Energy efficient and fire-resistant TSSC-Insulated panels for power plants

A sandwich panel consists of three layers, a low-density core and thin metal sheets bonded on both the sides. These panels are mainly used in applications where a combination of low weight and a higher structural density is needed. Flexible designing by the insulated panel manufacturers in Oman widens the demand of the product in the competitive market for its easy installation and lightweight nature.

Energy efficient panels

The innovative designing and use of technology while manufacturing insulated panels makes it energy efficient. The insulated core provides effective thermal insulation for maintaining a suitable temperature in the interior of the developed infrastructure. Presence of proper space for ventilation allows effective cooling in less amount of time which helps in saving on the electricity bills.

Fire-resistant and insulation

When projects are associated with power plants, we first think of the safety and security measures as a huge team of individuals will be working on-site to ensure that the processes are carried out successfully. TSSC has a stock of customized fire-resistant sandwich panels that ensure safety. The sandwich panels provide better thermal insulation helping in maintaining a cool atmosphere. The manufacturing of the 3-layered sandwich panels consists of a customizable insulating core placed at the middle such as with resistant properties.

Flexible designing – TSSC sandwich panels

The experts at TSSC Group use lean technology and innovation for designing products and services. Hence, this is one of the key factors which makes the sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman increase its competitiveness in the market. The sandwich panels manufactured consist of hidden fixed joints which makes it easier for installations done vertically or horizontally as per the requirements of the project initiated by the clients. Followed by, the lightweight nature of the panels makes it easy for the transportation of the sandwich panel to on-site for installations effortlessly.

Final words

The ISO9001 company, TSSC Group, is gaining popularity for offering a wide range of services and products to the builders in the construction industries. Do you have any projects in mind? Want to buy the best sandwich panels for your power plants? Then you are at the right place. TSSC is the pioneer of the manufacturing and construction industry, conducting their business for more than 50 years. It is a competitive business environment where we are facilitating premium services to its customers. Therefore, the sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman help in ensuring safety during designing and manufacturing their products in a sustainable manner.

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Consider installing standing seam roofs – Knowing the advantages

Standing seam metal roofs are named after their building process. They are made from metal panels that run from the ridge to the edge of the roof. The edge of every panel is a tall seam connecting the next panel measuring anywhere from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch from above the roof. This is why the roof appears to be standing. The metal used could be steel or aluminum; usually, it is preferred because it won’t rust. Metal roofs are not new, but their popularity is newly increasing among commercial building owners. People have started noticing modernity and durability. 

The hot East African climate demands roofing solutions

East Africa is a tropical country where days are extremely hot. A commercial facility dealing with cooling and refrigeration requires a lot of energy to keep the coolers running to maintain a constant low temperature inside the facilities. How about insulating the roofs from where cold air tends to escape? A cooling system that continuously operates for long hours tends to result in a huge energy bill. Cover the roof with a coating of standing seam roof in East Africa. The insulated panels placed over the roofs help build a shield over the original roof adding solid protection. 

Colorful panels add an interesting touch

A standing seam roof adds a vibrant touch to your property as they are available in various colors. You can make a selection of color that matches with your property or choose shades that add a rustic touch to your property. It is worth mentioning that even homeowners are interested in installing seam roofs. A light color could be beneficial as it would help the roofs to reflect sunlight and prevent the attic from getting excessively heated. 

Insulated roof panels – the most essential requirement

Insulation is the biggest advantage that standing seam roofs deliver. These roof styles are durable; they are built to last for years, do not fade under sunlight and do not rust. The seams run only in a vertical manner and this is why the seams are raised. These roofs can be pierced, dented and are more long-lasting compared to an asphalt roof. For instance, seamed roofs can last for 50 years while the asphalt ones for about 20 years. Four types of roofing panels offer thermal insulation:

  • A mechanically seamed panel
  • The one-piece snap-lock panel
  • The symmetrical mechanically seamed panel
  • The two-piece snap-lock panel
Seam roofs customized and designed by experts

TSSC panels are designed by experts and can be customized according to your preference. A standing seam roof is lightweight and is simple to install. In addition, TSSC panels can endure the pressure of wind and have fire-resistivity. The seam roof is engineered to have a long shelf life. The panels require minimum maintenance, and the roof would never collapse during heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and snowfall. 

