Your roof is safe if it is rightly insulated – Installing an insulated Standing seam roof in UAE

Insulation of the roof is an important part of building and construction. This improves the longevity of your roofing system. Insulation is an age-old concept but it has changed over the years. The companies now implement modern technologies to manufacture insulated panels. The purpose of insulation is the same, it keeps the heat inside when you need it and keeps it out when you do not require it. The roofing is exposed to various environmental pressures than any other part of the construction. Exposure to sun, rain, wind and snow causes wearing out and interferes with insulation and protection. Insulating your roof also helps to save money each year. It is capable of controlling the internal temperature of the building and insulation saves the energy requirement. 

TSSC’s standing seam insulated roof panels in UAE have a three-layer design and a rigid metal system attached to vertical ribs. A Standing seam roof in UAE is long-lasting as they have a shelf life of almost 60 years which is a very long time. TSSC Group uses an advanced paint system that matches the performance of roof panels. The paint does not fade out with time and we use vibrant colors. 

Cool metal roof panels from TSSC Group

Insulating an attic or loft is an effective way to reduce the heat loss, the size of heating, and cooling systems, usage of energy and carbon emissions. If you wish to improve the energy efficiency in a property, you need to work on the roof insulation. Using less energy means saving money and protecting the environment by leaving the least carbon footprint. A Standing seam roof in UAE is called a ‘cool metal roof’. Renowned companies including TSSC Group, use an advanced paint system that consists of cooling pigment to boost solar reflectance. The metal roofs have low surface temperatures, so there is little heat. TSSC’s standing seam roof in UAE is airtight and resistant to weather. TSSC’s panels have a greater R-value.

TSSC Group – an ISo certified company

TSSC Group is one of the leaders in the UAE that designs insulated roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company operating for more than 50 years. The companies design building and construction solutions in the UAE for the commercial and residential sector. We recommend installing a standing seam roof panel in the UAE for perfect roof insulation. Discuss your projects with our experts for a customized solution within the budget. If you are interested in our insulated roof panels, look at the product specifications, colors, sizes and other criteria. TSSC Group has a team of experts to manage our project from the planning phase and ensure on-time delivery. 

Final words

Do you want to replace the roof or install insulated roof panels in the UAE? The Fall is the perfect season to replace your old roofs. A roofing contractor can do roof insulation installation along with the replacement. Your roof is prepared for the winter season. Finding a qualified roofing contractor who knows the correct roof insulation is very important because an incorrect installation can lead to fire hazards. Book your consultation with us today for an effective solution. Request a quote now.

Understanding the importance of roof insulation – TSSC sandwich panels in UAE

Insulating your roof is important for the longevity of your roofing system. Roof insulation has been used for centuries but there has been a major advancement in recent years. The purpose of installing an insulated roof panel in the UAE is to keep the hot air inside when required and throw it outside when you do not need it. The roof is generally exposed to much environmental pressure compared to any other part of the building. Without the roof, the foundation and walls of a structure are exposed to damage. Exposure to sun, rain and snow wears away the roof causing damage. This interferes with energy savings and insulation. 

Outside and inside insulation

Insulating your roof from the outside is advantageous and the biggest one is that you do not have to empty any rooms in the attic. Adding insulation from outside does not diminish the living space and lessens the risks of thermal bridges. This is the ideal solution if you plan to renovate the roof or a façade. Sandwich panels are a popular insulation solution in the United Arab Emirates. A sandwich insulated roof panel in UAE is a durable solution for cladding and roofing. They are made of foam that has waterproofing qualities. Therefore, these panels are unaffected by humidity, mold, mildew, and other biological factors. Insulating from the inside is good for new construction and is suitable if you have not yet fitted the attic. Inner insulation allows keeping the roof covering intact. 

The three-layered structure

Sandwich panels in the UAE are made of three layers. Two durable metal sheets shield an insulated core in the middle. These panels are heavily used in modern construction. The core is generally soft and lightweight but has high insulation capacity. The sandwich panels are façade shaped and composite cladding. Polyurethane injection is offered in various thicknesses between aluminum plates and galvanized sheets. 

