four decades. Discuss your project with our team; we also offer after-sales support—request for a quote.

The common benefits of installing Lightweight partition wall panels in the Middle East

Did you ever think about why you should have a concrete wall? The thermal mass of a cement wall offers better insulation against extreme temperatures. It’s much better than metal walls, so concrete walls can help to maintain a constant temperature. It can also bring down the cooling and heating costs. The mass is so dense that the construction requires a very low level of insulation. Concrete construction offers durable walls. Also, there are so many rotting chances due to moisture, rain, diffusion, and the walls are not affected by termites.

The popularity of wall panels

Wall panel systems are now extensively popular throughout the UAE. Now the architectural world has experienced a lot of advancement for many good reasons. If you consider ROI, it has offered the best returns. Hence, it is easy to choose between cement walls and traditional construction. Lightweight is made up of an expanding agent which increases the mixing volume. A Lightweight partition wall panel

The advantages of lightweight wall panels

Lightweight panels are used in prefabricated constructions in erecting various structures. The specialties of lightweight concrete are low density and better thermal conductivity. Shrinkage and creep for lightweight concrete are pretty high compared to the normal weight of concrete. This is considered while designing the structure. 

Lightweight concrete can be either lightweight aggregate concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete, or foamed concrete. These lightweight blocks are efficiently used in building construction. Take a look at the advantages of lightweight aggregate:

  • The panels have thermal properties
  • Reduced foam work and propping
  • Better resistivity to fire
  • Least dead loads, save cost in laying foundations
  • Saves in handling and transportation costs

Do you know what foamed concrete is? 

Foamed concrete has a much lower density and is workable. This compact is self-compacting, can be pumped, and is self-leveling. This type of concrete fills the gaps in fuel tanks, culverts, and sewer systems. Sufficient thermal insulation makes foamed concrete ideal for concrete floors, sub-screeds, and filing under-floor gaps.

Do you know how a lightweight cement wall is formed? 

The batching process is usually completed by using a ready-made mixture of concrete. The concrete is placed by a skip or a chute. Lightweight concrete is available by the pumping process but make sure that the mixture is not separated. If the mix is worth pumping, use natural sand. Its results in segregation in case over-vibration is applied to the cement wall.

Enjoy more savings

Invest in lightweight cement walls and save on life-cycle expenses. When lightweight concrete is used, you can start building and finish off a single unit and the entire laying operation. The array of textures, finishes, and colors ensures that you do not require any other wall covering. Greater durability means least repairs, no rusting or discoloration. You do not need re-painting and maintenance. 

Consult with TSSC experts

TSSC insulated panels add value to the construction sector. It is preferred by builders, contractors, consultants, and developers. The concrete blocks help investors save a lot of money. They can complete the project on time and help to reduce the foundation cost to generate more ROI. 

Are you looking for insulated panels in the UAE? 

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts. We are operating in the UAE, Middle East, and Dubai. We have more than four decades of experience in designing wall panel systems. The panels are made from top quality material. Our advanced panels are affordable and customizable.

Knowing the benefits of sandwich insulated panels used in cold storages

Sandwich panels are extremely popular as they are being utilized in building insulated roofs and walls. The panels are ideal for installing structures like offices, cold storages, distribution centers, shopping malls, sports arcades, etc. Insulation is the key mainly in areas that have an extreme climate; UAE is no exception. TSSC is very popular in the Middle East for offering building and construction solutions, including manufacturing insulated panels. We design sandwich panels that are being used across a wide number of industries. 

Knowing about the insulating core 

Sandwich panels are named sandwiches because they have layers. Two outer layers are covering the core inside, just like a sandwich. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of insulated commercial panels. The core is very strong, offers insulation, and the sides are the protective layers. You might be eager to know what the core is made up of? The core is a heat-protecting material that protects against dampness, heat, cold, various climatic conditions, and fire. The outer coverings are enriching, hence safeguards the core. The core is very durable, yet extremely light-weight. 

The core is PIR (Polyurethane), EPS (expanded polystyrene), polyisocyanurate, and mineral fleece. You can choose the core based on your requirements. 

Sandwich panels for cold storages

Are you looking for sandwich panels for cold storage? TSSC is among the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers. Our TSSC sandwich panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The company has a team of expert and certified engineers who implement the most advanced technology. You can have a consultation with our experts; we solve your queries before your purchase. We suggest a solution according to your budget and requirements. So, if you have enough budget, invest in an EPS core. If you are looking for a solid core, choose the PIR solution. Mineral fleece has perfect resistivity to fire and sound. 

The importance of thermal conductivity

TSSC cold store panels have the ultimate insulation because we know the importance of thermal conductivity. These panels depend on cell structure and board insulation. Most of our clients are satisfied with the kind of panels we supply. These panels are low maintenance. They can also add efficiency to your cooling system. The installation process is very simple as well follows a single-installation procedure. Upon installing our panels, you can cut down on your operational costs. The insulated sandwich panels are devoid of thermal drift; this gives energy efficiency. 