Trust TSSC solutions 

TSSC group is one of the most eminent insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. We have been designing insulation solutions for almost 50 years. Come to us for a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and have a consultation with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote. 

The modern construction industry depends on insulated panels – try installing TSSC’s sandwich panels in Oman

Sandwich panels in Oman are used to clad the roofs and walls of buildings. Every panel comprises a core made of thermo-insulating material surrounded by sheet metal on both sides. Sandwich panels are certain materials, but the structural forces are ensured by a steel framework or a carrier frame to which the panels are attached. The varieties of sandwich panels are classified by the thermo-insulated material that forms the core. Generally, the cores are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), PIR, polyisocyanurate and mineral wool. However, all materials vary according to their thermo-insulating performance, sound insulation, weight and reaction to fire.   

TSSC is the largest manufacturer of sandwich panels in Oman

We are one of the renowned construction and building suppliers in the Gulf region. We specialize in producing FM-approved Mineral Wool and PIR sandwich panels, metal decking, corrugated metal sheets, Purlins, Standing seam roofs, polycarbonate skylights, and steel structures. TSSC promotes the importance of value engineering, offering a building envelope backed by excellent detailing in planning, 3D designs, manufacturing, installation, and finally handing over of project and customer support. 

Sandwich panels that have solid performance

TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels in Oman offer solid thermal performance and take shorter construction time. Our roofs and wall panels are available in corrugated and flat finishes that are easy to install. We offer a wide range of energy-efficient insulated wall and roof panels within your budget. Architectural sandwich panels in Oman have hidden joint fix systems placed horizontally or vertically over the construction. Explore our wide range of high-performing sandwich panels. 

TSSC Group operating for more than 50 years

TSSC’s insulated sandwich panels offer an aesthetic appearance to the construction, thermal insulation and fire resistivity. These panels are available in a wide range of finishes, profiles and colors.   

TSSC is one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing insulated panels. We have a team of expert engineers for customization options. We assign a separate project manager for every project and it is completed within the time frame. As a result, the panels do not require daily and expensive maintenance. Post-installation TSSC sandwich panels must be checked once a year for cleaning and maintenance. 

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TSSC is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures premium sandwich panels in Oman. You can visit our website for products and more information. Order sandwich panels directly from the manufacturer, or you can do it through the distributor chain. TSSC’s sales manager could visit your site to suggest the ideal materials and processes.

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The utility of display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Display chillers are mainly seen in restaurants, supermarkets, cake shops, pubs and grocery stores. It is easier for stores to display food, beverages and other edibles in low temperatures. Display chillers have ample demand as they are used as a marketing tool. Do you know that chillers provoke shoppers in a way? Yes, it can lead to impulsive purchasing. If you are running a food and beverage counter or have a hotel of your own, investing in display chillers in Saudi Arabia is a great way to add spark to your business. 

Air-tight glass doors – insulation is a priority

Stock up the most interesting and attractive ones inside the chillers and put them on display. Premium chillers are facilitated with locked glass (crystal clear) doors for a clear display of products. There is a locking mechanism for tight security that prevents theft or any other unwanted incidents. The air-tight doors keep the chilled air inside, preventing any amount of heat from entering. These chillers have well-insulated walls that help to conserve energy. The facilities have air coolers attached, for which thermal insulation is very important. These coolers work 24/7 and in case there is a power failure, the chillers make sure that the products stay chill for maximum time. 

Lights and shelves for attraction

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia have internal lights that help in adding attraction and product promotion. TSSC chillers are equipped with low-energy consuming LED lights that can be customized as shelf lights or vertical lights. The use of tiered shelving highlights the visibility of the counters. The shelves help in focusing the products closer which is a mode of attraction. In addition, display counters with glass shelves allow light to reflect throughout the display and the item appears to be floating.       

Celsius – The cooling brand by TSSC

TSSC Group excels in offering insulation and cooling solutions. We have the Celsius brand, where we manufacture modern and functional display chillers. In addition, we have a team of experienced engineers that customize solutions based on your requirements. 

