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UAE has a hot climate and the temperatures are high not only in the summer season, but all around the year. Cold rooms are a necessity in such places. These storage units preserve temperature-sensitive items and maintain their efficiency. The cold rooms have strong, durable and well-insulated cold store panels in UAE to ensure an airtight compartment. However, people have progressed from the cold rooms and are now looking for insulated freezer trucks to transport temperature-sensitive commodities. TSSC manufacturers have the finest engineers to provide you with functional and durable refrigerated trucks in UAE. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in freezer trucks to ramp up your business.

Insulation is necessary 

Although the refrigerated truck in the UAE would have an air cooler attached to maintain the ideal cold temperature, but heat insulation is an added advantage. TSSC manufacturers use six cold store panels in UAE to build well-insulated trucks. The panels have strong thermal insulation characteristics that ensure that the cold air does not escape. TSSC freezer trucks have a powerful and automated condenser system that regulates the temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. However, at times if the condenser system fails, the insulation ensures to maintain the specific temperature for at least 10 hours. Such a freezer truck is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items across long distances.

Opt for reefer trucks built by TSSC manufacturers – Energy-efficient and durable 

We design the finest quality reefer trucks that are well-insulated with an effective cooling system. Our trucks are strong and durable to carry goods and commodities that are prone to spoilage during freight. These trucks are large vehicles used in transporting goods to far-off places and thus the need for a good quality condenser system with optimal thermal insulation. TSSC engineers build these trucks with high-quality cold store panels in UAE to ensure enhanced durability and long-lasting insulation, even if there’s a breakdown or an untoward event. The reefer trucks are energy-efficient and can help you lower the utility bills. The insulation lessens the load on the air coolers, which in turn helps in conserving the energy. The energy-saving aspect, in turn, reflects on the reduced utility bills. If you want to make savings in the long run, then these energy-efficient trucks are a great investment.

Customize your needs

Not all refrigerated trucks in UAE are the same. Some trucks are good at maintaining freezing temperatures and are ideal for the transportation of medicines, vaccines and chemicals. However, some trucks are large enough with adequate insulation to transport food and beverages, which does not need extremely cold and freezing temperatures. However, most contractors and businesses look for trucks with a temperature control system to adjust the thermal reading depending on the requirements. TSSC engineers can customize your refrigerated truck as per project specifications.


TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of expertise, experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers get you high-performing refrigerated trucks that are resistant to fire, harsh weather and ensure complete safety of the items throughout the journey. The trucks are manufactured under the brand name Celsius, which is a part of TSSC Group. Request a quote today. Visit us for a free consultation.