Simple installation process

The installation process is hassle-free and it takes about 7-8 hours. Transportation of these lightweight panels including the fasteners, subframes, screws, does not involve hassle.

TSSC group – the leaders in UAE

TSSC Group is one of the leading companies in the UAE. It is an ISO 9001 firm specializing in offering building and construction supplies. TSSC is the pioneer in supplying sandwich panel solutions. We are experts in designing premium insulated panels that are affordable. The cost factor depends on the entire thickness that includes the insulating core. It is important to choose the right core based on your requirements. The PIR core gives fine performance compared to others. The EPS core is suitable for budget buyers. Mineral wool is a unique material that is used in construction. This material can endure higher temperature, thermal insulation and corrosion. TSSC glass fiber sandwich panels are resistant to flame, sound, environment-friendly and easily transportable. 

Final words – Book a free consultation

Please book a consultation with our experts for customized sandwich panels in UAE and sound advice. We have been catering to big, medium, and small clients for more than four decades. We have a very rich client base; our clients have trusted us for years. Order panels directly from the manufacturer’s inventory. Our representatives can also reach your site if required. Talk to us for an effective solution. We manage your project from the planning phase to completion—request a quote.

All you wanted to know about sandwich panels in Dubai

Sandwich panels are an economical and convenient solution to protect your building externally. The lightweight and durable panels make excellent clad roofs and external walls of the buildings. The panels have also been of good use as insulated internal walls for the cold storage units. TSSC is one of the leading manufacturers providing premium quality insulated roof panel in UAE. With over 40 years of expertise in the building and construction industry, the manufacturers are the most trusted brand of every contractor and developer. Sandwich panels in Dubai generally come to use in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storage units, power plants, residential areas and so on.

The lifespan of a sandwich panel

The most asked question is about the longevity of the sandwich panels. The panel’s life depends upon a lot of factors like the design of the panel, technical specifications of the product components needed as per the requirements of the building, climatic conditions and so on. To provide high-quality sandwich panels in Dubai, TSSC engineers consult with the contractors to manufacture panels that have the load-bearing capacity and design to match the needs of the building. The panels get manufactured in a calculative manner to ensure that the quality panels last for years. Each project is different and sandwich panels need to get customized as per the requirements.

Sandwich panels and complementary products need yearly maintenance. For maintenance and cleaning, hire professionals and fix even the most minor eternal damages without delays.

Sandwich panel – The three-layered panel

Sandwich panels provide thermal and acoustic insulation. These waterproof panels offer fire and load resistance to the buildings. True to its name, the panel has three layers – the inner sheet, the insulated core and the outer sheet. The two galvanized steel sheets protect the insulated core. The insulating material gets selected as per the needs of the building. PUR, PIR, EPS and Mineral wool are the insulating materials used in sandwich panels. The insulated panels manufactured are suitable for projects that need thermal insulation, humidity control, sound insulation and fire resistance.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Easy and fast installation: Custom-made sandwich panels with high-tech engineering go through quality control processes to ensure that the panels are fully compatible and come in ready to assemble pieces.

Good thermal insulation: The panels offer high thermal insulation and prevent problems related to molds and humidity. The robust and durable panels are energy efficient and help you reduce your utility bills. The thickness of the panels varies as per the load-bearing capabilities.

Economical: Sandwich panels are economical as they can be easily disassembled and reuse in future building projects. The lightweight panels are durable and easy to transport, the maintenance of sandwich panels is minimal. TSSC engineers offer budget-friendly solutions to contractors and developers. By selecting custom-made panels, the contractors can save time on building and installation work. The easy mounting panels are a practical solution for contemporary building and construction work.

Aesthetics: The sandwich panels and the insulated roof panel in UAE come in different colors and the structures get positioned horizontally, vertically, or in an angular manner. The different designs of the panels can enliven the outer walls of the buildings and give the structure an aesthetic appearance.

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