Our display chillers are capable of controlling the humidity and formation of mold, bacteria. The factory-made chillers are hygienic and offer maximum capacity without consuming much space. TSSC’s chillers are lightweight and remain hygienic. Due to hassle-free maintenance and low energy consumption, you do not feel financial stress. 

Choosing the appropriate size

Are you looking for small, medium or king-size display chillers in Saudi Arabia? The size is the most important factor that needs consideration. The appliance size is limited to the floor space. Apart from the budget, the size would depend on the amount and the kind of product you would be storing. Please discuss with our team to choose the ideal size of chiller suitable for your business. Check the specification sheet carefully before purchasing the appliance. You would be able to identify whether it caters to the requirements of intake and exhaust air.  

Customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia 

Are you looking for customized display chillers in Saudi Arabia within your budget and suitable for your purpose? TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia are low-maintenance and are a one-time investment. The chillers are functional and have solid durability. We have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch insulated panels in Saudi Arabia. 

Final words

Discuss your project with the TSSC experts and get affordable solutions. 

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Why is getting sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa a good move?

Sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa are the popular three-layered panel and get widely recommended for their excellent insulation. The profiled and non-profiled lightweight panels have the insulating material at the core that’s well-protected by two galvanized sheets for durability and strength. TSSC is one of the topmost sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa to offer custom-made panels that are durable, weather-resistant, strong and easy to maintain. The panels are widely used in cold chain logistics. Not only cold rooms, even display chillers, freezer trucks and other cold storage units have sandwich panels for protection and thermal insulation. Let’s find out the benefits of investing in these high-quality panels.

Heat and sound insulation

The sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa, known for their excellent heat and sound insulation properties, are highly in demand. The polyurethane and mineral wool insulating materials at the core of the panels ensure good insulation for preventing the cold air from escaping from the inner chambers. In addition, the panels get coated with UV-resistant special paints that help to reflect light and heat energies back into the outer environment. As a result, the high-quality panels provide good insulation and the cold storage units can maintain freezing temperatures for the longest time without hassles.

Simple installation

The lightweight panels are the simplest and fastest to install. With innovative and unique cam lock and slip joint technology, the sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure easy assembling and help join multiple panels together seamlessly. The sandwich panels are easy to install and highly flexible with a strong routing system and perfect construction. However, you need to get custom-made panels from TSSC Group for the perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Resistant to water and fire

Did you know that the sandwich panels can control moisture and humidity in cold rooms quite effectively? The structurally strong panels have streamlined fittings that make them waterproof and leak-proof. The panels are non-toxic, lead-free and FDA-compliant, making them ideal for cold rooms where food, beverages, medicines and other chemicals get stored. The panels are resistant to fire and help prevent the spread of the flames to a great extent. However, for optimal fire-resistivity, the panels need customization from skilled manufacturers after taking into account other considerations like the height of the building and the insulating core. The PIR core is ideal for fire-resistant panels.

The sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa are waterproof and virtually maintenance-free. As a result, the panels do not need regular cleaning and repeated repairing. Professional clean-up only once a year is good enough to ensure good maintenance of the mold-resistant and anti-bacterial panels.


The sandwich panels are highly durable and can last for more than 50 years. The panels are sustainable and recyclable too. The lightweight panels known for their high performance are non-corrosive and have resistance towards seismic forces. TSSC, one of the most prominent sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa, uses innovative ideas and advanced technologies to get you the ideal panel for your application.

Final Words

Come to TSSC for custom-made panels. We have almost 50 years of experience in delivering quality services and products at an affordable price. Request a quote now.

Contact TSSC for premium quality refrigerated trucks in the UAE

UAE has a hot climate and the temperatures are high not only in the summer season, but all around the year. Cold rooms are a necessity in such places. These storage units preserve temperature-sensitive items and maintain their efficiency. The cold rooms have strong, durable and well-insulated cold store panels in UAE to ensure an airtight compartment. However, people have progressed from the cold rooms and are now looking for insulated freezer trucks to transport temperature-sensitive commodities. TSSC manufacturers have the finest engineers to provide you with functional and durable refrigerated trucks in UAE. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in freezer trucks to ramp up your business.