TSSC are the experts 

There is an increasing demand for sandwich panels in the UAE. The weather in the Middle East is extreme, where days are very hot and nights are cold. Businesses that deal with perishable goods, medicines and depend on temperature cannot do without proper insulation. 

Do you have a project to discuss? Talk to the TSSC experts for a solution. We are the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers for more than forty years. We welcome reviews and feedback; write us your suggestions.

TSSC – One of the most reliable and renowned standing seam suppliers

We all know that roofing plays a very big part in the construction. You cannot have an ideal construction without a proper roof and foundation. So how will you have a sturdy roof panel system which would work even better than a traditional roof?

Choose custom roofing solutions

Now there are various types of roof types and coverings available in the market. If you ask us, what are the important parts of a building? It’s a durable roof, a proper foundation, and strong walls. You cannot ignore Roof, so you should refer to a TSSC roofing expert for a customized solution. The Middle East is very popular for having many construction companies, including some renowned ones. So, there is a huge demand for building and construction supplies. 

If you are looking for the most renowned roofing solution provider in the UAE, you can rely on TSSC. We are the leaders in offering sustainable and insulated roof panel systems. We specialize in manufacturing standing seam roofs, a very popular solution in the Middle East. These seams are durable and extremely adaptable.  

TSSC has a team of experts 

The weather or the climatic condition plays a very important role in construction. Also, you cannot ignore the importance of insulation as well. Roofing, walling, and cladding is an essential solution in construction. TSSC has a team of experts and trained engineers who know well to position the panels that spread along the Roof’s whole length. Our panels are effective in providing complete insulation. TSSC has years of experience and is reputed for offering budget-friendly and affordable roof panels. There are sufficient seams to connect the panels. 

The Harwal BASICO brand 

TSSC manufactures roof panels under its brand, which is named Harwal BASICO. A lot of construction companies have faith in the TSSC solution. Do you think about the pricing? Are you still thinking about whether investing in a roofing solution is worth the price? Standing seam roof panels, a bit on the expensive side when you compare them to shingle and asphalt roof. TSSC manufactures technologically advanced roofing sheets that include tapered, curved and more that are ideal for construction. 

Say No to traditional roofs

Do you know the troubles that are connected with traditional roofs? They show various signs of leakage, and repairing becomes difficult. When you install the panels, there is adequate protection. TSSC also manufactures accessories, including skylights, tapers, roof penetration, and other aspects of roof design.

TSSC panels ideal for residential and commercial use 

Our insulated roof panels are suitable for commercial and residential use. Our seam roofs do not require any expensive maintenance; this ensures that you do not have to spend much time or hire an additional workforce for the maintenance. This helps to save both money and time. 

Are you planning a project soon? 

TSSC has a solution for you; we offer a free consultation. TSSC is among the leaders when it comes to choosing standing seam suppliers in the Middle East. It has been almost more than 40 years that our clients have trusted us and now we have a huge number of clients. Choose TSSC for all your construction and building requirements; please visit our website to discover a whole solution range.

The rising popularity of industrial refrigeration units in the UAE

Industrial refrigeration offers a cooling force of process coolers and is very important to ease those industries’ operation that depends on it. Cold storage and food processing of freshly produced items are very important markets for commercial refrigeration. Why do you think refrigeration is important? It keeps perishable items fresh for a longer period because cold temperature offers maximum freshness. Refrigeration aims to slow down the process of bacteria formation so that the time taken to spoil the food or any other perishable items gets delayed. 

The TSSC team does extensive research: 

Currently, industrial refrigeration is used across various industries, including electricity production, district cooling, data centers, and more. Companies in the Middle East are trying their best to supply the cooling capacity efficiently and safely. Sometimes, there are certain issues related to security failures, mainly due to the lack of knowledge while designing or installing the system. TSSC in the UAE are the experts in offering the best commercial refrigeration systems. We have engineers who know the system very well. Our team comprises engineers, consultants, agents, and sales representatives who can decide which solution is best for you. TSSC offers modern and advanced industrial refrigeration systems that have superb cooling capacity, also aid in energy savings. 

Portable cooling units from TSSC:

The Middle East experiences extreme temperatures where days are hotter and nights are cooler. Many cold storages also require proper insulation. If you are running a business that requires adequate refrigeration, mainly larger units, get in touch with TSSC. There is a huge demand for cooling units and sometimes even portable ones when it comes to medicine and food. Our refrigerators are available in different shapes and sizes. This is why we have designed scientifically advanced refrigerated trucks that are popular in the Middle East.   

TSSC designs cooling units based on your business needs; we keep in mind the essential steps and the required parameters. Our units are capable of storing items at freezing temperatures for a very long time. TSSC engineers are certified; they know of various technologies related to commercial-refrigeration. 

Modern commercial cooling solutions:

It is very important to have a very clear idea about how industrial refrigeration works. TSSC has set up high-level commercial refrigeration. We do extensive research about the new trends that prevail in the market related to refrigeration. Our team also does a detailed analysis of the various types of refrigerants, the latest science and technologies used for heat rejection, and the essential applications of industrial refrigeration. We have come across many clients, tried to offer a solution within the budget. 