Insulation is necessary 

Although the refrigerated truck in the UAE would have an air cooler attached to maintain the ideal cold temperature, but heat insulation is an added advantage. TSSC manufacturers use six cold store panels in UAE to build well-insulated trucks. The panels have strong thermal insulation characteristics that ensure that the cold air does not escape. TSSC freezer trucks have a powerful and automated condenser system that regulates the temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. However, at times if the condenser system fails, the insulation ensures to maintain the specific temperature for at least 10 hours. Such a freezer truck is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items across long distances.

Opt for reefer trucks built by TSSC manufacturers – Energy-efficient and durable 

We design the finest quality reefer trucks that are well-insulated with an effective cooling system. Our trucks are strong and durable to carry goods and commodities that are prone to spoilage during freight. These trucks are large vehicles used in transporting goods to far-off places and thus the need for a good quality condenser system with optimal thermal insulation. TSSC engineers build these trucks with high-quality cold store panels in UAE to ensure enhanced durability and long-lasting insulation, even if there’s a breakdown or an untoward event. The reefer trucks are energy-efficient and can help you lower the utility bills. The insulation lessens the load on the air coolers, which in turn helps in conserving the energy. The energy-saving aspect, in turn, reflects on the reduced utility bills. If you want to make savings in the long run, then these energy-efficient trucks are a great investment.

Customize your needs

Not all refrigerated trucks in UAE are the same. Some trucks are good at maintaining freezing temperatures and are ideal for the transportation of medicines, vaccines and chemicals. However, some trucks are large enough with adequate insulation to transport food and beverages, which does not need extremely cold and freezing temperatures. However, most contractors and businesses look for trucks with a temperature control system to adjust the thermal reading depending on the requirements. TSSC engineers can customize your refrigerated truck as per project specifications.


TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of expertise, experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers get you high-performing refrigerated trucks that are resistant to fire, harsh weather and ensure complete safety of the items throughout the journey. The trucks are manufactured under the brand name Celsius, which is a part of TSSC Group. Request a quote today. Visit us for a free consultation.

Are you yet to invest in sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa – Connect with TSSC now!

Since civilization, cold rooms have played a vital role in our day-to-day life. The fresh vegetables, fruits, medicines and vaccines are stored safely in cold rooms. The temperature-sensitive items don’t get spoiled due to heat and humidity as the cold rooms have quality cold store panels in East Africa to shield and guard the items against moisture and excessive heat damage. The sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa manufactured by TSSC Group are widely used in cold rooms, freezer trucks and other cold chain logistics. If you haven’t yet invested in sandwich panels for your cold rooms, then here are a few things that you should keep in mind before placing your orders.

Highly durable with outstanding strength

The cold store panels in East Africa, known for their durability and strength, can last easily for the next 25 years once installed. The durable panels offer great strength as they are resistant to high impacts, wind uplifts and fire. The panels can withstand and prevent the outbreak of fire to a high degree. Good quality panels don’t require replacements or repairs for the longest time. These panels are also extremely easy to maintain. Yearly professional cleaning is enough for the upkeep and smooth functioning of these panels.

Thermal insulation 

The sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa have a huge fan following for their excellent thermal insulation qualities. The cold rooms need to stay at a specific temperature 24×7. The air coolers function round the clock to keep the items cool and effective. However, in case of a power lapse or any other problems, the cold storage units might malfunction without thermal insulation. With the help of sandwich panels, you get heat insulation inside the cold rooms. The insulation ensures that the cold air does not escape and provides an airtight environment to prevent heat infiltration. The cold storage units need extremely cold temperatures to function smoothly. Therefore, the insulation helps to maintain the specific temperature for hours together. With the assistance of TSSC manufacturers, you can get custom-made sandwich panels that restrict airflow and provide optimal heat insulation.

Energy efficiency is an added advantage that comes with insulation 

Good thermal insulation results in excellent energy-efficiency. Due to heat insulation, the cold rooms do not need the air coolers to function 24×7. The automated air coolers switch off as soon as the desired temperature is achieved. Due to the air coolers switching off automatically from time to time, the energy consumption gets lowered, which in turn results in low utility bills. The energy-efficiency is an added asset as it helps you make savings in the long run.


Energy efficiency is not the only factor that makes the sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa an affordable deal. The durability, strength, mold-resistant and hygienic panels last as long as they are not susceptible to delamination and also do not compact under vacuum. In fact, the insulating materials used in sandwich panels are also comparatively cheaper than other reinforced composite materials used.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for quality cold store panels in East Africa and want a customized one, reach out to us. At TSSC, our engineers take great care to provide you with the products and services of your choice. Request a quote now.

Get to know why manufacturers highly recommend the standing seam roof in West Africa

Although there are plenty of roofing options in the market, the standing seam roof in West Africa deserves a special mention for numerous reasons. The roof panel was hugely popular for agricultural and industrial purposes. However, these days the seam roof is also a part of commercial buildings and homes. TSSC Group being one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa, provides custom-made roofing solutions. Therefore, the architecturally superior seam roof is an excellent choice. Read on to know the outstanding properties of the seam roof, which makes them ideal for homes, industries, agriculture and commercial spaces.

The lifetime roof 

Did you know the standing seam roof in West Africa gets popularly acknowledged as the lifetime roof? It’s because the roof is extremely durable and can last for at least 60 years or even longer. Although the seam roof is lightweight, it’s easy to install and highly sturdy. The roof is resistant to wind uplifts and offers good resistance to fire. The impact-resistant roofs are engineered by the most experienced professionals of TSSC Group to ensure longevity and minimal upkeep. The seam roof has the ability to last twice the operational life of other alternative roofing shingles. A professional yearly cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain durable roofing.

Cool Metal Roof 

The seam roof gets known as a cool metal roof by many manufacturers. It’s because of the thermal insulation qualities of the roofing system. The cool metal roof is weather-resistant and does not allow the outside heat to enter the inner chambers. In addition, the seam roof has unique cooling pigments that reflect heat back to the outer atmosphere. As a result, the metal roof does not get heated up and the airtight inner compartment remains cool for the longest time. The insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa customizes the cool metal roof to fit the requirements of specific buildings and construction projects.


Thermal insulation and energy efficiency are interconnected. Since West Africa has a hot climate, the inner chambers need to have an air cooler functioning 24×7. With insulation working efficiently, the automated air coolers switch off as soon as the specific cooling temperature is reached. The energy consumption goes down and this process results in lowering the utility bills. The seam roofs control the heat insulation excellently and can keep the room cool for a comparatively long period of time. As a result, the utility bills go down significantly, helping you save money.

Customize the roof panels

The standing seam roofs are tapered and curved. However, one can customize them as per project specifications. Roofing can be challenging and requires skilled engineers to offer a perfect solution. There are four popular metal roofs:

  • Symmetrical seam roof
  • One-piece snap look roof
  • Double-lock seam roof
  • Two-piece snap-lock interlock


Choose a specific design that you like or go for a special customized style for the project. Get expert advice and assistance from TSSC engineers.  

Final Words

Do you have a project in mind? Are you planning to invest in a durable and affordable roofing solution? Then, come to TSSC Group. We offer one free consultation session to our potential customers. Request a quote now.

Know why it has become essential to invest in a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia

Businesses in Saudi Arabia are now flourishing and the need for cold storage units is on the rise. The manufacturing of cold rooms for storing temperature-sensitive commodities is also paving the way for investing in the refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. TSSC manufacturers are aware of the harsh weather conditions and the need for premium quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to manufacture the cold chain chambers. If you have plans of remodeling a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia or investing in a customized refrigerated truck, then here are a few things you need to know:

It’s all about thermal insulation 

The cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia known for its heat insulation properties, is a must for hot places like Saudi Arabia. Businesses store temperature-sensitive items like vaccines, medicines, chemicals, foods, beverages and the list goes on. The items get stored at a specific temperature to maintain their freshness and efficiency. However, the real challenge comes in the transportation of these commodities. That’s why TSSC manufacturers have come up with the durable and heat-resistant refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia to deal with the transport hassles.

What is the job of the refrigerated truck box? 