Request for a quote: 

If you are looking for the best-insulated panel manufacturers in the Middle East, trust TSSC. We are one of the most renowned manufacturers, and it’s been more than 40 years we are catering to a huge number of clients. If you have a project to discuss, get in touch with our team for a consultation—request for a quote. 


What is the condition when a prefab modular building is considered ideal?

Why are pre-assembled buildings so preferred for the construction? These are small-size structures that are heavily used in various construction sites. These are easier to assemble when compared to traditional building processes. What is a prefab modular building? TSSC structures satisfy various prerequisites. We are among the most popular manufacturers in the UAE and the entire Middle East. These prefabricated structures are used to set up accommodation for the construction workers on a site or build an office unit. You can also use it to assemble an outdoor kitchen or any other facility. 

Modular units are sections that are joined to construct prefab modular buildings. The number of units required varies based on the style and size of the project. TSSC prefab modular structures are very demanding; we offer our clients a whole range of building materials to set up secure and high-quality structures. 

TSSC modular structures

Are you looking for a prefab measured structure for your trade? TSSC offers the best solution for your requirements. Our structures are available in varying budgets, which again depends on the quality of the materials. These prefab structures have ideal storage capacity, which gives enough utility space for a construction site. The construction elements and modules are manufactured off-site in an industry-setting, then transported to the site and assembled there. The prefab units could be small elements in the façade or whole site-assembled bathrooms. 

The term prefab and modular

Prefabrication and modular building are sometimes interchangeable terms. Prefabrication is the manufacturing construction elements away from the construction site and does the assembling on-site. The prefab elements are customizable for the specific projects. Modular construction defines cases of prefabrication where all elements are in the form of standard modules. 

TSSC has a group of experts to help you go in the right direction. We have a huge range of prefab structures, and you can choose the ideal one according to your requirements; we also offer customized solutions. 

When you should opt for prefab construction?

Prefab structures are ideal if the building has many similar units or a complicated design that is not easy to construct on-site. If the construction site is remote or located in a densely populated urban setup, then a prefab structure is the best. You can choose prefabricated if there is access to a fabulous production site that is located off-site. You can also opt for prefab if the site has a shorter build season due to various conditions that include climate. 

TSSC – the leader in the Middle East

The design phase is mostly affected as the modules could restrict the total number of designs. The building phase will become more efficient as more of these processes would occur in a factory setup. TSSC specializes in prefab modular building in the Middle East. We are the pioneers in assembling construction structures. We also manufacture structures like portacabins, safe houses, level pack units, and other prefab structures. 

Final words

Are you ready to get to hire the TSSC experts for your project or discuss with our experts before you dive into assembling a prefab office building? Request for a quote.

How important is it to insulate the roof with sandwich panel roofing?

Roof insulation is essential for any construction, be it commercial or residential. However, the quality of insulation depends on the developer’s choice of materials. Insulation is crucial, and for that roof panel system in the UAE is installed. If you are wondering why you need to opt for room insulation in the Middle East, it’s because adequate insulation protects the building from extreme temperature. If you run a storeroom or inventory, you need to maintain a specific indoor environment that will not be affected by climatic changes, and the room panelling system helps to achieve that. 

Significance of roof panel system:

If you install sandwich roof panels in the UAE, it offers a kind of sturdiness and durability that can withstand moisture and storm. The primary reason is the room panels are made by the materials that are waterproof. You will get such panels at TSSC which is a trusted manufacturer of sandwich panels. If you are looking for complete protection, that is the place you need to go for. Let’s dig into their material-


The sandwich panel roofing in the UAE has multiple layers- there is a core part, and the core is protected by two metal sheets. The core part is intense; the design is similar to a sandwich. The core requires protection because it is delicate and light in weight. The panels are like façade, and it is used for cladding. To give it a thickness to a certain extent polyurethane infusion is given. Besides that, polyurethane foam, or fibreglass is also used to provide a consolidation. 


Significant usage of such panels 

In the Middle East, you will find many of the constructions are using sandwich panels. Name any development, and you will find these panels as the prime protector of the roof. It is used in cold storage, sports centres, shopping malls, production units, etc. the best part of this sandwich roof panel is, it is easy to install. The panels are designed and manufactured in a factory, and it is installed in the site which takes 7 to 8 hours. A local contractor can install the panels; it is that much easier. 


As the panels are produced at a particular place, so it does not produce much environmental waste. Insulation means it does not only protect a building from frivolous climate but also prevent sound. The panels are lightweight so they are easily movable and the advanced technology offers an impressive rigidity. 


The fabricator like TSSC Group offers safe transportation of the panels to the site. They have quite a rich customer base as they are the manufacturer of the panels they offer necessary customization of the panels. In order to manufacture the panels under one roof, they use advanced technology. The room panel is energy efficient as they can stop 35% of heat from penetration. So, you can save your utility bill and invest in the composite panel is considered a one-time investment. Once you invest in it, the durability will give you the return on investment.