The refrigerated box is a professional vehicle with an attached cooling system that maintains a certain temperature all throughout the journey. The cooling truck can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius with a limit till +15 degrees Celsius. The airtight truck restricts the flow of air and can hold the cold temperature for about 10 hours, even if the cooling system is turned off. So, in case you fear a breakdown, TSSC refrigerated trucks can assure you of optimal heat insulation for protecting the product’s efficiency.

Manufactured with high-quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia 

The freezer trucks are extremely lightweight as TSSC engineers use only 6 panels to build the entire truck with excellent insulating properties. The panels help in controlling moisture and humidity inside the truck bodies. The mold-resistant panels are anti-bacterial, which ensures the topmost hygienic conditions. The truck is weather-resistant due to the brilliant insulating properties of the high-quality panels. The corrosion-free quality of the truck makes it all the more functional, strong and durable. The most coveted thing about TSSC trucks is that you can control and monitor the temperature inside the trucks by adjusting them according to the requirements of the commodities for transportation. For example, medicines and vaccines would need a cooler temperature than food and beverages. The temperature adjustment is an added advantage along with the insulation.


Insulation does much more than just maintaining a specific temperature. Since insulation traps the cold air inside, the air cooler inside the trucks does not need to work 24×7. The coolers can be switched off, or sometimes they automatically stop when the air reaches a particular temperature. Therefore, the heat insulation saves energy consumption to a great extent, which in turn reflects in low utility bills. Most energy-efficient trucks are long-lasting and customized to meet the specific requirements of the project.

TSSC is the one-stop destination for the refrigerated truck box

Are you looking for a custom-made refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia? Reach out to us. We offer a no-obligation quotation. Connect today.

Knowing the reasons why prefabrication is buzzworthy – The advantages discussed

Prefabrication is a term that is closely associated with modular and off-site construction. It has been the last few years that prefab construction has been a buzzworthy trend. In this blog, we shall explore the advantages of this form of construction. We have walked far from traditional construction, which does have drawbacks compared to prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia. Have you been thinking about whether it would be ideal for your company to join this bandwagon? The answer would be a positive one – a Yes. 

A way to faster and affordable housing 

We are confident because we have been receiving great responses from several clients. The prefab construction methods and market are booming in Saudi Arabia. There is a never-ceasing demand for affordable housing. This is shoving the construction market to shift towards prefabrication. Prefabrication is not a new idea, but now it is expanding like fire and is a gateway to affordable house ownership. 

The benefits of prefab construction discussed

The construction is completed within the factory, and the parts are transported to the site for assembling. Hence, no waste material is produced on-site. The workers do not have to spend unlimited time under the scorching sun and ensure other calamities that delay the project. Quick completion of a project means cost-cutting and smarter construction. We implement lean technology for assembling the modules and inter-module structures. Some of the advantages of prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Mitigating scarcity of labor
  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Better quality control
  • Enhanced safety and security 
  • Low environmental impact


Uses of prefab buildings – eco-friendly structures 

 TSSC’s prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are safe and friendly to the environment. The construction procedure is streamlined and performed inside a controlled environment. A small team of workers is sufficient to complete the construction work inside the factory. Some of the construction areas where prefabrication is preferred include hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls, and more. One big drawback of traditional construction is that it is dependent on climatic conditions. Therefore, the construction is halted in case the weather is bad. This can cause little to ample delay, which directly affects the cost and reputation of the builder. 

TSSC Group – renowned for prefabricated solutions

Post the pandemic, the construction market is experiencing bright days. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are a smart choice for affordable construction. TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia designs insulated prefab structures and customizes them as per your requirements. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing roofing, cladding, insulated panels, construction and building supplies. We have clients from various industries who have embraced prefabrication. In addition, we have experts to guide you through the process. 

Get in discussion with our experts

You can book a free consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project with us. There are various types of structures that we provide according to your requirements. TSSC suggests keeping a few factors in mind, including climate, location, budget, and other factors.

Final words

TSSC is an ISO 9001 company directly involved in taking the construction sector to a new level by 2030. Our project managers take care of your project right from the planning phase and we are renowned for excellent after-sales customer service—request a quote.